2022 World Series of Poker

Event #82: $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack
Dias: 1
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2022 World Series of Poker

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Prize Pool
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2,500,000 / 5,000,000
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Event #82: $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack

Dia 1 Concluído

Day 1 of Event #82: $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack Has Concluded

Nível 22 : Blinds 10,000-25,000, 25,000 ante
Marcelo Giordano Mendes
Marcelo Giordano Mendes

After 22 levels of play, Day 1 of Event #82: $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack has wrapped up. A huge field of 2,812 entrants took to the tables today, all with a shot at 2022 World Series of Poker gold.

Of those entrants, only 167 players will return for Day 2, which starts at Level 23, and features 30-minute levels up until the crowning of the tournament's champion. Last year's winner Jason Wheeler was mixing it up to defend his title, but ultimately it was not his day.

Justin Lapka bagged up 2,425,000 chips, which proved enough to claim the Day 1 chip lead. Lapka's stack is slightly larger than the 2,350,000 in Brazilian Marcelo Giordano Mendes' 2,350,000.

Event #82: $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Justin LapkaUnited States2,425,00081
2Marcelo Giordano MendesBrazil2,350,00078
3Selim OulmekkiFrance2,030,00068
4Steve SavioFrance1,965,00066
5Artem MetalidiUkraine1,895,00063
6Francis AndersonUnited States1,800,00060
7Ranganath KanchiUnited States1,650,00055
8Martin Gavasci NapoletanoArgentina1,635,00055
9Marsel BackaUnited States1,605,00054
10Richard AlsupUnited States1,500,00050

Other notables joined the action, some for bracelet gold, some for money, some for Player of the Year points, or a combination of the three. These included Player of the Year leader Dan Zack plus contenders Dan Weinman and Shaun Deeb. Deeb was the only of the three to make the money, however.

There were three bubble bustouts, with Richard Alati one of them after he ran pocket queens into the ace-jack of Aaron Frei and Frei hit quads. The post-bubble bust-out bonanza was fast-paced, with Brian Pinkus going from chip leader to bust within one level.

Some of the most well known players returning for Day 2 are Ebony Kenney (795,000), Ryan Leng (395,000), Marsel Backa (1,605,000) and Gary Whitehead (1,325,000).

Ryan Leng
Ryan Leng

Blinds will be 15,000 / 30,000 with a big blind ante of 30,000 when play resumes at 12 p.m. local time on July 15 at Bally's and Paris Ballrooms, Las Vegas, where we will crown another WSOP champion.

Tags: Aaron FreiBrian PinkusDan ZackEbony KenneyFrancis AndersonGary WhiteheadJason WheelerJustin LapkaMarcelo Giordano MendesMarsel BackaRichard AlatiRyan LengShaun Deeb

Seat Draw For Day 2

Nível 22 : Blinds 10,000-25,000, 25,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Bally's4831Linus RichterUnited States925,00031
Bally's4832Marc-Andre YelleUnited States330,00011
Bally's4834Elilton GouveiaUnited States710,00024
Bally's4835Ari EngelUnited States820,00027
Bally's4836Daniel TabelloUnited States220,0007
Bally's4837Raghav BansalIndia695,00023
Bally's4838Carlos WelchUnited States935,00031
Bally's4841Patrick WahlquistDenmark185,0006
Bally's4842Barry GribbleUnited States490,00016
Bally's4843Pushpa AgarwalUnited States420,00014
Bally's4844Jakub MichalakPoland1,490,00050
Bally's4845Ivan UzunovBulgaria505,00017
Bally's4846Mateusz MoolhuizenNetherlands360,00012
Bally's4847Cheryl SvensonUnited States350,00012
Bally's4848Marsel BackaUnited States1,605,00054
Bally's4851Brady OstermanUnited States230,0008
Bally's4852Thomas KimballUnited States775,00026
Bally's4853Loic DobrignaFrance210,0007
Bally's4854David AlgarraUnited States495,00017
Bally's4855Haik KyurumyanUnited States380,00013
Bally's4856Mike AzzaroUnited States285,00010
Bally's4857David OcallaghanUnited States665,00022
Bally's4858Matthew MeyerUnited States525,00018
Bally's4911Ryan KoUnited States745,00025
Bally's4912Francis AndersonUnited States1,800,00060
Bally's4913Glenn LaureysBelgium425,00014
Bally's4914Daniel MoravecUnited States450,00015
Bally's4915Marc MacdonnellIreland440,00015
Bally's4917Quy DaoUnited States350,00012
Bally's4918Jay RenoUnited States615,00021
Bally's4921Zeping LuUnited States380,00013
Bally's4922Gary WhiteheadUnited States1,325,00044
Bally's4923Mathew RegoCanada365,00012
Bally's4924Luke PresholtUnited States115,0004
Bally's4925Jason RichUnited States175,0006
Bally's4926Artem MetalidiUkraine1,895,00063
Bally's4927Hamid IzadiUnited States560,00019
Bally's4928Michael KellyUnited States680,00023
Bally's4931Do Chung TranGermany170,0006
Bally's4932Mario De La PuenteUnited States130,0004
Bally's4933Andrew JenkinsUnited States355,00012
Bally's4934Matthew JewettUnited States725,00024
Bally's4935Patrick TruongUnited States845,00028
Bally's4936Yoshihisa KajiUnited States260,0009
Bally's4937Michael EsquivelUnited States955,00032
Bally's4938Eduardo SilvaBrazil, BR575,00019
Bally's4992David YonnottiUnited States600,00020
Bally's4993Richard DambresUnited States230,0008
Bally's4994Sebastian LoboArgentina360,00012
Bally's4995Jason LatouretteUnited States830,00028
Bally's4996Donny CashoUnited States885,00030
Bally's4997Liron AltmanIsrael530,00018
Bally's4998Fernando BritoPortugal650,00022
Bally's5001Ronnie BallantyneUnited Kingdom1,075,00036
Bally's5002Benjamin ThomasUnited States240,0008
Bally's5003Pete MalesUnited States370,00012
Bally's5004Jon LactaoenUnited States755,00025
Bally's5005Parminder KumarUnited States740,00025
Bally's5006Cody LebleUnited States740,00025
Bally's5007Samy BoujmalaFrance720,00024
Bally's5008Peter RosenblumUnited States480,00016
Bally's5011Justin LapkaUnited States2,425,00081
Bally's5012Michael BedardUnited States550,00018
Bally's5013Kaan BecerCanada475,00016
Bally's5014Hung LeUnited States840,00028
Bally's5015Da ParkUnited States300,00010
Bally's5016Mukul PahujaUnited States380,00013
Bally's5017Charles LineberryUnited States510,00017
Bally's5018Brian DarmaninUnited States845,00028
Bally's5021Toshinobu MatsuhashiUnited States1,255,00042
Bally's5022SheLok WongUnited States670,00022
Bally's5023Ryan EriquezzoUnited States800,00027
Bally's5024Danny IllingworthUnited States140,0005
Bally's5025Junxiu ZhangUnited States670,00022
Bally's5026John AnstettUnited States395,00013
Bally's5027Gloria MolinaColombia1,150,00038
Bally's5028Andrew MackenzieUnited States450,00015
Bally's5091Charles MooreUnited States290,00010
Bally's5092Olawale AdekunleUnited States485,00016
Bally's5093Raymond HensonUnited States810,00027
Bally's5094Robert VanhooseUnited States260,0009
Bally's5095Pedro NevesPortugal390,00013
Bally's5096Jackson WhiteUnited States1,220,00041
Bally's5097Zachary AckleyUnited States270,0009
Bally's5101Steven MorganUnited States425,00014
Bally's5102Sasha GuerinUnited States260,0009
Bally's5103Brett ShafferUnited States220,0007
Bally's5104Sohale KhaliliUnited States925,00031
Bally's5105Spencer SimpsonUnited States475,00016
Bally's5106Ebony KenneyUnited States795,00027
Bally's5107Gennadiy DvosisUnited States1,240,00041
Bally's5108Ariel AlbiliaUnited States925,00031
Bally's5111Timur MargolinIsrael1,220,00041
Bally's5112Cole WilliamsUnited States410,00014
Bally's5113Joseph WongUnited States395,00013
Bally's5114Deborah PhillipsUnited States340,00011
Bally's5115Lucas TaeUnited States360,00012
Bally's5116Michael WilliamsUnited States980,00033
Bally's5117Marcelo Giordano MendesBrazil2,350,00078
Bally's5118Peter PenasUnited States240,0008
Bally's5121David MontoyamanceraUnited States660,00022
Bally's5122Ryan LengUnited States395,00013
Bally's5123Robert PiselUnited States760,00025
Bally's5124Daniel DenghelCanada140,0005
Bally's5125James HaytkoUnited States480,00016
Bally's5126Selim OulmekkiFrance2,030,00068
Bally's5127Dan TolppanenDenmark650,00022
Bally's5128Juan C Encinas ZavalaUnited States1,030,00034
Bally's5191Andre HungerkampGermany650,00022
Bally's5192Andrew RobinsonUnited States745,00025
Bally's5193Benjamin MoonUnited States645,00022
Bally's5194Christopher TurnbullCanada1,155,00039
Bally's5195Harvey AlegadoUnited States1,170,00039
Bally's5196Nolan CuratoloItaly790,00026
Bally's5198Jeffrey SlaytonUnited States410,00014
Bally's5201Jason SlaytonUnited States1,370,00046
Bally's5202Steve SavioFrance1,965,00066
Bally's5203Tommy KivelaUnited States445,00015
Bally's5204Rene BastonUnited States100,0003
Bally's5205Vincent MoscatiUnited States520,00017
Bally's5206Ranganath KanchiUnited States1,650,00055
Bally's5207Jackson YoungUnited States315,00011
Bally's5211Jack SurwaldUnited States1,201,50040
Bally's5212Steven RiceUnited States895,00030
Bally's5213Ryan JaworskiUnited States1,010,00034
Bally's5214Brandon NavarreteUnited States365,00012
Bally's5215Mohammad SaadeghvazriUnited States670,00022
Bally's5216Domenico LamattinaUnited States600,00020
Bally's5217Gus VergosUnited States740,00025
Bally's5218Shayar LeeUnited States1,335,00045
Bally's5221Frederick BrownUnited States740,00025
Bally's5222Clayton LittkeSwitzerland655,00022
Bally's5223Genady MayzelUnited States180,0006
Bally's5224Ted GillisUnited States220,0007
Bally's5225Thomas Evans ZanotUnited States705,00024
Bally's5226Ran KollerIsrael1,105,00037
Bally's5227Anthony PotisUnited States740,00025
Bally's5228John GorsuchUnited States760,00025
Bally's5291Matan CohenUnited States480,00016
Bally's5292Kevin FrameUnited Kingdom445,00015
Bally's5293Allyn ShulmanUnited States705,00024
Bally's5294Charles HansonUnited States455,00015
Bally's5295Benjamin PascuaUnited States365,00012
Bally's5297Joseph RicuperoUnited States360,00012
Bally's5298Ryan RogersUnited States790,00026
Bally's5301Tirza WichelhausGermany455,00015
Bally's5302Richard AlsupUnited States1,500,00050
Bally's5303Brett BrucaleriUnited States550,00018
Bally's5304Randy HollandUnited States330,00011
Bally's5305Michael CapenerUnited States515,00017
Bally's5307Blair HinkleUnited States875,00029
Bally's5308Kazuki IkeuchiJapan985,00033
Bally's5312Martin GavascinapoletanoArgentina1,635,00055
Bally's5313Jacob BrantnerUnited States705,00024
Bally's5314Robert OliverUnited States205,0007
Bally's5315Paulo JoanelloBrazil, BR605,00020
Bally's5316Mackenzie KraemerUnited States1,175,00039
Bally's5317Ricardo MendozaUnited States580,00019
Bally's5318Patrick MegnaUnited States445,00015
Bally's5321David VuUnited States940,00031
Bally's5322Furkan BegUnited States730,00024
Bally's5323Jason JohnsonUnited States980,00033
Bally's5324Rob PerelmanUnited States515,00017
Bally's5325Mateusz MateraUnited States115,0004
Bally's5326Huifang ZhangChina320,00011
Bally's5327Robert MichelUnited States235,0008
Bally's5328Lorenzo AdamsUnited States595,00020

Official End of Day Chip Counts (Completo)

Nível 22 : Blinds 10,000-25,000, 25,000 ante
Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Justin Lapka us
Justin Lapka
2,425,000 525,000
Marcelo Giordano Mendes br
Marcelo Giordano Mendes
2,350,000 2,350,000
Selim Oulmekki fr
Selim Oulmekki
2,030,000 2,030,000
Steve Savio fr
Steve Savio
1,965,000 1,965,000
Artem Metalidi ua
Artem Metalidi
1,895,000 1,895,000
Francis Anderson us
Francis Anderson
1,800,000 100,000
Ranganath Kanchi us
Ranganath Kanchi
1,650,000 1,650,000
Martin Gavasci Napoletano ar
Martin Gavasci Napoletano
Marsel Backa us
Marsel Backa
1,605,000 1,605,000
Richard Alsup us
Richard Alsup
1,500,000 1,500,000
Jakub Michalak pl
Jakub Michalak
1,490,000 1,490,000
Jason Slayton US
Jason Slayton
1,370,000 1,370,000
Shayar Lee US
Shayar Lee
1,335,000 1,335,000
Gary Whitehead gb
Gary Whitehead
1,325,000 1,325,000
Toshinobu Matsuhashi US
Toshinobu Matsuhashi
1,255,000 1,255,000
Gennadiy Dvosis US
Gennadiy Dvosis
1,240,000 1,240,000
Jackson White us
Jackson White
1,220,000 1,220,000
Timur Margolin il
Timur Margolin
1,220,000 1,220,000
Jack Surwald us
Jack Surwald
1,201,500 1,201,500
Mackenzie Kraemer US
Mackenzie Kraemer
1,175,000 965,000
Harvey Alegado us
Harvey Alegado
1,170,000 1,170,000
Christopher Turnbull gb
Christopher Turnbull
1,155,000 1,112,000
Gloria Molina co
Gloria Molina
1,150,000 1,150,000
Ran Koller il
Ran Koller
1,105,000 1,105,000
Ronnie Ballantyne gb
Ronnie Ballantyne
1,075,000 1,075,000

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Meyer Doubles

Nível 22 : Blinds 10,000-25,000, 25,000 ante

Under the gun raised to 50,000 and was called by the hijack and Matt Meyer in the cutoff. The big blind also came along.

The flop came {10-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{4-Hearts} and action checked to Meyer who bet 60,000. Only under the gun called.

The turn was the {8-Hearts} and under the gun moved all in for 150,000 effective. Meyer called.

Matt Meyer: {k-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}
Under the gun: {k-Spades}{j-Hearts}

Meyer had top pair while his opponent had an open-ended-straight-draw. The river came the {2-Diamonds} which ensured Meyer got the double.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Matthew Meyer us
Matthew Meyer

Tags: Matt Meyer

Nível: 22

Blinds: 10,000/25,000

Ante: 25,000

Brucaleri Eliminates Opponent

Nível 21 : Blinds 10,000-20,000, 20,000 ante

Ebony Kenney raised to 50,000 from the cutoff before the button moved all in. Brett Brucaleri was in the small blind and moved all in over the top. Kenney said "I can call him (pointing at the button) but not him (pointing at the small blind)"

Button: {k-Hearts}{j-Hearts}
Brett Brucaleri: {a-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}

Kenney was frustrated as she was surprised to have folded the best hand as she said she had ace-eight.

The board ran out {a-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{2-Spades}{5-Hearts}{a-Hearts} which gave Brucaleri a full house and eliminating his opponent.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Brett Brucaleri us
Brett Brucaleri
Ebony Kenney US
Ebony Kenney
550,000 50,000

Tags: Brett BrucaleriEbony Kenney

Kniep Bluffs Opponent

Nível 21 : Blinds 10,000-20,000, 20,000 ante

Rayo Kniep limped the small blind and the big blind checked behind.

The flop came {8-Spades}{6-Spades}{3-Clubs} and Kniep bet 30,000. The big blind called.

The {j-Hearts} was the river and Kniep bet 50,000. Again the big blind called.

The river was the {10-Clubs} and Kniep bet 130,000. The big blind decided to throw his hand into the muck. Kniep showed {7-Clubs}{5-Clubs} for the bluff as the German took in the chips.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Andreas Kniep de
Andreas Kniep
700,000 -180,000

Tags: Andreas Kniep