Event #1: $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em

Pitt Back to Starting Stack

• Nível 2: 50-100, 0 ante
Matthew Pitt

Matthew Pitt lost a few chips when an early position raiser made it 250 and he called with {2-}{2-}. The flop was {j-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} and both players checked. The turn was the {5-Hearts} and Pitt called a bet of 350.

He told us that he was planning to shove a diamond river card but when the {3-Diamonds} fell his opponent sighed and bet 900. Thinking better of it, Pitt folded and when he asked his opponent if he would have called the shove he answered that it would have been a difficult decision.

Pitt didn’t quite hold on until the break before he needed to visit the restroom, though, and confirmed that he had indeed needed to empty his bladder. “Couldn’t take the excitement,” he explained.

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Matthew Pitt
Matthew Pitt

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