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2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

$25,000 PokerStars NL Hold'em Players Championship
Dias: 1
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2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Resultado Final
Mão Vencedora
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Prize Pool
Informações sobre o nível
300,000 / 600,000

$25,000 PokerStars NL Hold'em Players Championship

Dia 1 Concluído

PSPC Draws Field Over 1,000 to Break $25K Record

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

The PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship has established a new record for a $25,000 event with 1,014 runners even as registration remains open for another 14 hours or so until the start of Day 2.

That smashed the old mark of 639 set by the 2007 WPT Championship. It wasn't a sweat to beat that number either, as the number was secure from the start of Day 1 and only climbed from there. It seems the $9 million in value added by PokerStars was simply too much to resist for poker players everywhere, as they flocked to Atlantis Resort by the hundreds for this one-of-a-kind event.

With a prize pool pushing north of $25 million, it's safe to say the tournament has surpassed any expectations the PokerStars team harbored.

Talal Shakerchi lapped the field on Day 1 as he turned his 60,000 starting stack into 425,300 when the bagging was done. That's far above nearest competitor Dan O'Brien, who finished with 301,200.

Shakerchi owed his huge stack to a pair of flopped sets that sent him rocketing to the top of the counts starting in Level 6 (300/600/600). He flopped a set of fours and turned a full house, setting Daniel Strelitz all in for 50,000 into a pot of about 40,000. Strelitz called off with only four outs, having flopped second pair, and he missed a river miracle to overcome the boat.

Talal Shakerchi
Shakerchi ran away from the opposition on Day 1.

The next level, Shakerchi flopped another set, this time in a three-bet pot with deuces against jacks. All the money went in on the turn again, this time with Shakerchi fading only two outs. After a safe river, he was stacking 260,000 when most of the field was dreaming of reaching the 150,000 mark.

Other players to bag north of 200,000 included Shyam Srinivasan (254,000), Scott Margereson (221,600), Steven van Zadelhoff (210,000) and Kristen Bicknell (207,900). Srinivasan is no stranger to success here, having finished sixth and 10th in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Events in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Team PokerStars was also well-represented with Leo Fernandez, Chris Moneymaker, Kevin Martin, Lex Veldhuis and Jason Somerville among the 750 or so making it through.

Golf legend Sergio Garcia was among the busted, as were Joe McKeehen, Bryn Kenney, Erik Seidel, Steve O'Dwyer and Adrian Mateos. Those players will have to move on and find different tournaments to play as this one is a freezeout.

The PSPC continues Monday with Level 9 (600/1,200/1,200). Play resumes at noon, at which point registration will end, and PokerNews will be on hand for more live coverage.

Day 2 Seat Draw (Tables 1-50)

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante
TableSeatNameCountryChip CountBig Blinds
11John JuandaSingapore73,90062
12Chi ZhangUnited Kingdom135,600113
14Michael SchulzGermany60,30050
15Celina LinChina116,90097
16Eder Takashi MurataBrazil95,60080
17Joey CoudenUnited States174,400145
18Anthony MaioUnited States86,00072
21Xixiang LuoChina134,000112
22Florentin Dorel ChinezonRomania56,60047
23Artemii BorisovRussia41,50035
24Wei TangHong Kong43,60036
25Alex RochaUnited States51,00043
26Hristivoje PavlovicAustralia90,70076
27Felix SchneidersGermany70,20059
28Vlad TatuRomania159,000133
31Dominique MosleyUnited States48,50040
32Samuel Gonzalez Mohino GomezSpain48,10040
33Dominik NitscheGermany6,5005
34Nicholas PalmaUnited States15,10013
35James CalderaroUnited States28,60024
36Eric ValleeCanada78,40065
37Patrik AntoniusFinland113,30094
38Talal ShakerchiUnited Kingdom425,300354
41Pedro ChavesBrazil169,900142
42Porfirio Navarro CorralSpain21,30018
43Richard SeymourUnited States41,00034
44Alexander HaberJamaica118,10098
45John CynnUnited Kingdom23,30019
46Willliam Batista ArrudaBrazil106,30089
47Patrick StaceyCanada30,00025
48Christian HarderUnited States63,70053
51Salvatore DonatoItaly252,700211
52Andrey KotelnikovRussia181,500151
53Neville Endo CostaBrazil115,70096
55Noah BoekenNetherlands155,900130
56Corey HochmanUnited States20,50017
57Nils PudelGermany63,50053
58Kevin MartinCanada83,30069
61Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland148,500124
62Andrew WilsonUnited Kingdom51,30043
63Tomas JozonisLithuania102,60086
64Klaus HamannGermany82,70069
65Gergely KulcsarHungary113,90095
66Darren MillarIreland32,20027
67John AndressUnited States172,100143
68Phil HellmuthUnited States29,30024
71Adam LevyCanada74,80062
72Charles La BoissonniereCanada31,90027
73Sharad RaoIndia125,600105
74Taylor BlackUnited States114,10095
75Benjamin PollakFrance105,10088
76Chen An LinTaiwan58,00048
77Anthony DiotteCanada89,50075
78Haoxiang WangChina129,200108
81Tianle WangChina118,70099
82Joao ValliItaly103,80087
83Kevin MathersUnited States75,90063
84Mark IoliUnited States104,00087
85Thai HaUnited States16,10013
86Sven ReichardtGermany46,80039
87Roman ShustaUkraine28,80024
88Paul NeweyUnited Kingdom52,40044
91Nathan AmarUnited States98,50082
92Tsolmon Erdene OchirMongolia64,80054
93Griffin BengerCanada81,10068
94Nirath ReanUnited States26,40022
95Paul MacneilCanada19,80017
96Leonid TimoninRussia88,30074
97Rodrigo Marques CarmoPortugal82,60069
98Mario HoflerAustria59,10049
101Sebastiaan De JongeNetherlands22,50019
103Clifford EllefsonUnited States81,90068
104Andres RisquezUnited States55,50046
105Tyler PattersonUnited States41,40035
106Jennifer TranielloUnited States48,90041
107Charles Alex-BartonUnited States112,10093
108Vicent BoscaSpain83,50070
111Daniel BarryUnited States146,000122
112Pierre CalamusaFrance59,60050
113Matt BerkeyUnited States8,8007
114Victor Pedote dos SantosBrazil88,50074
115I-Cheng LinTaiwan55,00046
116Alexander KharkovRussia112,20094
117Nghi Van TranCanada62,00052
118Adrien AllainFrance41,50035
121Connor DrinanUnited States42,00035
122Kunimaro KojoJapan58,70049
123Victor Zabukas BegaraBrazil95,40080
125Daniel ZackUnited States99,90083
126Raman SarokaBelarus23,60020
127Leocir CarneiroBrazil73,80062
128Michael RoccoUnited States73,10061
131Raul Manzanares LozanoSpain135,500113
132Michael RobionekGermany71,70060
133Jaime Muelas OrejonSpain32,70027
134Andreas KniepUnited States50,10042
135Loni HarwoodUnited States28,10023
136Christian RudolphGermany135,900113
137Noah BronsteinUnited States50,30042
138Ryan OlisarUnited States98,80082
142Christian JamborGermany67,80057
143Timo SteipeGermany27,30023
144Jimmy GuerreroFrance22,00018
145Kyle JuliusUnited States81,60068
146Kenny HallaertBelgium103,40086
147Steve KarpUnited States55,50046
148Juan MoscaArgentina25,90022
151Pete ChenTaiwan37,80032
152Joseph CheongUnited States79,20066
153Ben HeathUnited Kingdom104,00087
154Michael StemberaUnited States152,300127
155Andrew GrimasonIreland47,60040
156Sean WinterUnited States19,40016
157Nikolay PonomarevUnited Kingdom65,20054
158Han Sam KimCanada12,30010
161Anton SulymkaUkraine78,20065
162Sourabh SindhwaniIndia65,50055
163Brian RastUnited States28,60024
164Leo FernandezArgentina145,500121
165Ramandeep Singh GujralIndia69,60058
166Alan ScheinUnited States175,000146
167Franz DitzGermany32,20027
168David YanNew Zealand159,300133
171Louis SalterIreland28,30024
172Jim MartinssonSweden45,70038
173Matthew WoodCanada58,30049
174Bob BounahraUnited States42,90036
175Lester EdocPhilippines119,600100
176Atanas Georgiev PavlovBulgaria159,600133
177Russell ThomasUnited States155,100129
181Blair Armstrong PayneUnited Kingdom127,000106
182Michael ScarboroughUnited States75,60063
183Dylan WilkersonUnited States244,300204
184Jeffrey SluzinskiUnited States43,70036
185Jonathan Concepcion TacoronteSpain85,80072
186Nadya MagnusUnited States124,900104
187Natalie TehMalaysia107,10089
188Martins AdeniyaUnited Kingdom202,100168
191Laala RedjouhFrance122,200102
192Lenoir EricBelgium67,10056
193Michael Del VecchioUnited States56,00047
194Jaime StaplesCanada68,40057
195Scott StewartUnited States164,300137
196Michael PageUnited States62,00052
197Matous HouzvicekCzech Republic37,40031
198Dejuante AlexanderUnited States57,10048
201Fernand Dos Santos FerreiraPortugal89,90075
202Lars KamphuesGermany48,10040
203Michael DixUnited States92,40077
204Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom151,400126
205Jason KoonceUnited States56,20047
206Jason SagleCanada100,90084
207John DibellaUnited States24,50020
208Jack SalterUnited Kingdom110,60092
211William BerryUnited States190,500159
212Jhonny DiazSpain158,300132
213Matt GlantzUnited States35,70030
215Randy LewUnited States39,20033
216Gino CardeniaFrance86,90072
217Luis FariaPortugal34,50029
218Saulo SabioniBrazil145,000121
221Nenad MedicCanada42,70036
222Robert HeidornGermany100,00083
223Corentin RopertFrance111,20093
224Chris HunichenUnited States194,000162
225Guillaume MerlingeFrance40,90034
226Sergio AidoSpain58,90049
227Alexandre ZolkoBrazil89,60075
228Ian SimpsonUnited Kingdom54,50045
231Joshua James ZucchetCanada83,90070
232Tanner MillenUnited States78,20065
233Andrzej SiemieniakPoland162,700136
234Tzai Wei PhuaSingapore76,80064
235Marcelo Navarrete SpahnColombia109,20091
236Patrick Tien Min Lynn LiangBrazil54,10045
237Adrien DelmasFrance211,500176
241Steven Van ZadelhoffNetherlands210,000175
242Esther TaylorUnited States39,90033
243Lawrence BayleyUnited Kingdom31,80027
244James RannUnited Kingdom119,900100
245Djordje KremicSerbia95,30079
246Robert PeacockUnited States27,40023
247Ilan Prosper SerruyaFrance108,40090
248Ramon ColillasSpain145,000121
251James AblottUnited Kingdom55,20046
252Rachid Ben CherifNetherlands110,00092
253Miguel CaprilesVenezuela50,30042
255Martin FingerGermany116,80097
256Vineet PahujaCanada68,40057
257Lauren RobertsUnited States61,60051
258Jose Pitarch CiveraSpain59,50050
261Matt SalsbergUnited States20,60017
263Evgenii ShnaiderRussia36,40030
264Eric BaldwinUnited States181,300151
265Ermo KoskEstonia63,50053
266Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus94,40079
267Michael VelaUnited States75,40063
268Scott BaumsteinUnited States77,60065
271Vicente DelgadoSpain100,80084
272Derik Tat Wak LiUnited States132,800111
273Marshall WhiteUnited States72,10060
274Andrei TerekhovRussia21,50018
275Zachary DonovanUnited States65,80055
276Thomas HaneyUnited Kingdom52,10043
277Eric WasylenkoCanada56,80047
278Amit MakhijaUnited States39,50033
281Umang DattaniCanada32,90027
282Benedict DierBermuda48,00040
283Maria LampropulosArgentina49,80042
284Theo Da Cruz LimaBrazil147,600123
285Andrew GrahamUnited States97,80082
286Christopher KennedyUnited States89,80075
287Michael KamranUnited States53,00044
288Georgios ChristouCyprus47,70040
291Aymon HataUnited Kingdom19,60016
292Aliaksei BoikaBelarus54,00045
293Ryan HallUnited States62,90052
294Michael SoyzaMalaysia86,90072
295Edward HislopCanada152,000127
296Jose FerreiraBrazil140,500117
297Martin JacobsonSweden51,30043
298Erik Von BuxhoevedenAustria200,400167
301Johannes BeckerGermany83,10069
302Jose MontesUnited States152,000127
303Jordan MatthewsIreland82,90069
304Gianluca SperanzaAustria99,00083
305Thomas BoivinBelgium34,70029
307Brandon WelterUnited States75,40063
308Shawn DanielsUnited States83,90070
311Matthew McewanUnited States49,50041
314Arthur Stein Do AmaralBrazil48,50040
315Lionel FoulquierFrance24,60021
316Byron KavermanUnited States65,30054
317Gjergj SinishtajUnited States25,50021
318Aaron BeenUnited States74,80062
321Nacho BarberoArgentina104,40087
322Keith LehrUnited States198,200165
323Fabiano KovalskiBrazil92,70077
324Gregory JenningsUnited States43,20036
325Louis BoutinCanada86,80072
326Dimitar YosifovBulgaria23,60020
327Dennys RamosBrazil46,40039
328Alexander TuryanskyUnited States90,70076
331Calvin AndersonUnited States49,50041
332Usman SiddiqueUnited Kingdom76,60064
333Robson de Oliveira RodriguesBrazil91,50076
334Joep RaemaekersNetherlands133,200111
335Thiago NishijimaBrazil68,10057
336Joe CadaUnited States70,00058
337Michael GaglianoUnited States36,00030
338Sandhy SitepuIndonesia122,600102
341Justin BonomoUnited States78,20065
342Simon TaberhamUnited Kingdom71,60060
343Koji AsakaJapan49,90042
344Ryan YuCanada85,20071
345Ari EngelUnited States65,00054
346Heinz SchlueterGermany67,00056
347Matthew HumphreyUnited States42,50035
348Sergi ReixachSpain65,40055
351Diogo CardosoPortugal79,00066
352Pavel VekslerUkraine230,300192
353Ryan Van SanfordUnited States55,90047
354Alin GrasuRomania61,60051
355Oleksii KhorosheninUkraine105,80088
356Evan SilversteinUnited States63,10053
357Esteban GarciaUnited States33,40028
358Kane KalasUnited States40,50034
361Mazin KhouryUnited States89,70075
362Charles Hook JrUnited States76,00063
363Adrien DevleschoudereCanada73,00061
364Michael DietrichCanada70,90059
365Jan KotPoland106,20089
366Sean PosnerUnited States25,90022
367Murilo Souza FigueredoBrazil48,40040
368Jeremie SardaFrance108,40090
371Stian Kulseth UstadNorway86,80072
372David PetersUnited States66,50055
373Victor RamdinUnited States34,30029
374Gustavo KeinArgentina41,50035
375Fintan HandIreland28,50024
376Brian SherrierUnited States85,00071
377Leandro BalotinBrazil135,100113
378Jonathan WestUnited States102,90086
381Stefan JedlickaAustria68,90057
382Fatima Moreira De MeloNetherlands23,90020
383Ryan DayUnited States48,10040
384Oleksandr LishchukUkraine130,300109
385John McCarthyUnited Kingdom52,70044
386Francois BillardCanada73,80062
387Kyle ChangCanada112,10093
388Jason KoonUnited States71,60060
392Michael NooriUnited States177,000148
393Jussi NevanlinnaFinland62,40052
394Jared GrienerUnited States43,00036
395Cary KatzUnited States78,00065
396Adam HendrixUnited States71,60060
397Paulo MilaniBrazil54,40045
398Arthur GavardFrance66,50055
401Samuel BernabeuSpain55,00046
402Eder CampanaBrazil147,200123
403Ian O'HaraUnited States20
404Simeon PanovBulgaria67,50056
405Jesse SylviaUnited States111,30093
407Damien Le GoffFrance65,60055
408Eisuke KobayashiJapan80,50067
411Dustin DirksenUnited States178,500149
412Marty MathisUnited States121,200101
413Paul Fontan CastrillonSpain99,90083
414Rafael MoraesBrazil38,60032
415Oliver BilesUnited Kingdom51,50043
416Jose Ruiz DominguezMexico39,50033
417Michael SongUnited States52,00043
418Rui FerreiraPortugal175,000146
421Peter JettenCanada65,20054
422Marc RiveraPhilippines170,200142
423Justin TazelaarNetherlands110,80092
424Benjamin Alvarado MaflaEcuador18,60016
425Toby JoyceIreland33,80028
426John MooneyUnited Kingdom43,50036
427Eric WassersonUnited States20,10017
428Martin RausCanada64,50054
431Maxwell YoungUnited States173,600145
432Warren SheavesUnited States62,00052
433John KrpanCanada55,00046
434Chase BianchiUnited States78,20065
435Bill PerkinsUnited States54,90046
436Ryan SmithCanada99,10083
437James GilbertCosta Rica84,80071
438Romain LewisFrance80,10067
441Dan O'BrienUnited States301,200251
442Kristen BicknellCanada207,900173
443Jonas MackoffCanada63,80053
444David MockUnited States113,00094
446Tony GreggUnited States55,90047
447Shuize CaiChina188,000157
448Blair HinkleUnited States177,600148
451James ChenTaiwan81,60068
452Timur ToktabayevKazakhstan162,400135
454Andrew PantlingCanada230,000192
455Jack O'NeillUnited Kingdom122,500102
456Martin PemberUnited Kingdom108,20090
457Eduardo PiresBrazil76,50064
458Richard AlsupUnited States40,90034
461Carlos ChadhaCanada73,50061
462Joaquin SanchezSpain66,50055
463Jonathan DoklerUnited States240,100200
464Iliodoros KamatakisGreece86,60072
465Arthur Fuentealba FujimotoBrazil15,50013
466Toby LewisUnited Kingdom58,40049
467Dan ShakUnited States151,600126
468Manig LoeserGermany64,60054
471Nicolas DumontFrance23,60020
472Isaac HaxtonUnited States68,80057
473Nathan ManuelUnited States28,60024
474Thomas MuehloeckerAustria82,00068
475Chahnhoon JungUnited States165,400138
476Sven McDermottIreland151,900127
478Anthony SpinellaUnited States100,90084
481Michel DattaniPortugal146,200122
483William GivensUnited States16,00013
484Haim GabayIsrael28,10023
485David Lopez LlacerSpain20,40017
486Gaelle BaumannFrance39,70033
487Nicolas CardynFrance61,10051
488Kevin EysterUnited States101,60085
491Daniel DvoressCanada26,80022
492Helio NevesBrazil194,500162
494James MackeyUnited States74,80062
495Ankush MandaviaUnited States115,00096
496Samuel TsehaiCanada90,00075
497Alexandre ReardFrance84,00070
498Marc PerraultCanada146,000122
501Stephen WoodheadUnited Kingdom56,80047
502Artem KitkinRussia52,50044
503Nicolas Olmedo OdellaUruguay36,50030
505Adrian NicaRomania28,30024
506Lin WuChina67,50056
507Ana MarquezSpain14,80012
508Aleksandr GofmanRussia38,50032

Day 2 Seat Draw (Tables 51-97)

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante
TableSeatNameCountryChip CountBig Blinds
511Jennifer CarterCanada29,60025
512JC AlvaradoMexico103,60086
513Michael GathyBelgium100,00083
514Georgios KarakousisGreece104,60087
515Tim ReillyUnited States28,20024
516Tracey GuiceUnited States50,70042
517Blake BohnUnited States101,90085
518Luigi KnoppersNetherlands32,10027
521Tyler HancockUnited States105,50088
522Joao VieiraPortugal17,90015
524John RugmanUnited Kingdom60,00050
525Timothy AdamsCanada111,20093
526Kevin AndriamahefaUnited States53,30044
527David KornGermany19,50016
528Evan MathisUnited States59,50050
531Frederic DelvalFrance33,70028
532Bruce BufferUnited States71,10059
533Gonzalo RoblesArgentina96,00080
534Filippo FilardoItaly87,60073
535Kyle BowkerUnited States142,600119
536Felipe MeisterBrazil100,70084
537Andrew FeganUnited States35,10029
538Goran MandicCroatia72,80061
541Lucas Gonzalez AmorosinoArgentina99,30083
542Timo KamphuesGermany85,10071
543Ole SchemionGermany71,70060
544Leandro BustilloArgentina22,90019
545Pim De GoedeNetherlands48,50040
547Martin Lategui LouridoUruguay85,60071
548Chris MoneymakerUnited States94,20079
551Ajay GnanasambanthanUnited States121,100101
552Christian Pereira AlmironArgentina36,60031
553Stefan HuberSwitzerland180,600151
554Sean LegendreUnited States38,90032
555Sirzat HissouGermany72,40060
556Manuel RuivoPortugal20,50017
557Carlos Hey De LimaBrazil42,70036
558Natasha BarbourCanada38,40032
561Rolando CamardeseItaly103,00086
563Christopher BolekUnited States83,10069
564Alexandru BaronCanada65,50055
565Adrian Echave SamuSpain94,60079
566Konstantin MaslakRussia73,30061
567Viet Van VoUnited States32,60027
568Nicolas Betbese PuetaArgentina55,30046
571Shyam SrinivasanCanada254,000212
572David CorkettUnited Kingdom52,90044
573Lexy GavinUnited States26,70022
574Dominykas KarmazinasLithuania107,60090
575Sergei LeonichevRussia116,50097
576Jonathan RoyCanada140,000117
577Dylan LindeUnited States48,40040
578Steffen KylevikNorway74,50062
581Stefan PeukertGermany56,90047
582Jean FerreiraCanada28,00023
583Charles CarpenterUnited States50,00042
584Preben StokkanNorway28,80024
585Alexander MoiseevRussia63,70053
586Dillon OttUnited States99,20083
587Marc-Andre LadouceurCanada91,40076
588Davidi KitaiBelgium111,20093
591Pablo MelognoUruguay24,40020
592Ivaylo SivinovBulgaria169,100141
593Nicolas YunisChile32,90027
594Paul TedeschiFrance63,60053
595Paul MichaelisGermany39,30033
596Paul Vas NunesUnited Kingdom105,30088
597Mukul PahujaUnited States87,40073
598Adriano Dias MarquesBrazil72,10060
601Michael FeilGermany80,60067
602Nicholas PetrangeloUnited States80,00067
603Darren EliasUnited States82,40069
604Andjelko AndrejevicUnited States140,800117
605Filipe OliveiraPortugal34,00028
606Daniel AharoniUnited States127,100106
607Max SilverUnited Kingdom101,40085
608Scott MargeresonUnited Kingdom221,600185
611Demosthenes KiriopoulosCanada58,20049
612David BenefieldUnited States48,70041
613Peter BrankinUnited Kingdom80,30067
614Douglas Ferreira SouzaBrazil50,70042
615Christopher KrukCanada92,70077
616Julien MartiniFrance166,700139
617Ajay ChabraUnited States64,00053
618Brandon HallUnited States167,300139
621Brian YoonUnited States86,70072
622Emil PatelFinland67,70056
623Antonius VonckenNetherlands32,60027
624Vladas TamasauskasLithuania65,70055
625Nicholas PetittiUnited States59,00049
626Martijn GerritsNetherlands96,10080
627Stepan MikhnoRussia41,60035
628Jesus Cortes LizanoSpain31,80027
631Mario SilvestriUnited States90,30075
632Matas CimbolasLithuania56,60047
633Mikolaj SypUnited Kingdom50,70042
634Dragos TrofimovMoldova157,900132
635Yan LiChina76,70064
636Jordan SpurlinUnited States59,60050
637Dario SammartinoItaly162,100135
638Patrick TardifCanada28,80024
641Jeremiah WilliamsUnited States45,20038
642Duff CharetteCanada99,10083
643Markus DurneggerAustria179,000149
644Antonio Saez ZamoranoSpain66,00055
645Rob HollinkNetherlands72,30060
646Upeshka DesilvaUnited States77,30064
647Laurynas LevinskasLithuania77,30064
648Bryce YockeyUnited States65,10054
651Ozgur ArdaTurkey28,70024
652Maximilian SchindlerUnited States30,70026
653Anthony ZinnoUnited States46,70039
654Pablo FernandezSpain54,80046
655Christian DelacombazSwitzerland100,70084
656Erik LemarquandCanada82,80069
657Mikhail ShalamovRussia180,500150
658Yiannis LiperisUnited Kingdom105,80088
661Dermot BlainIreland30,00025
662Dimitar DanchevBulgaria49,90042
663Christoph VogelsangGermany146,800122
664Ralph WongUnited States79,60066
665Quentin De SolereFrance34,60029
666Scott WilsonCanada75,10063
667Andrii GrynechkoCanada68,60057
668Felipe Hernan OlivieriArgentina40,60034
671Michael TelkerUnited States80,20067
672Andrew CanfieldUnited States45,80038
673Nikhil SegelIndia90,20075
674Aditya AgarwalIndia80,60067
675Marvin RettenmaierGermany59,80050
676Matthew AffleckUnited States45,40038
677Nikita LebedevRussia103,20086
678Jackson LanierUnited States86,70072
681Franco SpitaleArgentina50,40042
682Paul KlannCanada88,00073
683Mohsin CharaniaUnited States55,40046
684Guilherme Cheveau Paes CamposBrazil84,20070
685Christopher PutzGermany207,000173
686Alexander ZiskinUnited States109,40091
687Yuka AsakaJapan64,50054
688Christopher DombrowskiUnited States28,60024
691Mikhail MalofeevRussia109,60091
692Luke MarshUnited Kingdom47,10039
693Diego PalmaChile36,60031
694Millard HaleUnited States68,40057
695Chad EveslageUnited States55,60046
696Hugh DrummondCanada59,90050
697Vincent MoscatiUnited States31,20026
698Nelson ResendizUnited States56,70047
701Paul LeckeyUnited Kingdom163,300136
702Philippe DauteuilCanada92,70077
703Diego SanchezMexico31,50026
704Martin ZamaniUnited States41,40035
705Caio De Sales CalmonBrazil108,00090
706Shaun LennonUnited Kingdom138,600116
707Allan KeanUnited Kingdom102,80086
708David KeyUnited States102,30085
711Ariel CelestinoBrazil121,700101
712Lex VeldhuisNetherlands80,30067
713Stephen Kyung SongUnited States45,90038
714Mirko RaidEstonia94,00078
715Bas HaamersNetherlands28,10023
716Vadym StorozhevUkraine63,40053
717Josh KayUnited States193,800162
721Kenny TranUnited States44,60037
722Farid JattinColombia137,400115
723Ryan HughesUnited States87,30073
724Thomas ChiarellaUnited States35,90030
725Lance Cordell GarciaUnited States94,00078
726Kristina HolstUnited States56,00047
727Julian Parm AnnUnited States22,50019
728Joshua MillerUnited States58,00048
731Josh AriehUnited States58,00048
732Parker TalbotCanada111,40093
733Mikhail ElantsevRussia72,20060
734Juan Ollero VidalSpain229,900192
736Joey IngramUnited States150,200125
737Benjamin SpraggUnited Kingdom43,20036
738Adam LamphereUnited States73,50061
741Thiago CremaBrazil97,70081
742Ray SuppeUnited States136,700114
743Joseph LibertaUnited States23,90020
744Denis StrebkovRussia110,30092
745Brian Sal MancillaUnited States51,20043
746Zachary JigantiUnited States52,30044
747Kelvin KerberBrazil204,700171
748Simone SperanzaItaly50,00042
751Luc GreenwoodCanada42,90036
752Joshua ReichardUnited States106,20089
753Rui SousaPortugal65,60055
754Keith FerreraUnited States52,00043
756Harry LodgeUnited Kingdom12,10010
757Dwyer MonaghanIreland9,0008
758Travis NesbittCanada75,90063
761Yiming LiuUnited States86,50072
762Ricky GuanUnited States102,80086
763Elliot SmithCanada70,80059
764Jason MercierUnited States102,80086
765Kevin RabichowCanada44,30037
766Matthew WantmanUnited States72,30060
767Alcioni PollermannBrazil66,00055
768Terrence ChanCanada70,70059
771Rex ClinkscalesUnited States26,90022
772Karol WojciechowskiPoland173,700145
773David ParedesUnited States190,000158
774Diaconu AdrianRomania18,70016
775Lee MarkholtUnited States145,300121
776Nesrine KourdourliFrance27,30023
777Luiz DuarteUnited States207,000173
778Ryan Chung LeungUnited States42,20035
781Noah SchwartzUnited States23,80020
782Conor BeresfordUnited Kingdom53,10044
783Pascal HartmannGermany153,200128
784Chris MoormanUnited Kingdom89,50075
785Andrew NeemeUnited States41,50035
786Detlef GreweGermany46,80039
787Bryan PiccioliUnited States72,00060
788Ignatius MengSingapore29,60025
791Walter TreccarichiItaly167,200139
793Joao BarbosaPortugal59,50050
794Edward HolyokeUnited States113,10094
795Christopher JohnsonUnited States81,00068
796Trevor SavageUnited States25,00021
797Max GreenwoodCanada61,40051
798Gavin CochraneUnited Kingdom21,10018
801Iurii KomarovRussia22,50019
802Kelly MinkinUnited States18,20015
803Robin HegeleGermany116,70097
804John EspositoUnited States80,10067
805Nauvneel Shivm KashyapAustralia34,00028
806Guillaume DiazFrance63,50053
807Keven StammenUnited States27,20023
808Thi Xoa NguyenFrance100,00083
811Julien PerouseFrance69,30058
812Justin YoungUnited States79,00066
813Mustapha KanitItaly150,700126
814Giuseppe CaridiItaly23,60020
815Ori KossonogiUnited States204,300170
816Justin GardenhireUnited States69,70058
817Jonas RamanauskasLithuania82,60069
818Alexis UrliCanada106,00088
821Andrei KurovRussia260,400217
822Pavel PlesuvMoldova92,80077
823Jonathan KamhaziUnited States90,70076
824Oscar Hilario QuijadaArgentina86,50072
825Michael AzzaroUnited States75,10063
826Craig VarnellUnited States55,50046
827Rodger JohnsonUnited States11,90010
828Henrik HecklenDenmark94,80079
831Mihai ManoleRomania130,500109
832Daniel TigheIreland96,50080
833Roman WieczorekGermany90,60076
834Russell CraneUnited States47,40040
835Marc-Etienne McLaughlinCanada101,90085
836Florian DutaRomania72,60061
837Cesar Del Pino HanouadiSpain124,000103
838Jake SchwartzUnited States153,400128
841Lawrence GreenbergUnited States35,80030
842Jennifer ShahadeUnited States15,40013
843Craig MasonUnited States82,10068
844Bruno LopesFrance103,00086
845Pierre LewandowskiFrance93,70078
846Stanley LeeUnited States44,30037
847Daniel WilsonIreland23,60020
848Mike TakayamaPhilippines118,90099
851Miguel Rocatin FozSpain7,3006
852Manuel Martinez SolsonaSpain109,60091
853Cliff JosephyUnited States84,90071
854Sam GreenwoodCanada81,00068
855Robert MizrachiUnited States86,70072
856Jason GoochUnited States93,30078
857Jonathan TurnerUnited States62,50052
858Bart LybaertBelgium71,40060
861Leo MargetsSpain28,50024
862Lucas DenisFrance23,30019
863Alexander VenovskiUnited States116,80097
864Alex FoxenUnited States99,10083
865Ryan RiessUnited States78,20065
866Ricardo Calle RodriguezSpain22,20019
867Athanasios PolychronopoulosUnited States125,600105
868Benjamin KeelineUnited States53,40045
871Victor ChoupeauxFrance80,60067
872Jeremy AusmusUnited States87,10073
873Diogo VeigaPortugal35,80030
874Chance KornuthUnited States103,20086
875Jacqueline BurkhartUnited States54,30045
876Simon DeadmanUnited Kingdom35,70030
877Milton Henry BartholomewUnited States55,70046
878Wender Cezar OliveiraBrazil59,00049
881Mark RadojaCanada70,10058
882Tobias PetersNetherlands33,80028
883Fintan GavinIreland97,70081
884Steven JostSwitzerland69,80058
885Nabil CardosoSpain87,00073
886Carlos PalCosta Rica123,800103
887Fabio FreitasBrazil182,300152
888Michael SklenickaCzech Republic126,500105
891Aleksander RudnickiPoland25,00021
892Patrick QuinnCanada108,10090
893Philip ElliottCanada91,90077
894Alex IrwinIreland96,00080
895Joe KuetherUnited States16,10013
896Grayson RamageUnited States20,00017
897Tuan Minh PhanUnited States77,20064
898Brent RobertsUnited States111,60093
901Scott ChupackUnited States29,00024
902Aleeyah JadavjiCanada37,40031
904Roger TeskaUnited States20,20017
905Juan PastorArgentina73,90062
906Colin RobinsonUnited States169,900142
907Imre KiviloEstonia23,40020
908Brandon CrawfordUnited States43,90037
911Mike WatsonCanada171,700143
912Gaurav RainaUnited States126,000105
913Brock WilsonUnited States40,90034
914Evgenii LeonidovRussia9,5008
915Elio FoxUnited States167,200139
916Sosia JiangNew Zealand91,90077
917Vasile-Ionut MerisecuRomania22,70019
918Asif WarrisUnited Kingdom31,00026
921Mitja RudolfSlovenia49,10041
922James CollopyUnited States73,60061
923Matthew MossUnited Kingdom95,70080
924Peter ChienCanada60,60051
925Andrew ChenCanada189,400158
926Johan GirardFrance123,800103
927Jared PalmerUnited States123,800103
928Hormando Vaca Diez JimenezBolivia111,80093
931Jake CodyUnited Kingdom57,50048
932Alexander KeatingUnited States153,400128
933Pablo Brito SilvaBrazil93,10078
935Marius ConanFrance39,40033
936Edward SebestaUnited States169,700141
937Robert SalaburuUnited States91,30076
938Piotr NurzynskiPoland59,40050
941Andrea BenelliItaly57,00048
942Ronnie LambUnited States70,30059
943Joey WeissmanUnited States51,40043
944Anderson FernandesBrazil46,30039
945Casey Allen YontzUnited States90,30075
946Mike VesiaCanada106,00088
947Stephen ChidwickUnited Kingdom57,70048
948Dominique LamyFrance77,30064
951Markus ZieglerGermany69,30058
952Saya OnoUnited States110,70092
953Katie LindsayUnited States168,500140
954Jonathan AbdellatifBelgium145,000121
955Henry StrasserCanada77,60065
956Imar Vera EscorihuelaSpain26,50022
957Cassio Pisapia De Almeida KilesBrazil62,30052
958Guy JohnsonUnited Kingdom57,20048
961Linda JohnsonUnited States57,10048
962Jason SomervilleUnited States75,20063
963Marius GierseGermany100,10083
964Tyson ApostolUnited States45,80038
965Alexandre De ZutterFrance70,00058
966Josh TurnerUnited States25,60021
967Javier ZarcoSpain64,90054
972Vojtech RuzickaCzech Republic127,000106
973Serhii SyvorakshaUkraine73,70061
974Frank KasselaUnited States109,10091
975Tomas PaivaPortugal61,10051
976Philip PostmaUnited States138,600116
977Victor NicolatoBrazil86,20072
978Jorge AristizabalUnited States111,20093

Assorted End of Day Chip Counts (Completo)

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

Fewer than 750 players bagged up for Day 1 and assorted chip counts can be found below. A recap of today's action is to follow and the full chip counts will be published once PokerNews receives them.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Talal Shakerchi gb
Talal Shakerchi
425,300 106,300
Day 1 Chip Leader
Dan O'Brien us
Dan O'Brien
301,200 86,200
Andrei Kurov ru
Andrei Kurov
260,400 260,400
Shyam Srinivasan ca
Shyam Srinivasan
Salvatore Donato it
Salvatore Donato
252,700 252,700
Dylan Wilkerson us
Dylan Wilkerson
244,300 144,300
WPT 1X Winner
Jonathan Dokler us
Jonathan Dokler
240,100 240,100
Pavel Veksler ua
Pavel Veksler
230,300 230,300
Andrew Pantling ca
Andrew Pantling
230,000 230,000
Juan Ollero es
Juan Ollero
229,900 229,900
Scott Margereson gb
Scott Margereson
221,600 96,600
WPT 1X Winner
Adrien Delmas fr
Adrien Delmas
211,500 211,500
Steven van Zadelhoff nl
Steven van Zadelhoff
210,000 20,000
Kristen Bicknell ca
Kristen Bicknell
207,900 36,900
WSOP 4X Winner
Luiz Duarte br
Luiz Duarte
207,000 28,000
Christopher Putz at
Christopher Putz
207,000 207,000
Kelvin Kerber br
Kelvin Kerber
204,700 204,700
Ori Kossonogi il
Ori Kossonogi
204,300 204,300
Martins Adeniya gb
Martins Adeniya
202,100 62,100
Erik Von Buxhoeveden de
Erik Von Buxhoeveden
200,400 200,400
Keith Lehr us
Keith Lehr
198,200 38,200
WSOP 2X Winner
Helio Neves br
Helio Neves
194,500 194,500
Chris Hunichen us
Chris Hunichen
194,000 23,000
Josh Kay us
Josh Kay
193,800 73,800
William Berry us
William Berry
190,500 190,500

Leia tudo

Three More Hands for Day 1

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

The clocks have been stopped with 12 minutes left in the level and the screens show 756 players remaining out of a field of 1,014 entries. They will play another three hands before bagging and tagging for today.

McDermott Busts Jensen in Cruel Fashion

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

On the flop of {Q-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{3-Spades}, Toke Jensen was all in and at risk for just over 43,000 and he was called by fellow Platinum Pass winner Sven McDermott.

Toke Jensen: {3-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}
Sven McDermott: {K-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}

McDermott spiked the magical {K-Hearts} on the turn, and the {8-Hearts} river was a blank.

Both players shook hands with the camera crew filming the outcome, and McDermott admitted in table chat with Sam Grafton that it was a "pretty cruel hand."

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Sven McDermott ie
Sven McDermott
Sam Grafton gb
Sam Grafton
160,000 -12,000
Toke Jensen dk
Toke Jensen

Tags: Platinum PassSam GraftonSven McDermottToke Jensen

Nitsche Jams on Foxen

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

Alex Foxen checked in the small blind on {5-Clubs}{4-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} and Dominik Nitsche overbet slightly with 12,500 into 11,400 from the button. Foxen dropped in calling chips and checked the {q-Hearts} river. Nitsche thought about 90 seconds and announced all in. Foxen needed only about 30 seconds before mucking.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Dominik Nitsche de
Dominik Nitsche
70,000 -28,000
WSOP 4X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
Alex Foxen us
Alex Foxen
55,800 -12,600
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner

Tags: Alex FoxenDominik Nitsche

Kitai Doubles Through Kean

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

The flop read {3-Spades}{j-Spades}{10-Spades} with 16,000 in the middle already.

Davidi Kitai bet 10,600 from the small blind and Allan Kean, a Platinum Pass Winner through the PSL London Cash Game promotion, called from mid-position.

The turn brought them the {2-Diamonds}, Kitai shoved for his last 29,400 and Kean took a bit of time, cut out calling chips, and then made the call.

Davidi Kitai: {q-Spades}{q-Diamonds}
Allen Kean; {A-Spades}{J-Clubs}

Kean had flopped a pair of jacks and was sitting on the nut-flush draw. Kitai held the overpair and just needed to avoid another jack, ace, or spade.

The river completed the board with the {2-Hearts} for Kitai to double up.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Sam Grafton gb
Sam Grafton
172,000 112,000
Allan Kean gb
Allan Kean
Davidi Kitai be
Davidi Kitai
96,000 40,200
WSOP 3X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
EPT 1X Winner
Roger Teska us
Roger Teska
18,000 -42,000
WPT 1X Winner

Tags: Davidi KitaiAllen Kean

Freitas Makes Gofman Fold

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

Aleksandr Gofman raised to 2,500 from mid-position and was called by Fabio Freitas on the button and Thomas Boivin in the big blind.

They all checked through the {a-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{k-Spades} on the flop to the {q-Spades} on the turn. Boivin check-folded to Gofman's bet of 5,500 and Freitas called.

The river completed the board with the {a-Hearts}, Gofman barreled a bet of 18,500 over the line and Freitas responded with a raise of a stack of 5,000-value chips. The dealer counted them out and determined the raise was worth 45,000 in total. Gofman quickly folded. Freitas looked at each of his hole cards once more, hesitating if he should show, but then just pushed both of them over the line.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Fabio Freitas br
Fabio Freitas
Ryan Olisar us
Ryan Olisar
Thomas Boivin be
Thomas Boivin
Aleksandr Gofman ru
Aleksandr Gofman

Tags: Aleksandr GofmanFabio FreitasThomas Boivin