Event #32: $10,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Spinella Eliminated

[user68268] • Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

After getting bluffed out of a big pot where he later claimed he folded a full house, Anthony Spinella has been eliminated at the hands of Brock Parker.

After a raise to 2,500, Spinella moved all in. Parker reraised all in from one of the blinds, and the original raiser folded. Spinella held {K-}{J-}, and Parker had {10-}{10-}.

The flop, turn, and river ran out {Q-}{J-}{8-}{7-}{9-}, and Parker made a straight to bust Spinella.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Brock Parker us
Brock Parker
us 52,000 19,000
Anthony Spinella us
Anthony Spinella
us Eliminado

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