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Dias: 3

Gershon Distenfeld (3,475,000 -- 23 BBs)

Gershon Distenfeld
Gershon Distenfeld

If neutral observers are looking for someone to root on for the 2020 WSOP Main Event final table, they have an easy option in Gershon Distenfeld. Thats because the 44-year-old has pledged to donate 100% of winnings (minus any taxes) to charities of his family's choice.

A professional in the finance space, Distenfeld said he simply plays poker for the challenge and competition. He has not yet had any big scores to use for his donations, with only about $10K in live winnings according to HendobMob, but the WSOP Main Event final table brings a tremendous opportunity since he's already guaranteed almost six figures.

“The charities I have chosen thus far encompass many of my and my wife Aviva’s personal areas of interest which include organizations with proven track records in helping those less fortunate and more vulnerable improve their lives," he said.

Here's a partial list of the charities Distenfeld will be benefiting:

  • Minds Matter – Helping driven, low-income students succeed in college, create their future and change the world.
  • NCSY Relief Missions – Harnessing teen volunteers to address disaster relief and food insecurity. I named this program after my parents of blessed memory.
  • Yachad - Dedicated to enhancing the life opportunities of Jewish individuals with developmental disabilities or other learning challenges.
  • Project S.A.R.A.H. (Stop Abusive Relationships At Home) - working to overcome cultural, legal and religious barriers confronting victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

“Each of the above will receive 1/8 of the total amount I win," he said. "This would range from approximately $10K for each charity listed above if I am eliminated in ninth to as much as $285K each if I win the bracelet.”

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