$10,000,000 Guarantee Main Event

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• Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

After each committing 5,500 before the flop in unknown action, David "ODB" Baker and Christian de Leon saw a flop of {A-Spades}{10-Spades}{6-Diamonds}.

Baker checked the flop and the PokerStars Team Pro continued out for 4,600. Baker called and the board paired with the {6-Clubs} on fourth street. Two checks allowed the {9-Clubs} to complete the board and Baker took this opportunity to shoot out a bet of 4,500. De Leon called but mucked his hand after Baker tabled two jacks - {J-Clubs}{J-Hearts} - for the win.

Baker now has right around 150,000 in chips.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
David "ODB" Baker us
David "ODB" Baker
us 150,000 45,000
Christian de Leon mx
Christian de Leon
mx 60,000 -10,000

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