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2018 PokerStars EPT Prague

€25,000 Single-Day High Roller II
Dias: 1
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2018 PokerStars EPT Prague

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10,000 / 25,000

€25,000 Single-Day High Roller II

Dia 1 Iniciado

Round Two: The Second €25,000 Single-DayHigh Roller Kicks off at 12:30

Thomas Boivin won the first €25,000 SDHR
Thomas Boivin won the first €25,000 SDHR

The second Single-Day High Roller with a buy-in of €25,000 is on the schedule today. Just a couple of days ago, Thomas Boivin beat Steve O'Dwyer heads up to take home the €375,520 ($426,389) first-place prize and trophy in the first SDHR, now everyone gets another chance.

PokerNews will once again be your one-stop shop for updates. Play gets underway at 12:30 and players start with 100,000 in chips with a first blind level of 500 and 1,000 with a 1,000 big blind ante. Levels take 30 minutes, with reentries possible until Level 9.

The 30-second shot clock will be implemented from the start of the event, and each player will receive six time bank cards of thirty seconds each at the start of play. At the final table, each player will receive an additional three time bank cards.

Here's what the structure looks like:

LevelBlindsSmall BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante
130 min5001,0001,000
230 min5001,0001,000
330 min1,0001,5001,500
430 min1,0002,0002,000
Break 20 min    
530 min1,0002,5002,500
630 min1,5003,0003,000
730 min2,0004,0004,000
830 min2,5005,0005,000
Break 20 min    
930 min3,0006,0006,000
1030 min4,0008,0008,000
1130 min5,00010,00010,000
1230 min6,00012,00012,000
Break 20 min    
1330 min8,00016,00016,000
1430 min10,00020,00020,000
1530 min10,00025,00025,000
1630 min15,00030,00030,000
Dinner Break 75 min    
1730 min20,00040,00040,000
1830 min25,00050,00050,000
1930 min30,00060,00060,000
2030 min40,00080,00080,000
Break 20 min    
2130 min50,000100,000100,000
2230 min60,000120,000120,000
2330 min80,000160,000160,000
2430 min100,000200,000200,000
Break 20 min    
2530 min125,000250,000250,000
2630 min150,000300,000300,000
2730 min200,000400,000400,000
2830 min250,000500,000500,000
2930 min300,000600,000600,000
3030 min400,000800,000800,000

Tags: Steve O'DwyerThomas Boivin

Nível: 1

Blinds: 500/1,000

Ante: 1,000

Reixach With the Check-Raise

Nível 1 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

Sergi Reixach opened for 2,500 under the gun and Jean-Noel Thorel called in the hijack. Reixach continued for 4,500 on {J-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{10-Spades} and Thorel called right away. The {J-Diamonds} on the turn paired the board and Reixach checked. Thorel opted to bet 6,500 but folded to Reixach's check-raise to 20,000.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Sergi Reixach es
Sergi Reixach
110,000 10,000
Jean-Noel Thorel fr
Jean-Noel Thorel
90,000 -10,000

Tags: Sergi ReixachJean-Noel Thorel

Checked Through

Nível 1 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

You don't often see four-way pots in these high roller events, and you certainly don't see them all check through an entire board ofc cards. With play still a bit slow in these early levels, this ws an outlier we report on, even though nothing really happened.

Sergi Reixach opened for 2,500 and Jean-Noel Thorel (cutoff), Charlie Carrel (small blind), and Lucas Reeves (big blind) all called. They checked the entire board of {6-Clubs}{3-Spades}{7-Diamonds} {Q-Diamonds} {5-Spades} and Carrel took it down with {A-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} for a pair of sixes, all other three players mucked.

Tags: Charlie CarrelLucas ReevesSergi ReixachJean-Noel Thorel

Backdoor Flush

Nível 1 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

Orpen Kisacikoglu opened the hijack for 2,500 and Tsugunari Toma called from the big blind. The flop of {10-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{3-Hearts} was checked by both after which Toma took the betting lead on the {2-Diamonds} turn with a bet of 4,000. Kisacikoglu called and called Toma's 9,000 river bet on the {6-Diamonds} as well. Kisacikoglu mucked when Toma showed {K-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} for the backdoor flush.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Tsugunari Toma jp
Tsugunari Toma
150,000 50,000
Orpen Kisacikoglu tr
Orpen Kisacikoglu
82,000 -18,000

Tags: Orpen KisacikogluTsugunari Toma

Two-Table Affair

Nível 1 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante

With the registering of Benjamin Pollak and Christopher Soyza, this event is now a two-table tournament. There has been a redraw and play is about to get back underway with now two tables in play and 10 players total registered.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Benjamin Pollak fr
Benjamin Pollak
Michael Soyza my
Michael Soyza