2016 Aussie Millions

Event #1: $1,150 No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 1d
Event Info

2016 Aussie Millions

Resultado Final
Mão Vencedora
275,300 AUD
Event Info
1,025 AUD
Prize Pool
1,353,000 AUD
Informações sobre o nível
80,000 / 160,000

Stevens Shoves into Shorty

Nível 9 : 500/1,000, 100 ante

Terence Stevens opened to 3,100 from early position and all opponents, including Kevin Blackwood on the button, folded - Almost all. The player in the big blind was curious enough to call, and then check the {4-Hearts}{10-Spades}{8-Diamonds} flop. Stevens glanced over at the stack of his opponent, which amounted to roughly 15 big blinds, and then moved all in.

"I guess I am supposed to get it in preflop," the short stack said, folding and claiming pocket nines.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Kevin Blackwood au
Kevin Blackwood
95,000 15,000
Terence Stevens au
Terence Stevens
62,000 62,000

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Farrell Chips Up

Nível 9 : 500/1,000, 100 ante

Niall Farrell joined the small blind in defending his big blind against an early position raise.

The flop fell {a-}{10-}{7-} with two diamonds and Farrell joined the small blind again, checking. The original raiser made it 3,000, the small blind shipped it in for 25,000 and Farrell called. The original raiser released and the small blind showed {a-}{j-}.

Farrell had {a-}{10-} and two pair held after a turn that gave the small blind a straight draw and a brick on the river.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Niall Farrell gb
Niall Farrell
74,000 74,000
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
EPT 1X Winner

Liu Doubles Through Park

Nível 9 : 500/1,000, 100 ante

Jun Young Park raised to 2,200 and called the three-bet of Xuan Liu from one seat over for 5,100. The Korean then fired the {9-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} flop for 4,800 and called the shove of Liu for 16,800 with the {K-Clubs}{Q-Clubs} for a flush draw.

Liu was ahead with the {A-Diamonds}{A-Hearts} and no further club showed up, instead the board completed with the {5-Spades} turn and {2-Diamonds} river to give the Canadian a straight.

The table broke straight after and there are just nine tables remaining in the Exhibition Hall.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Xuan Liu ca
Xuan Liu
45,000 25,000
Jun Young Park kr
Jun Young Park
40,000 -20,000

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Mooney Felted

Nível 9 : 500/1,000, 100 ante

John Thomson already had a bigger stack and just added the remainder of Geoffrey Mooney's chips to it as well. Thomson had raised and was flat-called by Mooney to see a flop of {A-}{10-}{8-} with two clubs. Thomson continued and then called the shove of the fellow Aussie with {A-}{Q-}, Mooney only had {A-}{6-}.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
John Thomson au
John Thomson
Geoffrey Mooney au
Geoffrey Mooney

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Fish Knocks Out Two Shorties

Nível 9 : 500/1,000, 100 ante

First Darryll Fish looked up a short stack for 6,000 with {A-}{Q-} versus {K-}{Q-} and won, the same then happened again for 3,500 with {A-}{10-} versus {K-}{J-}. With those two eliminations, the American has almost doubled up the stack and moved up to more than average.

At the same table, Jesse Sylvia is trying the same but his all in move was not rewarded with a call.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Darryll Fish us
Darryll Fish
27,400 11,400
WPT 1X Winner
Jesse Sylvia us
Jesse Sylvia
12,500 2,500
WPT 1X Winner

Tags: Darryll FishJesse Sylvia

Liu Shoves; Park Busts One

Nível 9 : 500/1,000, 100 ante

Jun Young Park opened and then folded to the shove of table neighbor Xuan Liu. One hand later, the Korean flat-called the all in of a short stack for 1,900 and the player in the big blind called as well. On the flop {A-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}, Park bet 3,100 and that isolated successfully.

The short stack held {4-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}, Park the {7-Clubs}{7-Spades} for a set. Neither the {Q-Hearts} turn nor the {10-Spades} river changed anything and Park claimed the pot to boost his already impressive stack.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Jun Young Park kr
Jun Young Park
Xuan Liu ca
Xuan Liu
20,000 6,500

Tags: Xuan LiuJun Young Park

Nível: 9

Blinds: 500/1,000

Ante: 100

The Money Matters

Nível 8 : 400/800, 100 ante

With registration now closed for this fourth and final flight, the numbers are in.

Today's flight drew a whopping 617 players, bringing the Event #1 total up to 1,320 entries. With that, a $1,353,000 AUD prize pool was created that will pay out 126 spots.

A minimum cash is worth $2,975 and the winner will earn $275,300, an exclusive LK Boutique Aussie Millions Championship ring and Australian poker immortality.

Check the Payouts Tab above to see how all the money will be chopped up.

Marcus Stacked

Nível 8 : 400/800, 100 ante

Van Marcus, Australian Poker Hall of Fame member, may very well become the first player on six digits in Flight 4. A few minutes ago he raised to 1,500 with pocket sixes and found two callers, heading to a flop of {Q-}{9-}{6-}. Marcus fired 3,000 and was raised to 7,000 before pushing all in. The opponent called for another 7,000 on top with {A-}{Q-} but stood no chance against Van's bottom set.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Van Marcus au
Van Marcus
85,000 29,000

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