So THAT Happened: Allen Cunningham Attacks Aaron Massey

It's time for another edition of So THAT Happened where Sasha Salinger breaks down all the controversy, gossip, and debates of the poker world. This week, Aaron Massey attacks the World Series of Poker demanding they only congratulate the winners of their tournaments. Matt Berkey politely disagrees, while longtime professional poker player Allen Cunningham less than politely disagrees. Who knew Allan Cunningham used such foul language???
Next up, to poker vlog or not to poker vlog? Should vloggers be allowed to film at the poker table? One of the biggest legends in poker says "no" while Andrew Neeme, one of the biggest YouTube poker vloggers, says "yes!"
What do you think? Should vloggers be allowed to film at the table of a tournament? At a friendly cash game? Should there be rules? Comment below!

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