Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Lacay's Raise Goes Wrong

Ludovic Lacay from Day 1 of the Main Event

After a raise to 1,100 from the player in the 9 seat, Thomas Butzhammer called as did Damien Lhommeau. Action folded to Ludovic Lacay who put in a raise to 4,000 from the big blind . The original raiser folded while Butzhammer called. Lhommeau also folded, leading to heads-up action between Lacay and Butzhammer.

The flop came down {K-Diamonds}{3-Spades}{9-Diamonds} and Lacay led with a bet 5,000. Butzhammer called. On the {Q-Spades} turn, Lacay checked to Butzhammer who bet 3,800. Lacay called. The river was the {7-Spades} and both players checked.

"Nine," Lacay said without showing his hand. Butzhammer turned up {10-Spades}{10-Clubs} though, and that was good enough to take down the pot. Lacay was left with just about 10,000 chips after the hand.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Ludovic Lacay fr
Ludovic Lacay
fr 10,200 -17,525