Event #7: $1,500 Seven-Card Razz

First Blood to Forrest

• Nível 19: 6,000-12,000, 1,500 ante

In the first hand of the final table, Kevin Iacofano brought it in with a {K-} and David Bach just called with an {A-}. Ted Forrest then completed with a {5-}, Iacofano folded, and Bach called. Forrest proceeded to bet on both fourth and fifth streets, Bach called, and then the "Gunslinger" took the lead on sixth.

Bach check-called a bet and then did the same on seventh.

Bach: (x-x) / {9-}{a-}{k-}{a-} / {x-}
Forrest: {5-}{4-}{9-}{9-} / {2-}{7-}{8-}

Forrest had made an 8-7-5-4-2 low on the river, and it was good as Bach sent his cards to the muck.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
David Bach us
David Bach
us 250,000 -40,500
Ted Forrest us
Ted Forrest
us 230,000 59,000

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