2015 Super High Roller Series

Super High Roller Cash Game
Dias: 2

Kirk Salty; Opts for Second PLO Flip Against Robl

Matthew Kirk
Matthew Kirk

After being bluffed by Andrew Robl, Matthew Kirk was vocally salty.

"How could you do that?" he asked. Kirk, who stated he didn't want to come back to the game after dinner, was apparently upset that Robl had talked him into it and then had the gall to bluff him like he did.

Robl offered him the chance to do another pot-limit Omaha flip for his stack, and Kirk accepted for his last $90,000 or so.

Each player was dealt four cards facedown, and then the dealer put out the {8-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{5-Diamonds} flop and {3-Diamonds} turn before Scott Seiver instructed her to put the river facedown. Kirk and Robl then began to peel their hands. While we didn't get a good look at their cards, we do know neither player made much. Heading into the river, all Kirk had was a pair of threes, which was good as Robl held what appeared to be {k-}{q-}{j-}{6-}.

Robl could win it with a lot of cards, and the {6-Hearts} river was one of them. Kirk quickly collected his bag and made a beeline for the exit, which prompted a short break in the cash game action.