2019 World Series of Poker

Event #57: $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 2
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2019 World Series of Poker

Resultado Final
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Prize Pool
Informações sobre o nível
60,000 / 120,000

Team De Oliveira Takes Out Team Auner

Nível 11 : 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Team Auner shoved from the early position for 32,300 and so did Team De Oliveira in the cutoff with the bigger stack while the rest of the table folded to let them battle it out.

Team Auner: {a-Clubs}{k-Hearts}
Team De Oliveira: {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}

The board ran out {3-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{9-Spades} for Team De Oliveira to hold and eliminate another opponent.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Jorge De Oliveira - Jose Ferro
Jorge De Oliveira - Jose Ferro
111,700 72,800
Gaelle Baumann - Kevin Noblat
Gaelle Baumann - Kevin Noblat
Wayne Dutch - Patrick Quirk
Wayne Dutch - Patrick Quirk
Benjamin Auner - Dario Nalis
Benjamin Auner - Dario Nalis

Team Hallaert Doubles Up

Nível 11 : 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Team Rasmussen raised to 3,600 from under the gun and action folded to Kenny Hallaert on the button who shoved for 12,700 in total. The blinds folded and Team Rasmussen quickly called with the bigger stack.

Kenny Hallaert: {a-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Team Rasmussen: {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}

The board ran out {7-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{j-Hearts}{7-Spades}{a-Clubs} for Hallaert to hit the river to keep his team in the running.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
James Rasmussen - Christopher Rasmussen - Robert Neal
James Rasmussen - Christopher Rasmussen - Robert Neal
119,000 -3,200
Kenny Hallaert - Steven van Zadelhoff
Kenny Hallaert - Steven van Zadelhoff
29,400 -14,900
Kristofer Kneale - Lawrence Ma - Blaise Hom
Kristofer Kneale - Lawrence Ma - Blaise Hom
Venkata Tayi - Jagannath Tayi
Venkata Tayi - Jagannath Tayi
Dara O'Kearney - Daiva Byrne
Dara O'Kearney - Daiva Byrne

Tags: Kenny Hallaert

Team Bloch Eliminated

Nível 11 : 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Dragos Trofimov raised from under the gun, and when the action folded around to Team Bloch on the button, one member moved all in for around 35,000.

The player in the big blind had a think for 30 seconds but opted to fold, and Trofimov called.

Team Trofimov: {q-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}
Team Bloch: {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

Board: {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{6-Spades}

The queen on the turn was an interesting card as Team Trofimov picked up a set while Team Bloch saw outs to the straight. However, the river bricked for Team Bloch and the members Andy Bloch - David Kluchman - Chris Ferguson was eliminated.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Dragos Trofimov - Mihai Niste - Alexandru Papazian - Florian Duta
Dragos Trofimov - Mihai Niste - Alexandru Papazian - Florian Duta
210,000 86,800
Andy Bloch - David Kluchman - Chris Ferguson
Andy Bloch - David Kluchman - Chris Ferguson
Jason James - Dylan Wilkerson
Jason James - Dylan Wilkerson

Tags: Andy BlochChris FergusonDavid KluchmanDragos Trofimov

Nível: 11

Blinds: 800/1,600

Ante: 1,600

Who Will Make the Money in Event #57: $1,000 Tag Team NLHE?

Martijn Gerrits (in an earlier event)
Martijn Gerrits (in an earlier event)

Welcome back to Day 2 of Event #57: $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em which might be one of the few events which constantly has a huge rail on the sidelines. The tournament prompted 976 teams to sign up and play, 278 of them made it through the hurdles that Day 1 brought them.

When they return at 1 p.m. local time, they will be racing against each other to claim their share of the $878,400 prize pool. Just under half of them will be doing so as 147 teams will be getting paid in this event for at least $1,498 while the winning team will walk away with $168,395.

Leading the relay is Team Jaffee with Jared Jaffee, Ralph Massey, and Aaron Massey with 255,000 chips. They are followed by Team Gerrits (Martijn Gerrits - Preston Lee - Kane Kalas) who bagged 236,100 chips and Team Stillwagon (Skylar Stillwagon – James Browning) with 205,000 in chips.

Other teams to keep an eye on as they bagged and tagged an above average stack include Team Wang (Michael Wang – Dan Zack – Ajay Chabra), Team Hinds (John Hinds – Anthony Zinno), Team Trofimov (Dragos Trofimov – Mihai Niste – Alexandru Papazian – Florian Duta), Team Gera (Nikhil Gera – Craig Chait – Jared Griener – Adam Swan), Team Dunst (Tony Dunst – Ben Yu – Scott Baumstein), Team Koon (Jason Koon – Sosia Jiang), Team Riess (Ryan Riess – Phil Hui), Team Wheeler (Jason Wheeler – Matt Iles), and many more.

Each team consist of at least two players and has four at a maximum, every player has to have played at least a small blind and big blind at one point during the tournament before it’s over. Not everyone has done this yet as some of the teammates could have been playing other events here at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker. Players can tag each other out and in whenever they’re not in an active hand and the payouts will be distributed evenly amongst the teammates once the tournament gets down to the money stage.

When the players return to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, they will continue with Level 11 which features a small blind of 800, big blind of 1,600, and a big blind ante of 1,600. Another ten levels of 60 minutes each are scheduled with a color-up break after Level 14 and 18. The PokerNews live reporting team will be following along all day to bring you all the latest updates from the action on the floor.

Tags: Aaron MasseyAdam SwanAjay ChabraAlexandru PapazianAnthony ZinnoCraig ChaitDan ZackDragos TrofimovFlorian DutaJames BrowningJared GrienerJared JaffeeJason KoonJason WheelerKane KalasMartijn GerritsMatt IlesMichael WangMihai NisteNikhil GeraPhil HuiPreston LeeRalph MasseyRyan RiessScott BaumsteinSkylar StillwagonSosia JiangTony Dunst

Day 2 Seat Draw

RoomTableSeatTeamChip CountBig Blinds
Pavilion1001Yosuke Sekiya - Takashi Ogura118,30074
Pavilion1002Adam Lippert - Kyle Bowker51,50032
Pavilion1003Paul Kehoe - Brenton Assing - David Dean - Eric Moffett78,20049
Pavilion1004Johnny Sanchez - David Cecil - Michael Kennedy13,2008
Pavilion1005Reginald Austin - Naomi Austin - Priscilla Austin31,30020
Pavilion1006Bradley Owen - Andrew Neeme - Derek Gomez33,00021
Pavilion1007James Graham - Stephen White109,40068
Pavilion1008Andrew Brown - Max Elisman - Richard Tuhrim172,500108
Pavilion1009Jason Koon - Sosia Jiang111,20070
Pavilion1011Fernando Gutierrez - Johann Ibanez60,70038
Pavilion1012Sylvain Naets - Bart Lybaert67,80042
Pavilion1013Steven Jones - Zachary Erdwurm67,30042
Pavilion1014Tao Fan - Hui Fang Zhang - Quan Zhou63,70040
Pavilion1015Matthew Boyd - Eric Wasserson - Damien Leforbes - Matthew Gonzales68,30043
Pavilion1016Justin Brown - Eli Loewenthal57,70036
Pavilion1017Jason Wheeler - Matt Iles73,40046
Pavilion1018Andrew Jeong - Dongwon Kim93,90059
Pavilion1019Emmi Juutilainen - Henri Juutilainen - Kasper Mellanen - Linda Lahdenpaa44,50028
Pavilion1021Mihai Manole - Dan Murariu37,30023
Pavilion1022Ken Giberson - Joel Saltos63,40040
Pavilion1023Aladin Reskallah - Yassino El Fouladi53,70034
Pavilion1024Josh Weiss - [Removed:342]126,90079
Pavilion1025Venkata Tayi - Jagannath Tayi5,2003
Pavilion1026Daniel Saralegui - Richard Schenzdavis37,60024
Pavilion1027David Levi - David Levy59,30037
Pavilion1028Jeff Blenkarn - Barry Brown55,80035
Pavilion1029Cuong Tran - Chad Layne53,80034
Pavilion1031Michael Wang - Dan Zack, - Ajay Chabra197,000123
Pavilion1032Aleks Dimitrov - Nikol Nikolaeva - Stoyan Obreshkov170,400107
Pavilion1033Yuliyan Kolev - Michael Lerner - David Shober - Emil Gramatikov21,40013
Pavilion1034Toko Luu - Chung Ho44,40028
Pavilion1035Moshe Gabay - Matan Gabay103,00064
Pavilion1036Trey Robinson - Brady Helpert - Robert Mathieu40,80026
Pavilion1037Anatoly Korochensky - Vitaly Lunkin20,60013
Pavilion1038Warren Sheaves - Bryan Schultz - Vincent Moscati21,00013
Pavilion1039Christopher Curran - Richard Nossek - Michael Nossek48,10030
Pavilion1041Andy Bloch - David Kluchman - Chris Ferguson36,40023
Pavilion1042Shawn Rice - Corey Bradford - Dean Kilmer25,40016
Pavilion1043Phong Nguyen (WA)84,80053
Pavilion1044Lukasz Jankowski - Mateusz Rypulak - Jacek Pustula27,90017
Pavilion1045Dragos Trofimov - Mihai Niste - Alexandru Papazian - Florian Duta123,20077
Pavilion1046Yosef Lider - Moshe Kramer - Mark Mazza - Albert Ng14,4009
Pavilion1047Jason James - Dylan Wilkerson28,30018
Pavilion1048Jeffrey Butler37,20023
Pavilion1049Edward Kershaw - Troy Takasaki - Neil Kershaw59,40037
Pavilion1051Dohyung Kim - Sungsik Eum10,2006
Pavilion1052Skylar Stillwagon - James Browning205,000128
Pavilion1053Akshay Nasa - Sajal Gupta144,80091
Pavilion1054Cheryl Svenson - Antonio Gutierrez115,40072
Pavilion1055Parker Drew - William Drew44,60028
Pavilion1056John Weirich - Eddie Alexander - Jason Yeager64,70040
Pavilion1057Kristofer Kneale - Lawrence Ma - Blaise Hom49,70031
Pavilion1058Jorge Espinoza - Ricardo Martinez - Guillermo Vilchez70,20044
Pavilion1059Young Phan - Qui Nguyen45,80029
Pavilion1061Stefan Fabian - Neculai Macovei124,80078
Pavilion1062Karin Kraemer - Mark Kantor - Lexter Drozario10
Pavilion1063Trevor-Jon Carter - Jerrimie Pacheco26,70017
Pavilion1064Barry Shulman - Allyn Shulman - Jessica Horan45,60029
Pavilion1065Sven Reichardt - Max Kruse77,10048
Pavilion1066Michael Elbilia - Juan Endara43,40027
Pavilion1067Pedro Arroyos - Christian Vaca128,50080
Pavilion1068Carlo Rodriguez - Frank Duque65,70041
Pavilion1069Erick Rodriguez - Walter Rodriguez50,80032
Pavilion1071Dana Muse - Logan Hatch77,60049
Pavilion1072Michael Marder - Daniel Marder48,10030
Pavilion1073Cosmin Joldis - Andrei Moldovan18,50012
Pavilion1074Eric Arreca - Hugo Meija - Evangelina Sevilla - Graciele Meija80,30050
Pavilion1075Jacob Thibodeau - Matthew Jewett17,80011
Pavilion1076Jeremy Atkinson - Darell Dochterman - Adam Perfect20,00013
Pavilion1077Brett Murray - Bobby Poe - Richard Wasinky110,70069
Pavilion1078Erick Vasconcelos - Marcelo Giordano - Marcello Azevedo - Paulo Villena68,30043
Pavilion1079David Petrus - Suzanne Petrus171,700107
Pavilion1081Ryan Dodson - Justin Nagai59,90037
Pavilion1082Jaques Zaicik - Bertrand Grospellier98,80062
Pavilion1083Peter Traply - Zsolt Juhasz72,70045
Pavilion1084Marcel Scherrer - Andre Rauch87,30055
Pavilion1085James Petzing - Robert March45,90029
Pavilion1086Tamas Lendvai - Arman Kilavuz - Gueirgui Gantchev - Michal Manda79,00049
Pavilion1087Marle Cordeiro - Matt Berkey - Christian Soto - Matthew Hunt70,10044
Pavilion1088Gennadiy Dvosis - Jonathan Williams84,80053
Pavilion1089Mel Judah - Marsha Waggoner - Soner Osman - Peter Costa65,00041
Pavilion1092Nicolas Betbese - Leandro Bianchini - Martin Pineiro148,50093
Pavilion1093DID NOT REPORT 189,40056
Pavilion1094David Miklos - Istvan Briski25,80016
Pavilion1095Alexander Kuzmin - Konstantin Puchkov99,90062
Pavilion1096James Farrington - Esther Smith - Carol Harmon35,20022
Pavilion1097Yueqi Zhu - Yake Wu - Xi Yang - Haisheng Ma57,40036
Pavilion1098Anthony Gaglione - Michael Gordon - Parag Segan - Bradford Jensen81,10051
Pavilion1099Steven McNally - Jon Turner - Daniel Eichhorn61,80039
Pavilion1101Justin Knutson - Ethan Brandenburg - Tyler Hancock160,800101
Pavilion1102Dante Magtoto - Christian Nofal - Daniel Onat139,00087
Pavilion1103Anna Antimony - Alex Jim93,20058
Pavilion1104Lynn Lozier - Terik Brown - Kenna James70,40044
Pavilion1105Andrew Hetzler - Scott Hetzler - Thomas Watts - John Hucke67,30042
Pavilion1106Michael Lerner - David Shober - Matthew Stohlman10
Pavilion1107Michael Cohen - Eric Starker - Joseph Starker30,00019
Pavilion1108Gerald Cohen - Drew Friedman59,20037
Pavilion1109Ao Chen - Kenny Nguyen80,00050
Pavilion1111Jason Spector - Phillip Spector22,40014
Pavilion1112Phil Galfond - Farah Galfond - Erik Seidel - Maria Konnikova33,60021
Pavilion1113John Perry - Mai Ha35,20022
Pavilion1114Gary Blackwood - Ranjeet Pawar44,80028
Pavilion1115Joseph Kalisek - Clayton Kalisek - Charles Lineberry71,20045
Pavilion1116Linh Le - David Mzareulov80,50050
Pavilion1117Men Nguyen - Le Banh132,00083
Pavilion1118Maximo Martinez - Orlando Barrera89,20056
Pavilion1119Karen Becker - Krista Gifford50,10031
Pavilion1121William Carlton - George Kalfayan162,600102
Pavilion1122Ryan Riess - Phil Hui93,20058
Pavilion1123Casey Watrous - Jon Michelson57,20036
Pavilion1124Marcelo Delgado - Jonathan Rosa36,30023
Pavilion1125Yueqi Wang - Alan Spotts129,10081
Pavilion1126Andrew Jernigan - Jason Morman69,00043
Pavilion1127Jeffrey Lutes - Eric Garma186,100116
Pavilion1128Kevin Andriamahefa - He Ming Huang - Alexander Ziskin65,80041
Pavilion1129Loic Bovey - Jonathan Markus - Pierre Vo - Raphael Kull53,60034
Pavilion1131Joon Park - Thi Ngo93,90059
Pavilion1132Paul Avezzie - Christopher Sutton - Gregory Hall148,10093
Pavilion1133Faisal Al Qutub - Michael Noor90,40057
Pavilion1134Louis Sunshine - David Fedorko28,30018
Pavilion1135Frank Kunz - Richard Giacomo119,60075
Pavilion1136Martijn Gerrits - Preston Lee - Kane Kalas236,100148
Pavilion1137Julien Sitbon - [Removed:393]57,60036
Pavilion1138Matthew Wantman - Sam Taylor62,30039
Pavilion1139Lance Cusumano - Timothy Hart105,60066
Pavilion1141Antonio Gutierrez - Hien Tran - Justin Tran - Quan Tran37,70024
Pavilion1142Romain Nussmann - Julien Stropoli149,70094
Pavilion1143Ryan Leng - Lisa Leng - Nikki Grandt - Ilana Grandt105,60066
Pavilion1144Julio Belluscio - Andres Korn68,60043
Pavilion1145Kao Saetern - Maxwell Young98,80062
Pavilion1146Mac Verstandig - Molly Mossey26,50017
Pavilion1147Alex Whitenstall30,40019
Pavilion1148Harry Lodge - Leo Worthington-Leese - Andy Wilson - Brandon Sheils32,30020
Pavilion1149Wojciech Barzantny - Javier Korhasanoglu - Christopher Ahrens33,20021
Pavilion1151Jimmy D'Ambrosio - Jan Lakota - Andrei Spitsyn56,40035
Pavilion1153Keith Brennan - Alex Kulev145,40091
Pavilion1154Thomas Newman - Gregory Thompson85,00053
Pavilion1155Mikhail Semin - Valeria Kobakhidze - Arsenii Karmatckii66,90042
Pavilion1156Lisa Kincaid - Paul Nickens50,30031
Pavilion1157Onur Unsal - Murat Kilic44,00028
Pavilion1158Xiaoqiong Liu - Stephen Song - Adam Hendrix - Brock Wilson32,20020
Pavilion1159John Harth - David Harth155,70097
Pavilion1161Jerod Smith - Matthew Moreno - Lawrence Chan88,80056
Pavilion1162Martin Zamani - Adam Bord48,10030
Pavilion1163Fraser MacIntyre - Barny Boatman - Ross Boatman - Yiannis Liperis67,60042
Pavilion1164Kota Nakano - Takami Kunishima - Tetsuya Tsuchikawa - Jun Saito35,80022
Pavilion1165Morris Bonazza - Antonio Barbato61,10038
Pavilion1166Dean Schultz - Richard Sharpe13,6009
Pavilion1167Maxime Chillaud - Matthieu Rodriguez24,80016
Pavilion1168Linda Anderson - Tuan Mai - Joon Kim95,70060
Pavilion1169Mark Ioli - Daniel Trett10
Pavilion1171Marshall White - Irene Carey - Denise Pratt78,00049
Pavilion1173Richard Washinsky - Fabio Coppola80,90051
Pavilion1174Gregory Sanchez - Joseph Deluca - Mikiyo Aoki159,400100
Pavilion1175Aaron Soulliere - Eric Longpre181,800114
Pavilion1176Yah Loon Lim - Bao Qiang Ho23,00014
Pavilion1177Thomas Merighi - Matthew Walko - Emedio Bassetti47,70030
Pavilion1178Elliott Peterman - Daniel Kent160,000100
Pavilion1179Joshua Abady - Jacob Miller48,70030
Pavilion1181Gregory Caubet - Yoann Casanovas - Olivier Decamps - Alexandre Castells74,60047
Pavilion1182Kenneth Buck - Gregory Mahoney - Deanna Buck83,20052
Pavilion1183Filipe Goncalves - Giovani Torre25,80016
Pavilion1184Anthony Golodner - Jonathan Kramer - Michel Azzaro - Christopher Leong75,50047
Pavilion1185Yoav Amit - Omri Shaked34,90022
Pavilion1186Lyndon Webster - Natalia Rozova39,80025
Pavilion1187Chris Wright - Ronald Wright30,60019
Pavilion1189Michael Stabnick - Rodney Grifka - Anna Kelly - Brian Kelly75,70047
Pavilion1191Silvio Costa - Renato Ribeiro - Pedro Renca Da Cruz78,20049
Pavilion1192Wayne Dutch - Patrick Quirk31,80020
Pavilion1193Michele Guerrini - Marco Bognanni - Luigi Shehadeh146,80092
Pavilion1194Timothy Jurkiewicz - Zachary Gruneberg134,20084
Pavilion1195Collin Mcavoy - James Dunnam - Bradley Svoboda89,80056
Pavilion1196Jorge De Oliveira - Jose Ferro38,90024
Pavilion1197Jun Zhou - Zhe Li - Xilian Liu19,20012
Pavilion1199Gaelle Baumann - Kevin Noblat17,20011
Pavilion1201Domenico Gala - Potito Martire64,90041
Pavilion1202Kiryl Radzivonau - Anatolii Zyrin - Beka Iordanishvili135,00084
Pavilion1203Kellina Sanders - Jodie Sanders92,10058
Pavilion1204Erika Weinstein - Michael Wasserman37,40023
Pavilion1205Christoph Felber - Ralph Seewald54,60034
Pavilion1206Jacqueline Burkhart - George Wolff - Angela Jordison - Mason Barrell62,00039
Pavilion1207Aaron Weeks - Richard Kaufmann - Judson Tigerman - Jason Balaban33,50021
Pavilion1208Cathal Shine - Andy Black68,40043
Pavilion1209Leigh Nothrop - Donna Moore - Scott Hicks61,50038
Pavilion1211Flaminio Malaguti - Walter Treccarichi - Dario Sammartino - Federico Anselmi62,20039
Pavilion1212Nicholas Sayer - Evan Sayer27,30017
Pavilion1213Boris Shusterman - Michael Crane59,20037
Pavilion1215Gary Hart - Vincent Lepore81,30051
Pavilion1216Kimberly Moore - Jennifer Kersey22,70014
Pavilion1217Wenhao Ying - Nan Li - Yicheng Xu74,80047
Pavilion1218Ann Rees - Blaine Rees119,40075
Pavilion1219Sam Cosby - Mario Hofler70,40044
Pavilion1222Harold Lilie - Stephen Zolotow26,70017
Pavilion1223Robin Conte - Sven Rixen17,90011
Pavilion1224Joseph Dicken - Bradley Rhodes - Elliott Kampen - Aaron Steury113,70071
Pavilion1225Jose Canseco - Donya Monroe - Evan Trinh86,90054
Pavilion1226Tuan Le - Thanh Tran106,10066
Pavilion1227Andre Clarke - Hayden Liotta22,80014
Pavilion1228Phillip Echalar - Ty Wilding - David Bualat28,30018
Pavilion1229Mateus Pimenta - Rafael Caiaffa - Joao Simao124,60078
Pavilion1231Baptiste Chavaillaz - Ming Zhu21,30013
Pavilion1232Sam Jaddi - Robert Tannenbaum47,60030
Pavilion1233Chris Jenkins - Michael Lasorte23,40015
Pavilion1234Jordan Cristos - Jeffrey Cristos - Catherine Cristos82,90052
Pavilion1235Gerald Ranger - Rainer Kempe69,90044
Pavilion1236James Piccolo - Jared Strauss133,60084
Pavilion1237Scott Schiesser - Melissa Lancour25,10016
Pavilion1238Robert Peacock - Casey Coughlan - David Ormsby67,30042
Pavilion1239Doug Polk - Kaitlin Karges - Bryce Daifuku - Chris Digirolamo54,30034
Pavilion1241Jared Jaffee - Ralph Massey - Aaron Massey255,000159
Pavilion1242Douglas Holcomb - Andre Luster10
Pavilion1243Michael O'Grady - Diego Cordovez - Jeff Shulman97,20061
Pavilion1244Viliyan Petleshkov - Boryana Simeonova53,50033
Pavilion1245Quinn Bruno - Brett Maistri - Michael Vo23,00014
Pavilion1246John Green - Larissa Plotsky -Jake Abdalla50,60032
Pavilion1248Michael Katz - Shannon Shorr - Ryan Buchardt50,70032
Pavilion1249Timothy Ulrich - Garrett Crites50,90032
Pavilion1251Maciej Kaminski - Dzmitry Urbanovich22,90014
Pavilion1252Nathan Estle - Mark Thompson - Robert Monday45,50028
Pavilion1253Chahn Jung - Danny Wong - Steve Sung - Aaron Motoyama140,00088
Pavilion1254Dimitar Danchev - Ivan Uzunov65,30041
Pavilion1255Dang Phung - Robert Sanz75,10047
Pavilion1256Shawn Coomer - Clayton Schmeisser52,40033
Pavilion1257Paul Hudspeth - Randall Morris63,90040
Pavilion1258Kaitlyn Faaland - Carlos Figuero17,10011
Pavilion1261Marvin Rettenmaier - Niels Herregodts34,40022
Pavilion1262Christopher Frank - Melissa Wang43,40027
Pavilion1263Kazuki Ikeuchi - Naoya Hikara Tamon Nakamura56,20035
Pavilion1264Ohad Gieger - Daniel Dayan10
Pavilion1265William Blais - Ian Modder63,10039
Pavilion1266Ian Schechter - Todd Lepow30,60019
Pavilion1267Gregory Wallow - Adam Bondy23,00014
Pavilion1269Jason Nablo - Blake Napierala33,70021
Pavilion1271Richard Marquez - Santos Marquez - Chris Gomez121,40076
Pavilion1272John Hinds - Anthony Zinno141,80089
Pavilion1273Tony Dunst - Ben Yu - Scott Baumstein120,40075
Pavilion1274Scott Dortch - Arash Ghaneian - Alan Weisman26,70017
Pavilion1275Daria Feshchenko - Manig Loeser - Aylar Lie52,00033
Pavilion1276Kevin MacPhee - Dhaval Mudgal - Abhinav Iyer - Siddarth Karia125,10078
Pavilion1277Kyle Carson - Andrew Moser96,00060
Pavilion1278Dominykas Mikolaitis - Michael Lech108,40068
Pavilion1279Thu Tran - Luther Tran - Dustin Stewart115,00072
Pavilion1281Kyle Miholich - Jeff Madsen - Michael Cribier46,20029
Pavilion1282Nataliya Iakovleva - Ekaterina Iakovleva - Sergei Nikiforov - Roman Shaposhnikov64,80041
Pavilion1283James Rasmussen - Christopher Rasmussen - Robert Neal122,20076
Pavilion1284Nikhil Gera - Craig Chait - Jared Griener - Adam Swan121,70076
Pavilion1285David Larson - Ross Ward150,70094
Pavilion1286Aditya Agarwal - Madhav Gupta - Kartik Ved12,5008
Pavilion1287James George - Jonathan Walker154,60097
Pavilion1288Brian Valentine - Alberto Calderon95,20060
Pavilion1289Kenny Hallaert - Steven van Zadelhoff44,30028
Pavilion1291Felipe Ramos - Natalie Hof64,70040
Pavilion1292Stephen Nussrallah - Scott Dobbs30,60019
Pavilion1293Duy Tran - Jeffrey Bryant25,50016
Pavilion1294Nelson Bernal - Brendan Terrana30,90019
Pavilion1295Daniel Young - Michael Hatfield114,00071
Pavilion1296Bryce Yockey - Avi Kraiem - Joshua Gottesman45,50028
Pavilion1297Matthias Hofling - Perica Josic65,40041
Pavilion1298Jesse Sylvia - Ashley Sleeth - Jennifer Miller - Ricardo Alvarado46,50029
Pavilion1299Calin Trif - Radu Bindean112,70070
Pavilion1301Thomas Cabot - Shane Doyle34,10021
Pavilion1302Regino Lopez - Reymundo Moreno32,70020
Pavilion1303Dara O'Kearney - Daiva Byrne27,30017
Pavilion1304Benjamin Auner - Dario Nalis28,80018
Pavilion1305Christopher Staats - Takao Shimizu26,50017
Pavilion1306Steven McCartney - Moshe Rosenfeld25,40016
Pavilion1307Paul Dhaliwal - Harsukhpaul Sangha - Shane Foulds100,70063
Pavilion1308Timothy Smith - Dallas Johnson30,20019
Pavilion1309James Battaglia - Anthony Guerrera - Kathryn Kelly - Nader Isahac39,50025
Pavilion1311Shaotong Chang - Jie Xu165,700104
Pavilion1312Matthew James - John Romero - Kenneth Lewis39,10024
Pavilion1313Michael Schultz - John Thompson151,60095
Pavilion1314Ryan Depaulo - Joseph Straub - Thomas McLaughlin77,60049
Pavilion1315Larry Vincent - Carl Landrum42,20026
Pavilion1316Blake Carriere - James McAbee - Daryl Ellis - Dylan Ellis31,40020
Pavilion1317Luis Pinho - Joao Rodrigues105,20066
Pavilion1318Eduard Sansosti - Robert Wido - Matthew Litt93,90059
Pavilion1319Michael Sortino15,50010

Event #57: $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em

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