Event #47: $111,111 One Drop High Rollers No-Limit Hold'em

Lawrence Greenberg Eliminated in 10th Place ($384,122)

• Nível 26: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante
Lawrence Greenberg - 10th Place

Action folded around to Martin Jacobson in the small blind and he haphazardly tossed in a raise to 510,000. Lawrence Greenberg responded with an all-in three-bet to about 3.5 million from the big blind and Jacobson snap-called.

Jacobson: {a-Spades}{q-Diamonds}
Greenberg: {j-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}

Greenberg was behind but drawing to live cards. The {2-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{k-Hearts} flop wasn't anything special, but the {K-Diamonds} turn made things interesting as Greenberg picked up a flush draw. Greenberg, a 50-year-old Hedge Fund Manager, was out of his seat to watch the dealer burn and put out the {q-Spades}. Greenberg missed and was sent to the rail in tenth place, which brings about the final table.

*Check out what Greenberg had to say about playing this event in an earlier interview he did with PokerNews.

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Lawrence Greenberg
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