2013 World Series of Poker

Event #58: $1,111 Little One for One Drop No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 1a
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2013 World Series of Poker

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80,000 / 160,000

Ho Down on the Bloch

Nível 5 : 100/200, 0 ante

Andy Bloch opened to 425 from late position and the player in the cutoff called. The button and small blind got out of the way, putting the action onto Maria Ho in the big blind.

Ho asked to see Bloch's stack before moving all in for 3,675 in total. Bloch called and the cutoff tank-folded.

"I probably only have three outs against you," said Ho before she turned over the {A-Hearts}{7-Clubs}. She was actually essentially flipping against the {J-Hearts}{10-Hearts} of Bloch.

Ho's ace-high stayed the best hand on the {2-Spades}{Q-Spades}{6-Hearts} flop and on the {9-Clubs} turn. However, the {8-Diamonds} river completed Bloch's straight, which earned him a double up and left Ho with around seven big blinds.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Andy Bloch us
Andy Bloch
4,975 -3,275
WSOP 1X Winner
Maria Ho us
Maria Ho
1,425 425

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Opening the S(Piggott) Here at the Little One for One Drop

Nível 5 : 100/200, 0 ante

Zohair Karim opened for 450 from late position, and called after Matthew Piggott three-bet to 1,000 from the button.

When the flop fell {7-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}, Karim check-raised Piggot's c-bet of 750, making it 2,425 to play. Piggott flatted and the turn came {2-Diamonds}.

Karim tapped the table again, and Piggot refused to slow down, firing a second barrel of 2,000. Karim simply called this bet, and the river card was the {9-Spades}.

After a third check by Karim, Piggott moved the rest of his stack all in, for a wager of about 2,800, and Karim quickly released his hand.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Matthew Piggott us
Matthew Piggott

Jackalope Herd

Nível 5 : 100/200, 0 ante
David Williams (Seen Here Competing in an Earlier WSOP Event)
David Williams (Seen Here Competing in an Earlier WSOP Event)

David Williams opened for 400 in early position and found three callers, bringing a flop of {j-Spades}{k-Clubs}{2-Hearts} to the table.

A player in the big blind checked to Williams, who did the same, and the hijack tried to do just that with a bet of 600. One player mucked, but both the big blind and Williams came along to see the turn come {j-Hearts}.

After the big blind and Williams tapped the table for a second time, the hijack continued to fire away, this time for a bet of 1,200. Undeterred, the big blind raised it up to 2,700, and Williams didn't hesitate before shipping his last 3,150 into the middle.

The original bettor appeared flummoxed by this development, and he asked for a count of Williams' stack before sliding out the requisite chips for the call. With the action back on him after being check-raised, the big blind was priced in to continue, and he called as well.

On the {8-Clubs} river, both opponents checked down, and there was a brief standoff while all three players waited for each other to table a winner.

"Kings," announced the hijack player while tabling {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}, prompting an instant muck from the big blind.

Williams was not impressed, however, and he coolly revealed the {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs} for trips on the turn. With that, Williams tripled his stack to begin the fifth level of play, and the win came at a great time, as late registration and reentry for this event ended at the conclusion of the last break.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
David Williams us
David Williams
11,500 7,500

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Lots of Chips

Nível 5 : 100/200, 0 ante

Here's a selection of chip counts from the fe tables in front of media row. As you can see they are packed with established pros.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Ramzi Jelassi se
Ramzi Jelassi
15,800 1,800
Steven van Zadelhoff nl
Steven van Zadelhoff
13,000 -3,500
Jennifer Tilly us
Jennifer Tilly
12,800 9,125
WSOP 1X Winner
Shannon Shorr us
Shannon Shorr
12,200 8,200
Will Failla us
Will Failla
Melanie Weisner us
Melanie Weisner
Yann Dion ca
Yann Dion
Tristan Wade us
Tristan Wade
WSOP 1X Winner
J.P. Kelly
J.P. Kelly
Ryan Laplante us
Ryan Laplante
6,525 -775
WSOP 1X Winner
Ben Vinson gb
Ben Vinson
Jake Cody gb
Jake Cody
WSOP 1X Winner
Simon Deadman gb
Simon Deadman
Tony Dunst us
Tony Dunst
6,000 2,000
WSOP 2X Winner
Joe Ebanks us
Joe Ebanks
WSOP 1X Winner
Niall Farrell gb
Niall Farrell
WSOP 1X Winner
Sam Holden gb
Sam Holden
4,200 1,400
Gabriel Nassif
Gabriel Nassif
3,225 -1,525
Nacho Barbero ar
Nacho Barbero
WSOP 1X Winner
Jon Aguiar
Jon Aguiar

Nível: 5

Blinds: 100/200


Updated 2013 WSOP POY Leader Board (7-3-13)

Nível 4 : 75/150, 0 ante

Current 2013 WSOP Player of the Year Standings

1Daniel Negreanu475.84
2David “Bakes” Baker475.35
3Tom Schneider438.51
4Marco Johnson430.63
5Chris Klodnicki400.80
6Anthony Gregg390.00
7Steve Sung369.50
8Jared Hamby368.73
9David Vamplew360.00
10Daniel Kelly344.70

Foul Deck Prevents Ho from Busting or Doubling Up

Nível 4 : 75/150, 0 ante
Maria Ho (photo: event 57)
Maria Ho (photo: event 57)

When we arrived at the table Maria Ho already had her stack of about a 1,000 in chips in the middle. The player next to her still had to make a decision but there was something going on. Someone had pointed out that Zohair Karim in the big blind had three cards in front of him. Two of them he had received this hand, the third card was stuck under the rail, most likely since the last hand.

Two floor persons came over and they listened to what had happened. If there was disagreement if the card had been stuck there since the last hand, they would check the cameras. If it was stuck there since the last hand, the deck would be ruled foul as the deck shuffled didn't include all 52 cards. If the dealer would have dealt the third card in this hand than the deck would not be foul and the hand would continue since there had already been significant action.

Eventually everybody agreed that the card had been stuck there since the last hand, and thus ruled the deck foul so the hand would not be played. Maria Ho took her chips back, and the two players behind her showed the {A-Spades} and {A-Diamonds} respectively. Did Ho just got a second life? Or was she denied a double up or re-entry with just a couple of minutes on the clock?

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Maria Ho us
Maria Ho
1,000 -3,000

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Just a Drop in the Bucket

Nível 4 : 75/150, 0 ante

With the 2012 Big One for One Drop rating as a rousing success, generating nearly $6 million in charitable contributions for water-related causes around the developing world, the connection between the poker community and concern over worldwide water shortages would appear to be cut and dry.

Today's Little One for One Drop is being played under the same premise, with a portion of every buy-in and reentry being devoted to the One Drop's assortment of charities, but many of the players in attendance today seem to have forgotten what they are really playing for.

Hundreds of tiny water bottles litter the Brasilia Room's floor, as players try to stay hydrated during the intense heat wave overwhelming Las Vegas during this especially brutal summer season. Despite the drought-like conditions afflicting the American southwest, the most precious fluid on Earth is flowing freely here at the Rio, with many players guzzling down the pint-sized disposable bottles in a single gulp.

Poker is a game defined by irony, with close friends taking one another's money in remorseless fashion, and deception prized as a valued skill, but the discordance between this tournament's ostensible objective and the unquenchable thirst of this two thousand runner field is inescapable.