2019 World Series of Poker

Event #72: $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship
Dias: 2

James Obst Eliminated in 16th Place ($15,128)

Nível 17 : 15,000-30,000, 0 ante
James Obst
James Obst

James Obst Raised and called a three-bet from Eli Elzra situated on the button.

The flop fell {9-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{3-Hearts} and Obst check-raised Elezra's bet. The latter reraised, putting Obst at risk for his tournament, and Obst called.

James Obst: {q-Spades}{q-Diamonds}
Eli Elezra: {a-Clubs}{a-Diamonds}

Obst was in desperate shape for a double up, and busted after the {6-Spades} and the {6-Clubs} completed the board.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Eli Elezra il
Eli Elezra
215,000 80,000
WSOP 5X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer
James Obst au
James Obst
WSOP 1X Winner

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