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2020 Aussie Millions

Aussie Millions Highlights

Aussie Millions Highlights

Dia 4 Iniciado

Today at the Aussie Millions

2020 Aussie Millions
2020 Aussie Millions

Welcome back to the 2020 Aussie Millions on what promises to be an exciting day's poker. Just one event is on the schedule today, with the final flight of the A$1 million guaranteed Opening Event.

So far over 100 players have made it through to Day 2, but today promises to be the biggest flight yet.

Here's the schedule for the day with the Opening Event kicking off at 12:10 pm.

7th JanuaryOpening Event Flight 512:10pmA$1,150

Aussie Millions Opening Event

So far this year, the number of entrants for each flight has been up on 2019, when Muhammad Asad topped a record 1,752 field to win $219,980 (US$158,385). The final flight last year saw more players advance than the previous four combined, so today looks like being another bumper field.

Flight2019 EntrantsPlayers Advancing2020 EntrantsPlayers Advancing%change

Each player will receive 10,000 chips and there will be twelve 40-minute levels today. With the chip leader Danny Tang bagging 277,300 yesterday, any stack over 200,000 will be an achievement for players today.

Stay tuned to PokerNews for continued updates from the 2020 Aussie Millions here at the Crown in Melbourne.

35 Advance from Opening Event Flight 4

2020 Aussie Millions
2020 Aussie Millions

Late last night, the fourth flight of the 2020 Aussie Millions bagged up with 35 players making it through to Day 2.

Notables include Roman Valerstein (104,500) who with US$1.3m in lifetime earnings is looking for his first Aussie Millions cash, 2019 Mix Max final tablist Myeong Park (93,300), and Michael Tran (126,900), who final tabled both the Pot Limit Hold'em and Hold'em/Omaha Mixed events back in 2017.

Opening Event Flight 4 Chip Counts

PlayerChip Count
Naim Mouchaileh147,200
Daniel Clemmet140,900
Roland Rokita135,600
Michael Tran126,900
Leon Moran114,900
Sladjan Pantos111,700
Roman Valerstein104,500
Jun Jia103,000
Cameron Bisset99,500
Paul Hill97,500
Tim Coumuolidis96,800
Jensen Chow95,400
Martyn Ward94,600
Myeong Park93,300
Landen Lucas93,000
Ryan Henry86,500
James Frazer86,100
Robbie Stewart83,500
John Lombardo80,900
Jackson Warne64,700
Joseph Antar62,900
Panayotis Flourentzou57,100
Daniel Hachem56,800
Ryan Bownds54,700
Quan Zhou51,900
Haven Duco Ten50,500
Michael Behnert47,600
Eoghan Odea44,800
Thomas Donaldson43,300
Rahul Rastogi41,300
David Wells35,900
Qing Ye28,400
Michael Rattigan25,800
Benjamin Richardson23,200
Darren Mundy20,000

Leading the 35 survivors is Naim Mouchaileh with 147,200, which is some way short of the overall chip leaders from the previous three flights. Here are how the top three counts from each flight stack up:

Opening Event Chip Leaders

FlightPlayerChip Count
3David Tang277,300
1Zack Lowrie213,800
1Julien Sitbon200,000
3Gautam Dhingra170,900
1Martin Jacobson169,900
2Izuchukwu Oparaocha169,400
3Vikrani Gupia161,700
4Naim Mouchaileh147,200
4Daniel Clemmet140,900
2Amir Minagar139,600
4Roland Rokita135,600
2Egor Bulychev122,100

Flag Hunter Tobias Peters Aiming for Aussie Millions Success

Tobias Peters playing in 2019
Tobias Peters playing in 2019

Recently named Dutch Player of the Year for the fourth consecutive year, Tobias Peters has been enjoying an Asian poker odyssey motivated not just by money and success, but also by a peculiar goal he stumbled across in the middle of 2019.

"I found out that I just needed seven more flags to break into the top 10 list," said Peters on break in the 2020 Aussie Millions Opening Event.

Flag-hunting is a relatively obscure trend for players to amass cashes from the most countries, represented by a flag on their Hendon Mob profiles. The current leader is Casey Kastle who sits with cashes from 44 different countries. Peters, who cashed in 12 different countries in 2019, sits tied for 17th with 22 different flags.

"I thought [making the top 10] would be a nice goal. I like having goals besides money and wins."

Having notched up a series of cashes in the Philippines whilst travelling earlier in 2019, Peters set out on his quest to crack the top 10, picking up cashes in England, Russia and Denmark in October and November, all countries he had never cashed in before.

"Then I thought, why not Asia? It should be easy to go to Asia to collect some flags, because I didn't have any others besides the Philippines and Macau. So I went travelling for four months with my girlfriend, starting in Taiwan."

Tobias Peters wins APT Finale Taiwan 2019 Championships Event
Tobias Peters wins APT Finale Taiwan 2019 Championships Event

The trip got off to the best possible start after Peters took down the Asian Poker Tour Finale Championship Event in Taipei City for just over US$60,000.

"It was a good start and a really good flag!" said Peters. "Then I went to the Asia Poker League in Vietnam and picked up two cashes, so I got my Vietnamese flag."

Next on his list? An Australian flag.

"I came to Australia five years ago with my girlfriend, just to travel for five weeks. I played two tournaments - the bounty and the Main Event, but didn't cash in either."

The Dutchman remembers his first Aussie Millions distinctively for his Main Event bustout. Calling a shove with pocket aces on a {3-}{7-}{7-}{10-} board, his opponent turned over {5-}{6-} for a gutshot, but hit his four outer to send Peters to the rail.

"It was an ugly way." he laughed. "It was a crazy hand."

Peters hopes to banish those memories, and pick up his first Australian flag with a win, just like in the Philippines.

"That would be great, yes. After the Aussie Millions I will be in Asia for another three months so hope I'll get the Korean flag or something else, we'll see what tournaments are there."

PokerShares Ready for 2020 Aussie Millions High Roller Challenges

2020 Aussie Millions
2020 Aussie Millions

In just over a week, the first of four No-Limit Hold'em High Roller Challenges will take place at the 2020 Aussie Millions, with the world's best poker players expected to take part in some of the most prestigious High Rollers in the world.

Usually, the only involvement poker fans can have in these five- and six-figure buy-in events is to follow the live updates right here on PokerNews, but this year fans have a new way to get involved in the tournament.

PokerShares, the site set up by Mike 'Timex' McDonald in 2017 have published odds on players to win the A$25,000 Challenge, allowing fans to "have some skin in the game" according to McDonald.

PokerNews spoke to McDonald in the lead-up to this year's tournament to find out a bit more about how it works and how fans might be persuaded to place a bet on their favourite players in this year's A$25,000 Challenge.

PokerShares and the Aussie Millions

"The Aussie Millions is such a huge festival," said McDonald. "It's one of the few events each year where we have bet requests several months before it even begins!

"With each major event, we list known participants and users can bet on their favorite player(s). It's for those who don't have the bankroll or time to commit to playing in these major events, and it lets viewers get closer to the action by allowing them to bet on any player they like."

Mike McDonald
Mike McDonald

Different players are listed at different prices, with former Australian international cricket Shane Warne currently priced at 0.82 and four-time WSOP bracelet-winner Dominik Nitsche at 1.80. We asked McDonald what the difference between the two means for those wanting to place bets.

Assorted A$25,000 Challenge Odds

Dominik Nitsche1.80
Michael Addamo1.80
Rainer Kempe1.79
Bryn Kenney1.68
Toby Lewis1.64
Kitty Kuo1.12
Tsugunari Toma0.86
Shane Warne0.82

Odds correct at time of publication

"This means that if you want 1% of Shane Warne's winnings you need to pay 0.82% of the buyin and to get 1% of Nitsche's winnings you need to pay 1.8% of the buyin. It's up to you which player you think is better!"

Shane Warne in action at the 2019 Aussie Millions
Shane Warne in action at the 2019 Aussie Millions

How PokerShares Works

According to McDonald, PokerShares have a variety of both quantitative and qualitative metrics used to arrive at our odds. As for who is listed, this depends on several things such as social media posts and general intuition regarding which players at that festival PokerShares think will play.

"Additionally, as players request to be on themselves, we'll add them to the markets, and all bets made on players who don't participate will be refunded."

Aussie Millions Memories

McDonald says he has good memories of the Aussie Millions having first attended the festival back in 2008 where he not only made his first live final table, but won his first live poker tournament after taking down a A$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em tournament for A$33,950 (US$29,843).

"In 2009 I actually broke the longest cashless streak of my career in Melbourne with a deep run in the Main Event," said McDonald, but bigger things were to come five years later.

The following two years were remarkable for the Canadian, finishing third in both the A$100,000 Challenge and the A$250,000 Challenge in 2014, before a finishing as runner-up in the A$250,000 Challenge in 2015.

Mike McDonald finished 2nd in the 2015 A$250,000 Challenge
Mike McDonald finished 2nd in the 2015 A$250,000 Challenge

"One of the best stretches I've ever had"

"I had originally skipped to Aussie Millions, but some last-minute FOMO [fear of missing out], so booked a five-day trip just to play the $100,000 and $250,000 Challenges. Customs were quite confused to see such a short trip!"

"I came into the festival off the back of one of the best stretches I've ever had. My last three tournament results were six- or seven-figure scores in Prague and the PCA. So by the time the Aussie Millions finished I had a streak of five consecutive events with six- or seven-figure scores. I'm still in a state of disbelief about just how streaky poker can be!"

"My Aussie Millions results were very much overshadowed by Phil Ivey's back-to-back-to-back wins but ultimately I was very pleased with my performances."

So if you are tempted to place a bet on a player in one of this year's Aussie Millions Challenges, you can always check up on the progress of your chosen player right here on PokerNews.
$25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha
$25,000 Challenge
$50,000 Challenge
$100,000 Challenge

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80 Players Advance from Final Opening Event Flight

2020 Aussie Millions
2020 Aussie Millions

The fifth and final flight of the 2020 Aussie Millions A$1 million guaranteed Opening Event was the biggest overall, with 593 players bringing the total number of entries to 1,665.

From the starting field just 80 players advanced, with Jason Giuliano (248,100) as the chip leader. Although not enough to secure him the overall chip lead, Giuliano will be joined by two other players who bagged over 200,000 in chips as Keiron Laifoo (237,400) and Nicholas Suter (217,300) put themselves in strong positions ahead of Day 2.

Notable players advancing included 2010 Aussie Million Main Event winner Tyron Krost (60,400) along with Marc Macdonnell (153,200), Jeremy Pekarek (91,700), Maxi Lehmanski (80,500) and Joey Weissman (12,200).

Chip Counts from Opening Event Flight 5

PlayerChip Count
Jason Giuliano248,100
Keiron Laifoo237,400
Nicholas Suter217,300
Roy Agresta173,100
Kwang Nguyen167,600
Marc Macdonnell153,200
Antonio Fazzolari152,600
Rehman Kassam143,000
Sohrab Rezvanpour140,800
Wei Zhang140,300
Timothy Morgan130,100
Katsuya Sotsuka124,100
Sean Ragozzini122,800
Michael Harb122,300
Kai Herold120,000
Bo Jin99,900
Amit Shorey98,600
Dean Brown98,500
Omer Silajdzija97,400
Joshua Duce96,300
Jeremy Pekarek91,700
Nathan Susnig90,100
Paul Abela89,800
Hyunyeong Kang89,200
William Mitchell83,000
Maximilian Lehmanski80,500
Rody Kaka78,100
Luke Edwards78,000
James Hawketts78,000
Soren Vohrs77,600
Rabindranath Nadarajan77,300
Joshua Mansellnilsson77,000
George Kyritsis75,700
Julian Dight71,600
Michael Kosmis70,200
Alan Xerri66,200
Aurelien Chenais64,600
Steve Pappas63,100
Andrew White62,300
Connie Graham60,900
Tyron Krost60,400
Peter Robertson60,200
Ramin Hurmuzniya60,000
Tsz Pun59,000
Samuel Salt58,800
Danny Ball55,700
Nathan Obrien55,300
Zeljko Josipovic55,200
Billy Madden53,200
Nathan Goodall51,400
Colton Blomberg50,200
Jungwoon An49,100
Fadi Sayegh48,000
Russell Mildon45,300
Milan Stojkovic44,600
Sam Paine43,000
Jamie Maddox42,400
Anthony March42,300
Jinsoo Kang41,800
Carmino Desciscio41,000
Yixin Wen40,400
Yang Li39,500
Samuel Jefferies39,300
Giovanni Massa39,000
David Veigli38,800
Josh Mitchell38,800
Wei-cheng Yin36,800
Daneil Hinh36,100
Taryn Boden32,700
Quanbin Zhong27,900
Adrian Salter26,200
Petros Aristidou24,500
Tatjana Zizic24,200
Raemin Alexander23,700
Sik Chan19,600
Yee Lee18,500
Maxwell Young17,100
Christopher Smitton13,600
Joey Weissman12,200
Michel Bouskila5,400

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Aussie Millions Highlights

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