2023 PokerStars EPT Paris

€1,100 FPS Paris Main Event
Dias: 4
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2023 PokerStars EPT Paris

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300,000 / 600,000
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Big Stacks Spar & Chop a Pot

Nível 34 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante

Jean-Luc Labryga opened to 800,000 from under the gun and Elias Fisz defended his big blind.

Fisz checked on the flop of {k-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds} and Labryga bet 1,000,000. Fisz check-raised to around 2,000 and Labryga pushed out a stack of black 100,000 chips before the dealer confirmed it was a raise. Fisz in turn reraised all in and shrugged and called.

Elias Fisz: {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}
Jean-Luc Labryga: {a-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

Just like that the two biggest stacks at the final table were going to war. Labryga had a chance at scooping the pot with a backdoor flush draw but the {j-Clubs} turn confirmed a chop before the {7-Clubs} river.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Jean-Luc Labryga fr
Jean-Luc Labryga
Day 3 Chip Leader
Elias Fisz nl
Elias Fisz
9,000,000 -225,000

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Dowling Takes First Postflop Hand

Nível 34 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante
Chris Dowling
Chris Dowling

The first postflop hand of the day fell in the hands of Christopher Dowling. The action folded around to him in the small blind, in which he elected to put in a raise to 650,000. Big blind Thibault Reverdito thought for a while before he flat called the bet.

The flop {5-Hearts}{q-Spades}{j-Hearts} was reason for Dowling to continuation-bet for 400,000, which Reverdito called. On the {5-Clubs} turn Dowling once again put chips in the middle, this time for an amount of 1,050,000. This was too large of a bet for Reverdito, who let his hand go.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Christopher Dowling ie
Christopher Dowling
8,650,000 1,350,000
Thibault Reverdito fr
Thibault Reverdito
3,275,000 -1,350,000

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Nível: 34

Blinds: 150,000/300,000

Ante: 300,000

Seven Players Looking To Be Crowned FPS Main Event Champion and Take Home €287,830

Jean-Luc Labryga
Jean-Luc Labryga

The record-breaking €1,100 France Poker Series Main Event at the 2023 PokerStars European Poker Tour Paris will reach its conclusion today, as the final seven players remaining out of the starting 2,071 return to the Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile. Play will start at 12 p.m. local time, and Jean-Luc Labryga , who started day 2 as the overall chipleader, once again comes in with by far the biggest stack.

Labryga has not slowed down since his Day 1a performance and bagged 20,350,000 chips (68 big blinds) for the final day, more than double that of his nearest contender, Ukraine's Oleksii Natoptanyi.

The French player will try to keep the trophy and accompanying €287,830 top prize on home soil, but his fellow countrymen Roger Taieb, Thibault Reverdito, and short stack Alan Goasdoue also still have a chance of achieving the same feat. Rounding out the final seven players are the Dutchman Elias Fisz and Ireland's Christopher Dowling.

€1,100 FPS Paris Main Event Final Table

 1Alan GoasdoueFrance3,350,00011
 2Elias FiszNetherlands9,225,00031
 3Jean-Luc LabrygaFrance20,350,00068
 4Oleksii NatoptanyiUkraine9,150,00029
 5Roger TaiebFrance8,100,00027
 6Christopher DowlingIreland7,300,00024
 7Thibault ReverditoFrance4,625,00022

The final seven players will commence play with blinds of 150,000/300,000 with a 300,000 big blind ante. Levels will last 60 minutes until the final three players have been reached, or a deal as been made, at which point the duration of the level will be halved. All players have secured at least €44,990, but all will be gunning for the top spot.

PokerNews will be present to report the rest of play from this tournament as the players play down to a winner. Don't forget to check out the live coverage of other tournaments here at EPT Paris over at the EPT Paris tournament hub to not to miss any of the action.

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€1,100 FPS Paris Main Event

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