€5,300 Main Event

Late Level Dynamics

• Nível 7: 250-500, 50 ante

There are lots of interesting dynamics now we are down to the last two levels of the night. Some players will have been playing at the same table as each other all day and some will have table breaks where they have pitched into a new situation. Many of the most obvious strategy changes are how different stack sizes are exploiting the approaching end of day as this hand illustrates.

Yordan Georgiev had a stack of 15,000 and opened on the button for 600. In the small blind was Yaki Hevron who had him covered and raised to 3,250. The big blind, PokerStars player Lasell Marvio King, had them both covered and cold four-bet to 7,600. He got two folds and showed the table the {4-Clubs}