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High Roller
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A Good Day - Chris Day Leads the UKIPT High Roller Final Table

Nível 10 : 800-1,600, 200 ante
UKIPT ambassador Dermot Blain. Photo courtesy of the FTP Blog.
UKIPT ambassador Dermot Blain. Photo courtesy of the FTP Blog.

After a glorious day in sunny Galway, what could be better that settling down to play the €2,000 + €200 No-Limit Hold’em UKIPT High Roller Championship, an eight-handed event with the option for a single re-entry. Initially just 12 players had sat down for the event but given the tournament had a 6 p.m. start time, the players quickly flooded in after having a no doubt delicious dinner at one of Galway's fine restaurants (Note: the PokerNews Live Reporting Team can vouch for this).

There were 35 players who entered the tournament with a single re-entry but after nine levels of action, the Day was done, Chris Day that was. The man from the UK rocketed up to the top of the leaderboard early on in the day and never looked back. With around 12 players left, Day won a huge pot to eliminate the Lithuanian Anaras Alekberovas. This put him on 250,000 in chips, more than a third of the chips in play, with the blinds at only 600/1,200/200 and the average stack a mere 80,000 – a pretty healthy position indeed. He finished the day as chip leader with 250,200.

After nine levels, the players had reached the unofficial final table of nine players, but given that only six people were being paid the players agreed to continue through the money bubble. After playing a short stack for several hours, it was Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody who ultimately bubbled, losing with the best hand to end proceedings for the night.

With Gus Hansen, Martins Adeniya and Ben Jenkins taking part in the charity event and Sinem Melin involved in the six-max event, it fell on Irishman Dermot Blain to represent Full Tilt Poker in this €2,000 event. He was one of several big names to enter the field which included Jake Cody and former UKIPT London winner Sergio Aido Espina. Blain suffered an early setback when he lost nearly a third of his chips getting double check-raised on the flop and turn against Ian Cordts. Blain managed to double up not once, but twice later on to make the (un)official final table.

Poker in Ireland is traditionally fast (but not so much furious, everyone is here to enjoy the craic) and the point was quickly proved as cold five-bets were appearing in the very first level on tables only containing six players! Spaniard Guilabert Bernabeu was the first exit of the day, turning trips in a three-bet pot only to run into a full house. Other players who failed to survive included Ben Warrington as well as Ian Cordts (twice) – the latter the only player who bought in a second time fell first to Blane and second to Cody.

One stack that seemed to be blinding into oblivion was that of Trevor Dinneen, but the Irishman had a valid excuse. He was heads up in the Irish Poker Championships against Steve O'Dwyer! Eventually, having won that event, Dinneen came over to shove his last few big blinds in the middle with J-8 but ran into Blain's A-J which quickly finished him off.

A couple more exits later, including Cody's, and we had our final table:

1Niall FarrellUK44,400
2Kyle MaguireUK197,800
3Dermot BlainIreland64,100
4Sergio AidoSpain99,700
5Jan PrzysuchaPoland65,300
6Chris DayUK250,200