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2022 World Series of Poker

Event #75: $777 Lucky 7's
Dias: 1c
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2022 World Series of Poker

Resultado Final
Mão Vencedora
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Prize Pool
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1,500,000 / 3,000,000
Informações sobre o torneio - Dia 1c
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Event #75: $777 Lucky 7's

Dia 1c Iniciado

Last Starting Day Of Event #75: $777 Lucky 7’s No-Limit Hold’em Begins at Noon

Paris Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas

It's time for Day 1c of Event #75: $777 Lucky 7's No-Limit Hold'em (7 Handed) starting at 12:00 p.m. local time at the 2022 WSOP at Bally's and Paris Las Vegas.

Today is the third and final starting day of this tournament. Day 1a saw 1,056 entries registered, then 1,818 more were added during Day 1b. What will this figure be today? For now, only 119 players (1a + 1b) have advanced to Day 2 on Wednesday.

Out of those 119 players, Selim Oulmekki has bagged the most chips, as the chip leader at the end of Day 1b, with 2,565,000. The chip average among those advancing is roughly 966,000.

Just like Day 1a and Day 1b, players begin with a starting stack of 40,000 and blinds at 100/200/200. Levels are 30-minutes in duration with a 20-minute break every four levels and a 75-minute dinner break after Level 12 (approximately 6:40 p.m.) There will be 22 levels played before chips are bagged for the night.

Stay tuned in to PokerNews for live updates on all the action throughout Day 1c.

Nível: 1

Blinds: 100/200

Ante: 200

Shy Departure

Nível 1 : Blinds 100/200, 200 ante
WSOP Cards and Chips
WSOP Cards and Chips

Most of the tables have not started yet their day, each table need a minimum of 4 players to start to deal hands. But here are some faces that it's already possible to meet from the beginning of this tournament.

If you are playing, you can also use MyStack to update information about the evolution of your stack.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Kyle Ivanich ca
Kyle Ivanich
40,000 40,000
Brad Garrett us
Brad Garrett
40,000 40,000
Barry Greenstein us
Barry Greenstein
40,000 40,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer
Jean-Luc Adam fr
Jean-Luc Adam
40,000 40,000
Alejandro Romero es
Alejandro Romero
Winamax Team Pro
Abou Sy fr
Abou Sy
40,000 40,000
Fernando Brito pt
Fernando Brito
40,000 40,000
Jeremy Palvini fr
Jeremy Palvini
40,000 40,000
Stephane Gabarre fr
Stephane Gabarre
40,000 40,000

Garrett Takes A Bad Start

Nível 1 : Blinds 100/200, 200 ante
Brad Garrett
Brad Garrett

Actor and comedian Brad Garrett was in the small blind when action was caught with three players. There was about 6,000 in the middle and Garrett bet 3,500 on a {j-Hearts}{a-Hearts}{9-Spades} flop. Just after him in the big blind, Fernando Wittvivan called and the last player folded.

The {a-Diamonds} was checked by both players, but when a {q-Diamonds} completed the board, Garrett bet 5,000. Without any hesitation, the Brazilian raised to 25,000. Garrett snap-folded and Wittvivan took that pot. Garrett already has lost half of his stack in this first level.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Fernando Wittvivan br
Fernando Wittvivan
42,000 42,000
Brad Garrett us
Brad Garrett
19,000 -21,000

Tags: Brad GarrettFernando Wittvivan

Nível: 2

Blinds: 200/300

Ante: 300

Pinaud Makes An Early Elimination

Nível 2 : Blinds 200/300, 300 ante

Thomas Pinaud eliminated a player and he explained that with {q-}{q-} he opened and found two callers, the players in the blinds.

Then on {q-}{4-}{7-} flop, he led 600 and both players called. The {7-} came on the turn and the player in the small blind led for 1,500, only called by Pinaud. On the {6-} river, Pinaud bet another 2,000 with his full house and his opponent announced all in for 17,000.

Pinaud called and discovered {a-}{4-} for his opponent, who might be the first player eliminated today.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Thomas Pinaud fr
Thomas Pinaud
55,000 55,000

Cailly Makes Her Return

Nível 2 : Blinds 200/300, 300 ante

From the small blind, Lucille Cailly raised to 1,000 and Brian Pritchard called from the big blind. On a {a-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{j-Diamonds} flop, Cailly bet 1,500 and Pritchard raised to 6,000. Cailly thought about it, before she folded.

Cailly hasn't been seen at a poker table for years, and makes a comeback as the 2022 WSOP nears its end.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Lucille Cailly fr
Lucille Cailly
40,000 40,000

Tags: Brian PritchardLucille Cailly

Nível: 3

Blinds: 200/400

Ante: 400