2019 World Series of Poker

Event #37: $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack
Dias: 3

Christopher Csik Eliminated in 11th Place ($19,601)

Nível 34 : 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante
Christopher Csik
Christopher Csik

Christopher Csik raised it up and saw everyone fold to Robert Mitchell in the big blind. Mitchell three-bet shoved all in and Csik called it off for around 8 million to create the biggest pot of the tournament thus far.

Christopher Csik: {j-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}
Robert Mitchell: {a-Clubs}{k-Spades}

Csik won a big coin flip against Phil Ivey late on Day 2, but in an even bigger flip he'd come up short. It was the ace that came for Mitchell on {a-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}, improving his hand to the winner and leaving Csik with nothing more than an 11th place finish.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Robert Mitchell us
Robert Mitchell
25,000,000 6,650,000
Christopher Csik us
Christopher Csik

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