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2019 Winamax Poker Open Dublin

Main Event
Dias: 1b
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2019 Winamax Poker Open Dublin

Resultado Final
Mão Vencedora
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Informações sobre o nível
300,000 / 600,000
Informações sobre o torneio - Dia 1b
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Main Event

Dia 1b Concluído

Winamax Poker Open Sets Record Field AGAIN; Six Team Pros Advance From Day 1b

Nível 20 : 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante
Winamax Poker Open Dublin Main Event
Winamax Poker Open Dublin Main Event

Another year, another record. The phenomenon that is the Winamax Poker Open has shown once again its ability to draw players from France and all over Europe to the Irish capital and the Citywest hotel for one of the largest six-max festivals in the world.

A little over four months since Winamax hosted the largest six-max tournament of all time, they set a new WPO record of 1,389 players, surpassing the record of 1,191 set in 2018.

Day 1b accounted for 829 of them, with 360 in Day 1a and 200 in the Turbo Day 1c. At the end of Day 1b just 161 players remained.

Field Sizes (2015-2019)

2015336623 959
2016323655 978
2017373696 1,069

They are lead by Jeremy Etot who won a big hand towards the end of the day after backdooring a straight to send an opponent holding pocket aces to the rail. That saw him over 500,000 and by the end he had moved above 700,000, bagging 736,000.

Behind him comes Elisha Benguigui (700,000) and Loic Daspres (606,000) who are the only players above 600,000 chips.

Davidi Kitai blows out the candles on his birthday cake
Davidi Kitai blows out the candles on his birthday cake

Just one Winamax Team Pro made it through from Day 1a in the shape of former champion Pierre Calamusa, but several more punched their tickets into Day 2 today.

Birthday boy Davidi Kitai, who celebrated his 40th birthday at the stroke of midnight, will be hoping it is a birthday to remember when play resumes tomorrow at 12:00 pm having bagged the most (231,000) of his fellow Team Pros. He will be joined by Gaelle Baumann (124,000), Ivan Deyra (219,000), Davidi Kitai, Leo Margets (127,000) and Aladin Reskallah (149,000).

2018 High Roller champion Peter Jaksland (94,000), Fraser Macintyre (236,000) and High Roller final tablist Gabor Szabo (175,000) will also be in the Day 2 field along with former WSOP Main Event runner-up Tony Miles (325,000), who cracked pocket kings with ace-queen in one of the last hands of the night to bag ahead of Day 2.

Tony Miles
Tony Miles

Notables who failed to make it through include High Roller champion Jason Tompkins, Adrian Mateos, Romain Lewis, Dara O'Kearney and Andy Black.

Stay tuned to PokerNews for continued coverage of this huge festival, with the money bubble bursting on Saturday and a new champion crowned late on Sunday evening.

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Day 1b Chip Counts (Completo)

Nível 20 : 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante
Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Jeremy Etot fr
Jeremy Etot
736,000 186,000
Day 1B Chip Leader
Elisha Benguigui fr
Elisha Benguigui
700,000 700,000
Loic Daspres fr
Loic Daspres
606,000 606,000
Pierre Andre Devoille fr
Pierre Andre Devoille
595,000 595,000
Yann Boussaton fr
Yann Boussaton
594,000 594,000
Remi Debord fr
Remi Debord
578,000 203,000
Naime Caulet fr
Naime Caulet
561,000 561,000
Mathieu Gomez fr
Mathieu Gomez
527,000 527,000
Sven McDermott ie
Sven McDermott
515,000 225,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Martin Olali ie
Martin Olali
511,000 446,000
Adrien Decramer fr
Adrien Decramer
494,000 114,000
Ibrahim Senoussi fr
Ibrahim Senoussi
494,000 284,000
Francklin Flory fr
Francklin Flory
490,000 490,000
Aidan Hynes ie
Aidan Hynes
485,000 485,000
Jeremy Rodriguez fr
Jeremy Rodriguez
476,000 476,000
Michal Majtyka pl
Michal Majtyka
467,000 467,000
Patrick Schuhl fr
Patrick Schuhl
461,000 461,000
John Keown ie
John Keown
455,000 455,000
John Farrell ie
John Farrell
451,000 451,000
Theo Rebour fr
Theo Rebour
451,000 399,000
Alexis Calbry fr
Alexis Calbry
446,000 6,000
Arnaud Marchal fr
Arnaud Marchal
444,000 444,000
Clement Ferhati fr
Clement Ferhati
440,000 440,000
Jose Planells Castillo
Jose Planells Castillo
439,000 439,000
Antoine Marquet fr
Antoine Marquet
432,000 432,000

Leia tudo

Last Two Hands

Nível 20 : 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante

Tournament officials have announced that there will be two more hands before players in Day 1b bag up ahead of Day 2.

Stay tuned for a full recap of the day's action.

Big Stacks Tangle

Nível 20 : 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante

On a {9-Spades}{q-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} board Adrien Decramer checked to Vivien Moreau who bet 25,000. Decramer took his time before check-raising to 75,000.

Moreau called and the pair both checked the {3-Diamonds} river. Decramer showed {k-Spades}{8-Clubs} for king high but Moreau held {q-Hearts}{4-Hearts} for a pair of queens and pumped his fist as he raked in the pot.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Adrien Decramer fr
Adrien Decramer
Vivien Moreau fr
Vivien Moreau

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Pineau Secures Vital Double

Nível 20 : 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante

Benjamin Pineau was all in for 65,000 with {k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} but was behind to the {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs} of Olivier Dupont.

The board ran out {6-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{k-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} with Pineau flopping top pair and dodging straight outs to double.

"Incredible," said Dupont in French as he handed over the chips to his opponent.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Benjamin Pineau fr
Benjamin Pineau
Olivier Dupont fr
Olivier Dupont

Tags: Olivier DupontBenjamin Pineau

Nível: 20

Blinds: 3,000/6,000

Ante: 6,000

Tompkins Well Positioned

Nível 19 : 2,500/5,000, 5,000 ante

Jason Tompkins opened to 11,000 and called a raise from Anthony Caillot to 23,500 from the big blind.

The pair checked the {4-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds} flop and the turn brought the {2-Diamonds}. Caillot checked again and after Tompkins bet 28,500, he tank folded.

Tompkins sits on over 400,000 as we approach the final level of the evening.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Jason Tompkins ie
Jason Tompkins
410,000 360,000
Anthony Caillot fr
Anthony Caillot

Tags: Jason TompkinsAnthony Caillot

Nível: 19

Blinds: 2,500/5,000

Ante: 5,000