Event #59: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em
Event #59: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em
Dia 2 Concluído

Only 87 Super Seniors Advance to Day 3; Defending Champ Jean-Luc Adam Still in Contention

NicholasBaltz • Nível 20: 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Jean-Luc Adam
Jean-Luc Adam

The intensity of Event #59: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em picked up here on Day 2 at the World Series Of Poker from its new home at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas.

There were 727 players who returned and only 87 who made it through the day.

The remaining players will return for Day 3 on Thursday, June 30, for a 10:00 a.m. restart in Bally’s Gold section.

Bagging the chip lead is Robert Schuler with an impressive stack of 2,100,000. He is relatively unknown but that may all change by the end of this tournament.

Event #59: $1,000 Super Seniors Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Robert SchulerUnited States2,100,000105
2Massoud EskandariUnited States1,860,00083
3Alfred AhlmUnited States1,780,00089
4Carolyn NiekerkUnited States1,463,00073
5Leo MitchellUnited States1,370,00069
6Barny BoatmanUnited Kingdom1,165,00058
7Greg HenryUnited States1,125,00056
8Ronald PetersonUnited States1,125,00056
9Elizabeth Bennett-MartinCanada1,080,00054
10Jarvis PostnikoffUnited States1,025,00051

Jean-Luc Adam (750,000) from France, the reigning champion, continues his defense and remains above chip average.

Carolyn Niekerk (1,463,000) who has been a dealer for the WSOP in years past, was among the chip leaders all day long and remains there heading into Day 3.

Eric Van Der Burg (975,000), from the Netherlands, donned a PokerNews hoodie and ran it up to nearly a million. James Woods (255,000) advanced, but he will have some work to do heading into tomorrow.

Angelita Grayer (560,000), the Day 1 chip leader, remains in the field, she bagged just around the chip average. A few others to bag include Massoud Eskandari (1,860,000), Barny Boatman (1,165,000), Elizabeth Bennett-Martin (1,050,000), Leo Mitchell (1,370,000) and Alfred Ahlm (1,780,000).

Day 3 will consist of ten more 60-minute levels, and there will be 15-minute breaks after every two levels. Play will end after Level 30. With a 60-minute dinner break around 7:00 p.m. local time.

The plan is to play down to the final five players before returning for Day 4, but that is subject to change.

Follow all the updates right here on PokerNews to find out who wins this event, and to check out all of our coverage here at the WSOP in Las Vegas.

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Seat Draw For Day 3

[user169806] • Nível 20: 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Bally's6701Donald BeachUnited States1,020,00051
Bally's6702James WoodsUnited States255,00013
Bally's6703Barny BoatmanUnited Kingdom1,165,00058
Bally's6704Christopher UnderwoodUnited States385,00019
Bally's6705Neil CangiolosiUnited States120,0006
Bally's6706Raymond SpencerUnited States770,00039
Bally's6707Peter CliveUnited States460,00023
Bally's6708Paul HessneyUnited States10
Bally's6709Roger JanesUnited States305,00015
Bally's6711Edward CollinsUnited States855,00043
Bally's6712Wesley NallyUnited States250,00013
Bally's6713Gary FisherUnited Kingdom550,00028
Bally's6714Charles WelshUnited States505,00025
Bally's6715Eric Van Der BurgNetherlands975,00049
Bally's6716David SchneiderUnited States255,00013
Bally's6717Martin NolandUnited States200,00010
Bally's6718Greg HenryUnited States1,125,00056
Bally's6719Alfred AhlmUnited States1,780,00089
Bally's6721Montgomery ColeUnited States680,00034
Bally's6722Laith SalemUnited States190,00010
Bally's6723Elizabeth Bennett-MartinCanada1,080,00054
Bally's6724Lawrence SanchezUnited Kingdom455,00023
Bally's6725Steven AbramowitzUnited States675,00034
Bally's6726Joseph BowersUnited States270,00014
Bally's6727Steven MichaelsUnited States730,00037
Bally's6728Thomas McdonaldUnited States595,00030
Bally's6729Jerrold JacksonCanada355,00018
Bally's6731Edward TorrisonUnited States625,00031
Bally's6732James HessUnited States400,00020
Bally's6733Brendan ByrneIreland850,00043
Bally's6734Tab ThiptinnakonUnited States905,00045
Bally's6735Angelita GrayerUnited States560,00028
Bally's6736Donald MaasUnited States755,00038
Bally's6737Gustavo PerdomoColombia365,00018
Bally's6738Peter KamarasHungary1,005,00050
Bally's6739Andrew RobbinsUnited States230,00012
Bally's6761Salvatore BusaccaUnited States540,00027
Bally's6762Kanokvan SomchubUnited States160,0008
Bally's6763Joel CohenAustralia290,00015
Bally's6764Tim NeufeldUnited States490,00025
Bally's6765David TuckerUnited States375,00019
Bally's6766Victor ShalomUnited States370,00019
Bally's6767Massoud EskandariUnited States1,860,00093
Bally's6768Dennis UnderwoodCanada165,0008
Bally's6771Robert GoldwasserUnited States680,00034
Bally's6772Joel GilmoreUnited States370,00019
Bally's6773Eugene LangUnited States270,00014
Bally's6774Arthur SchiavoUnited States785,00039
Bally's6775William ClarkUnited States660,00033
Bally's6776James JewellUnited States635,00032
Bally's6777Peter WikoffUnited States345,00017
Bally's6778Carolyn NiekerkUnited States1,463,00073
Bally's6781Kelly J FrisbieUnited States805,00040
Bally's6782Sharri CrawfordUnited States440,00022
Bally's6783Carmen WilkersonUnited States400,00020
Bally's6784Jean JourdanUnited States260,00013
Bally's6785Jennifer GianeraUnited States200,00010
Bally's6787Leo MitchellUnited States1,370,00069
Bally's6788George NiedzwickiUnited States490,00025
Bally's6789John RovetoUnited States725,00036
Bally's6791Leo WhittUnited States365,00018
Bally's6792Philip HayesUnited States460,00023
Bally's6793Jan PetterssonAustralia900,00045
Bally's6794Stephen GoldsteinUnited States855,00043
Bally's6795Bruce OlsonUnited States975,00049
Bally's6796Charles CapobiancoUnited States460,00023
Bally's6797James GladwellUnited States415,00021
Bally's6798William ElliottCanada865,00043
Bally's6799Peter MylenkiUnited States850,00043
Bally's6801Scott AndersonUnited States665,00033
Bally's6802Billy PilossophUnited States375,00019
Bally's6803Jean-Luc AdamFrance750,00038
Bally's6804Marc WalterUnited States640,00032
Bally's6805Robert BarcaUnited States495,00025
Bally's6806Jerry ZickertUnited States465,00023
Bally's6807Richard MurphyUnited States430,00022
Bally's6808David GrandinUnited States555,00028
Bally's6809Alvin KimUnited States99,0005
Bally's6811Vaughn YoutzUnited States675,00034
Bally's6812Hollis BarnhartUnited States370,00019
Bally's6813Nick BlackburnUnited States745,00037
Bally's6814Jarvis PostnikoffCanada1,025,00051
Bally's6815Robert Rowland-SmithUnited States590,00030
Bally's6816Robert SchulerUnited States2,100,000105
Bally's6817Ronald PetersonUnited States1,125,00056
Bally's6818James CerrottaUnited States315,00016
Bally's6819Robert WebberUnited States65,0003

Official End of Day Chip Counts (Completo)

NicholasBaltz • Nível 20: 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Robert Schuler US
Robert Schuler
US 2,100,000 1,971,500
Massoud "CBK" Eskandari us
Massoud "CBK" Eskandari
us 1,860,000 540,000
Alfred Ahlm us
Alfred Ahlm
us 1,780,000 700,000
Carolyn Niekerk US
Carolyn Niekerk
US 1,463,000 683,000
Leo Mitchell us
Leo Mitchell
us 1,370,000 10,000
Barny Boatman gb
Barny Boatman
gb 1,165,000 -175,000
Greg Henry US
Greg Henry
US 1,125,000
Ronald Peterson us
Ronald Peterson
us 1,125,000 1,064,000
Elizabeth Bennett-Martin CA
Elizabeth Bennett-Martin
CA 1,080,000
Jarvis Postnikoff us
Jarvis Postnikoff
us 1,025,000 -24,000
Donald Beach US
Donald Beach
US 1,020,000 95,000
Peter Kamaras hu
Peter Kamaras
hu 1,005,000 887,000
Eric Van Der Burg nl
Eric Van Der Burg
nl 975,000 -200,000
Bruce Olson us
Bruce Olson
us 975,000 849,500
Tab Thiptinnakon us
Tab Thiptinnakon
us 905,000 832,500
Jan Pettersson au
Jan Pettersson
au 900,000 -275,000
William Elliott CA
William Elliott
CA 865,000 795,500
Stephen Goldstein us
Stephen Goldstein
us 855,000 -20,000
Edward Collins us
Edward Collins
us 855,000 731,000
Brendan Byrne IE
Brendan Byrne
IE 850,000 799,500
Peter Mylenki us
Peter Mylenki
us 850,000 -225,000
Kelly J Frisbie US
Kelly J Frisbie
US 805,000 700,000
Arthur Schiavo us
Arthur Schiavo
us 785,000 678,000
Raymond Spencer US
Raymond Spencer
US 770,000 676,000
Donald Maas us
Donald Maas
us 755,000 14,000

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Postnikoff Over One Million After Wild Blind on Blind Battle

blaisebourgeois • Nível 20: 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Jarvis Postnikoff
Jarvis Postnikoff

As told by the table, the action folded around to the small blind, who bet 50,000. Jarvis Postnikoff called from the big blind.

The flop came {3-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{8-Clubs} and the small blind bet 90,000. Postnikoff called.

On the {6-Hearts} turn, the small blind put Postnikoff all in for 377,000 and was snap-called.

Jarvis Postnikoff: {10-Clubs}{9-Clubs}
Small Blind: {10-}{10-}

Postnikoff had the stone-cold nuts and had the small blind drawing to a chop.

The {7-Hearts} completed the board and Postnikoff shot up the leaderboard while his opponent settled back down to around a million chips.

Jarvis Postnikoff us
Jarvis Postnikoff
us 1,049,000 404,000

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Van Der Burg Gets Pilossoph Back

NicholasBaltz • Nível 20: 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante

On the {6-}{8-}{q-} one diamond flop, Billy Pilossoph bet 30,000 and Eric Van Der Burg raised his neighbor to 80,000.

Pilossoph folded and Van Der Burg showed {4-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds} for a bluff to take the pot.

Van Der Burg has since moved up past a million, while Pilossoph has chipped down a little.

Eric Van Der Burg nl
Eric Van Der Burg
nl 1,175,000 640,000
Billy Pilossoph us
Billy Pilossoph
us 475,000 -155,000

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Zickert Doubles Up to Nearly 30 Big Blinds

blaisebourgeois • Nível 20: 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante

Jerry Zickert shoved all in from under the gun for his last 195,000 and the player in middle position called.

Jerry Zickert: {a-Hearts}{10-Clubs}
Middle Position: {k-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}

Zickert was admittedly surprised to be ahead heading to the flop, which was a very safe {4-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{3-Spades}.

The {6-Clubs} popped up on the turn, with the {4-Spades} completing the board and giving Zickert nearly 30 big blinds in the last level of the day.

Jerry Zickert US
Jerry Zickert
US 430,000 314,000

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Pettersson Sends Two Out to Become Chip Millionaire

NicholasBaltz • Nível 20: 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Jan Pettersson
Jan Pettersson

There was a preflop shove for 110,000 and two players called, one of them being Jan Pettersson.

On the {8-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{8-Spades} flop, the other caller shoved in the last of their short stack and Pettersson called.

Preflop All-in: {a-Spades}{10-Spades}
Flop All-in: {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}
Jan Pettersson: {q-Diamonds}{q-Spades}

Pettersson was way in front with pocket queens and the {6-Hearts}{3-Hearts} runout was clean for the double knockout.

He just took sixth place earlier this week in the Seniors Championship for $143,189.

Jan Pettersson au
Jan Pettersson
au 1,175,000 1,045,500

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