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What Does Johnny Lodden Think?

Image c/o Twitch
Image c/o Twitch

The players at the table have opted to play a game of "What Johnny Lodden Thinks?"

Scott Seiver instigated the game, which saw David "Doc" Sands be the brain, meaning he had to think of a number to a predetermined question. That question, asked by Seiver, was: "How much does David Sands think Doug Polk would need to be paid to shave his head daily for a year?"

Remember, in this game it doesn't matter what the actual number is; in fact, Polk's answer is irrelevant. All that matters is what Sands (the Johnny Lodden in this scenario) thinks the number would be. Daniel Colman and Matthew Kirk made a side bet — how much we're not quite sure — and once Sands locked in his number the bidding began.

The rules of the bidding are simple: a player can either say a bigger number than the previous bid or "buy" the under. They're never allowed to take the over.

Colman kicked off the bidding with $25,000, and Kirk immediately countered with $75,000. Colman offered $125,000, and Kirk countered with $130,000. From there it jumped from $140K-$145K-$150K-$155K-$170L-$175K-$180K-$185K-$200K-$205K.

Colman opted to buy the under, meaning if the number Sands locked in was less than that, he would win the bet. If it was more, then Kirk would win.

Sands number was... $40K.

"Have you ever seen my hair?" a flabbergasted Polk asked. Similarly, other players seemed shocked at Sands' low number.

The game then prompted some players to guess, and bet, what the real number was. Kirk even went so far as to offer Polk $150,000 cold-hard cash to actually do it. Polk declined, citing that he currently loves his life (and hair), and was already financially secure.

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