Why is 50 Cent is Going OFF On Randall Emmett on Instagram?!

Who is Randall Emmett? If you follow high stakes poker tournaments and high stakes cash games, you may know. Or maybe you watch Vanderpump Rules? Neither? Well, watch to learn about POKER PLAYER Randall Emmett. Over the weekend, 50 Cent released a series of angry Instagram posts directed at Emmett. 50 Cent has over 23 million followers! What has 50 Cent been saying? Is the feud with Emmett over? Has the feud with Emmett just begun? While we don't know the instigating incident (50 Cent alleges Emmett and his fiancee LaLa Kent have been taking behind 50 Cent's back to Us Weekly) we do know that things have escalated VERY quickly.
Watch to catch up on the almost unbelievable exchanges between rapper 50 cent and Randall Emmett.
NOTE: Power is on Starz NOT on Showtime

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