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2013 World Series of Poker

Event #52: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed)
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2013 World Series of Poker

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Event #52: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed) Only Minutes Away

Greg Merson, Main Event Champion and Defending Champion of This Event.
Greg Merson, Main Event Champion and Defending Champion of This Event.

We're just about ready to begin here in Event #52: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed). It just so happens that outside of Event #47: $111,111 One Drop High Rollers No-Limit Hold'em, and Event #55: The $50,000 Poker Players' Championship, this event represents the largest buy-in tournament for players looking test their skills.

Every year's the high buy-in six handed events bring in the best of the internet wizards and old school pros. This year should be no different. Last year Event 57: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em - Six-Handed took place just before the Main Event and it was none other than Greg Merson who took it down for $1,136,197. Immediately following his win in that, he proceeded to take down the biggest prize in poker, the Main Event where he locked up another $8,531,853. We'll be keeping a close eye on the field tonight to see if Merson does in fact come to defend his first title.

Could this year have a similar story? Will the person who takes down this event take down the Main Event once again? While unlikely, only time will tell. If you want to find out, make sure you stay with us here at PokerNews.com where we'll be bringing you updates from all throughout the day, here on Day 1 of Event #52.

Play begins in just under an hour with the players starting with 75,000 in tournament chips and we'll be here for the whole day, so make sure to stay tuned.

Kathy Lehne Takes A Second Shot

Nível 1 : 150/300, 0 ante
Kathy Lehne. Photo courtesy of suncoastresources.com.
Kathy Lehne. Photo courtesy of suncoastresources.com.

While not in an event as prestigious as Event #47: $111,111 One Drop High Rollers No-Limit Hold'em, President and CEO of SunCoast Resources Kathy Lehne is taking a second shot here in Event #52: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed).

For those who don't know SunCoast Resources is a petroleum distributor. Lehne founded the company with her savings of $2,000 back in 1985 when she was just 23 years old. Fast forward to 2009 and the company had more than $1.2 billion in revenue, 400 employees and was named No. 12 on 2008's Entrepreneur’s 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies.

At this point, Lehne is the only woman in the tournament. We'll be keeping an eye on Lehne as she progresses here through Day 1.

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Kathy Lehne us
Kathy Lehne

Litvinov Starts Throwing Punches, Knocks Out Stout

Nível 1 : 150/300, 0 ante
Matt Stout, heads-up in a six-max event earlier this year.
Matt Stout, heads-up in a six-max event earlier this year.

Just after Artem Litvinov and Matt Stout avoided a huge early cooler by choosing to play a flop instead, the two took to playing another giant pot just after.

Apparently, Stout was holding {K-}{K-} against Litvinov's {A-}{A-} and they got it all in preflop. He didn't catch up on the flop, turn, or river and he was sent home as one of the first casualties of the day.

This is a rather unfortunate turn for Matt Stout who told some of our tournament reporters that he was really looking forward to this event, especially after running deep in a six-handed event, earlier in the year.

Litvinov however is up big after cashing in for all of Stout's chips.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Artem Litvinov ru
Artem Litvinov
121,500 41,500
Matt Stout us
Matt Stout

Short-Stacked Haxton Gone

Nível 3 : 200/400, 50 ante
Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton

While we missed the hand that sent Isaac Haxton to the door, we did see him get crippled earlier in the day by Dan Smith. Haxton wasn't able to rebuild his stack here on day one and a new players was seen in his old seat. Haxton took a walk through the field to talk to some of his fellow poker pros before heading to the rail.

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Isaac Haxton us
Isaac Haxton

Tensions Rising in the $25K

Nível 4 : 250/500, 75 ante
Luke Vrabel
Luke Vrabel

Tensions have been rising a bit here in the early goings of the $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed) event. Two spats have recently broken out, one involving Luke Vrabel and Erick Lindgren, and the other involving Haralabos Voulgaris and Sergii Baranov.

In the confrontation between Vrabel and Lindgren, there was a hand where Vrabel was faced with a bet of a few thousand and tanked for a bit of time. So much time that Lindgren opted to exercise his right to call the clock. Vrabel didn't take too kindly to this. First, he fired off a tweet that said, "Eric lindgren called a clock on me after 1 minute on the turn... If I owed half the room money I'd stay quiet #itson #zenslayer," and he followed that up by calling the clock on Lindgren a little bit later. When Vrabel called the clock on Lindgren, it was a much larger bet, one that was essentially for Lindgren's tournament life.

Following the clock-calling incidents, the two exchanged several words back and forth. Lindgren argued that Vrabel's clock call was much more in the wrong than Lindgren's was, but Vrabel didn't agree. Vrabel began to spout some words towards Lindgren about his recent and well-documented money issues, which Lindgren didn't take too kindly. Eventually, the floor was summoned and the two players were pulled to the side. After given a warning, they returned to the table, but it didn't end there.

Vrabel made a comment about Lindgren being able to win to cover some of his money problems. Lindgren cracked right back, saying that he looked Vrabel up on Hendon Mob and poked fun at his results, saying that all he does is min-cash whereas Lindgren is a multi-bracelet winner. Then, Daniel Negreanu got involved when he got word of what was happening from Lindgren.

Negreanu was seated at an adjacent table and came over to say his own piece. While he joked towards Vrabel, he repeatedly referred to him as "Catfish" because of an online poker incident involving Vrabel where he allegedly pretended to be a female in order to receive backing from other players. Negreanu meshed this incident with the Manti Te'o catfishing incident and joked away. Eventually, Vrabel received a penalty for his comments.

Since returning from the penalty, both Vrabel and Lindgren haven't said much to each other, but have rather simply been going about their business.

In the incident with Voulgaris and Baranov, the two had their feet tangle up a bit under the table. Voulgaris wanted to extend his legs, and he asked Baranov to please move his feet so he could do so. Baranov wouldn't move he feet for Voulgaris to stretch out, but Voulgaris did so anyway. Baranov didn't take too kindly to this and attempted to kick Voulgaris under the table. Baranov instead kicked the leg of the table and hurt himself. The two exchanged some words, but it doesn't look like either is ready to give up any ground.

Baranov has been know for some antics before. In last year's World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, Baranov bluffed an opponent and proceeded to show. He followed that up by saying, "Fives good?" to rub the bluff in. "What's wrong, you have no balls?" Baranov continued as the table laughed.

A few seconds later, Baranov added, "You know what we do in Ukraine? We eat soup... with brains... brains of our enemies. Just ask Eugene [Katchalov], he's from Ukraine and he knows."

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Vrabel Confronts Negreanu, Security Gets Involved

Nível 6 : 400/800, 100 ante
Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

Earlier, we let you know about a few spats that have gone on today in this event. Well, there was just another confrontation.

Because of Daniel Negreanu's comments and name calling towards Luke Vrabel of "catfish" — which have continued some since the last incident — Vrabel decided to go over to Negreanu's table and stand up for himself. He began yelling at Negreanu about what he had said. At one point he yelled out, "You don't know me!" and "Don't say that s*** about me!"

Vrabel was standing behind the dealer while he was yelling, and Negreanu stayed seated in Seat 4 across the table from the dealer. Negreanu responded to Vrabel's yelling by saying, "I can say whatever I want. It's my right. This is a free country!"

Eventually, a security guard came storming over and escorted Vrabel back to his table. While this happened, Negreanu began laughing extremely loud almost to make sure Vrabel could hear him the entire time. Vrabel wasn't getting any happier, but security made sure he went back to his seat. Negreanu kept laughing for the next couple of minutes before things eventually calmed down. "See, I can say whatever I want now because security has him," joked Negreanu.

Shortly thereafter, Erick Lindgren busted from Vrabel's table.

Vrabel and Negreanu are still seated at diagonally adjacent tables, so we'll be sure to keep an eye on this situation if anything else comes up. The security guard is well aware of the issue and has been hovering closely nearby since the recent spat.

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Galfond Makes A Huge Call At The Night's End To Come Close To Chip Lead

Nível 8 : 600/1,200, 200 ante
Phil Galfond from an earlier event.
Phil Galfond from an earlier event.

On a board of {A-Spades}{3-Hearts}{K-Spades}{10-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} Phil Galfond and Masa Kagawa were involved in a big pot. With roughly 50,000 already in the middle, Masa Kagawa open shoved all in for 81,600.

Galfond went into the tank for a long time, and thought about it for roughly 5 minutes. By the time Galfond made a decision, several tables had already started bagging their chips.

Eventually, Galfond pushed out the chips for a call, and it ended up being the right one.

Kagawa turned over {7-Clubs}{7-Spades} which was fifth pair on the board. Galfond showed his {A-Hearts}{8-Spades} and that was good enough to take down the pot and to lock up a top five stack here at the end of the night in Event #52.

Max Lehmanski Leads Event #52: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed) Heading Into Day 2

Nível 8 : 600/1,200, 200 ante
Max Lehmanski current chip leader in Event #52.
Max Lehmanski current chip leader in Event #52.

It was a wild ride here in Event #52: $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed) for one of the biggest buy-in events of the summer. At the end of the night it was Max Lehmanski who locked up the most chips (406,000). Action started slow and steady here with only a few players dropping off here and there, but ironically enough, one of the first bust outs of the day, possibly the first, was that of Greg Merson, the champion of this event last year. Merson tried to run a huge bluff on Don Nguyen, but Nguyen snapped him off with two pair and Merson was eliminated very early into Day 1.

There were 175 players who began the day, but at the end of it only 101 remained. Notables fell off the map one by one such as Daniel Negreanu, Matt Stout, Jennifer Tilly, Matt Marafioti, Isaac Haxton, Chris Moorman, Phil Ivey, and Jonathan Duhamel. But for every notable who fell there were plenty still left alive. One could be found at every table of the tournament. Some who will return tomorrow include Jason Mercier, Christian Harder, Max Steinberg, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Dan Kelly, Matt Salsberg, and many more.

The man who locked up the chip lead tonight was Max Lehmanski. Lehmanski grabbed the lead when he won a huge three-way pot against Brandon Cantu and one other player. Cantu had flopped top two pair, another player flopped top and bottom pair, and Lehmanski held a flush draw that he binked to take all the money. Lehmanski never let go of his chip lead and he will ride his 406,000 chips into tomorrow.

Hot on Lehmanski's tail is Phil Galfond, who took down a huge pot at the end of the night courtesy of Masa Kagawa. Kagawa shoved all in on the river and after a long while in the tank, Galfond called. Kagawa had a pair of sevens the never improved on the flop, turn, or river, while Galfond had two pair. Kagawa's chips vaulted Galfond up to the top of the chip counts, but he still has a ways to go to catch Lehmanski.

The remaining 101 players will be back tomorrow at 2 p.m. local time and they will play 10 levels or down to a final table. PokerNews.com will be here with all the action so make sure to stay tuned as we follow the road to crown our next World Series of Poker Champion