2020 GGPoker WSOP Online Bracelet Events

Event #47: $1,000 Short Deck No Limit Hold'em
Dias: 1

Andrei "iosif stalin" Konopelko Eliminated in 4th Place ($32,373)

Nível 25 : 0-0, 550,000 ante

Michelle "hu4trollzz" Shah open-jammed from the cutoff more than enough to cover the less than 20 million Andrei "iosif stalin" Konopelko had on the button and got a call.

Andrei "iosif stalin" Konopelko: {a-Spades}{q-Clubs}
Michelle "hu4trollzz" Shah: {k-Diamonds}{q-Spades}

It was looking good for Konopelko to double but luck wasn't on his side. The {10-Spades}{6-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{j-Clubs}{7-Hearts} ran out on the board to give Shah a straight and to send Konopelko to the rail in fourth place for $32,373.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Michelle "hu4trollzz" Shah us
Michelle "hu4trollzz" Shah
60,052,000 23,235,000
Paul Teoh my
Paul Teoh
48,670,000 6,711,000
Michael Watson ca
Michael Watson
36,365,000 -2,211,000
Andrei "iosif stalin" Konopelko by
Andrei "iosif stalin" Konopelko