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2021 World Series of Poker

Event #4: $500 The Reunion No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 2
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2021 World Series of Poker

Resultado Final
Mão Vencedora
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Prize Pool
Informações sobre o nível
2,500,000 / 5,000,000
Informações sobre o torneio - Dia 2
Jogadores em jogo

Harrison Makes Quad Aces

Nível 24 : 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante

The player under the gun raised to 150,000. It folded to Randall Harrison in the big blind who moved all-in for 280,000. He was called.

Randall Harrison: {q-Clubs}{a-Hearts}

The board ran out {j-Clubs}{a-Spades}{a-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}. Harrison made quads by the river to get a crucial double-up.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Randall Harrison us
Randall Harrison
710,000 -570,000

Haywood Gathering Chips

Nível 24 : 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante

Darrell Haywood was seen taking the remaining chips of a vanquished opponent to continue his momentum early on Day 2.

Haywood has made a move toward the top of the counts as he has more than doubled his starting stack.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Darrell Haywood us
Darrell Haywood
4,300,000 -700,000

Bai Holds

Nível 24 : 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante

Richard Bai open-shoved on the button for 1,100,000. The small blind took time to think before going all-in for a matching stack of 1,1000,000.

Small Blind:{k-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}
Richard Bai: {5-Diamonds}{5-Spades}

The flop came {10-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} giving the small blind a flush draw.

The turn card was the {a-Hearts} and the river was the {2-Clubs}. Bai's pocket fives held and he doubled his stack. The player in the small blind was eliminated.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Richard Bai us
Richard Bai
2,400,000 1,990,000

Holman Doubles Vazquez, Busts One Hand Later

Nível 24 : 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante

Nathan Holman with {7-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} had Alex Vazquez all in pre-flop for 500,000 holding {k-Hearts}{k-Spades}.

Vazquez improved to a set on a board of {10-Clubs}{6-Spades}{6-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{k-Diamonds} and doubled up to around 1,000,000.

Holman, who began the day as a big stack with 2,480,000, was left with 300,000 and busted on the next hand.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Alex Vazquez us
Alex Vazquez
1,000,000 -1,145,000
Nathan Holman us
Nathan Holman

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Cass Scoops Healthy Pot

Nível 24 : 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante
Anthony Cass
Anthony Cass

The action folded to the blinds. The small blind limped. Anthony Cass completed the action in the big blind. There was 240,000 in the pot going to the flop.

The flop came {k-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{4-Clubs}. The player in the small blind led out for 100,000 and Cass made the call.

The turn card was the {q-Spades}. The small blind checked and Cass made a bet of 250,000. The small blind then raised to 700,000 and Cass called.

The river brought the {5-Clubs} completing the flush and pairing the board. The player in the small blind checked and Cass made a bet of 1,200,000. The small blind moved all-in for 2,200,000 and Cass called.

Small Blind: {j-Hearts}{10-Spades}
Anthony Cass: {q-Clubs}{9-Clubs}

Cass turned top pair and rivered a flush to knock out his opponent and dragged the pot.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Anthony Cass us
Anthony Cass
7,200,000 3,700,000

Backhaus Celebrates Too Soon

Nível 24 : 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante

Dennis Backhaus gave a fist pump and a "yes" in celebration as his {q-}{10-} out-flopped the {a-Spades}{k-Hearts} of Stephen Bradley when the flop was dealt {10-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{8-Clubs}.

But it turned out to be a premature celebration as the {k-Spades} hit the turn to launch Bradley back into the lead. The {2-Hearts} river filled out the board and it was Bradley's turn to give a fist pump of his own as he collected the vital double to stay alive.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Stephen Bradley us
Stephen Bradley
2,180,000 1,420,000
Dennis Backhaus us
Dennis Backhaus
850,000 -570,000

Assorted Chip Counts

Nível 24 : 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante
Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Tyler Jamison us
Tyler Jamison
6,100,000 3,060,000
Robert Brobyn us
Robert Brobyn
5,400,000 385,000
Darrell Haywood us
Darrell Haywood
5,400,000 2,100,000
Brent Philbin us
Brent Philbin
4,500,000 3,750,000
Aaron Hintz us
Aaron Hintz
3,200,000 740,000
Tuan Mai us
Tuan Mai
3,000,000 2,660,000
Katsushi Yoshida us
Katsushi Yoshida
2,900,000 145,000
Rania Nasreddine us
Rania Nasreddine
2,650,000 1,450,000
Rubin Chappell us
Rubin Chappell
2,200,000 885,000
Joseph Cheong us
Joseph Cheong
1,320,000 -710,000
WSOP 1X Winner