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2019 World Series of Poker

Event #17: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout
Dias: 2
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2019 World Series of Poker

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Prize Pool
Informações sobre o nível
200,000 / 400,000

A Few More Recent Eliminations

Nível 20 : 3,000/5,000, 5,000 ante

All the following players may be out of the event, but each of them has earned $5,279 for making it so far.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Alexander Villa ca
Alexander Villa
Brandon Sheils gb
Brandon Sheils
Arish Nat us
Arish Nat
Jeffrey Griffiths us
Jeffrey Griffiths
David Guay ca
David Guay
WSOP 1X Winner
Christopher Farmer us
Christopher Farmer
Eric Bunch us
Eric Bunch
Jay Weil us
Jay Weil
Roger Tung us
Roger Tung

Nível: 20

Blinds: 3,000/5,000

Ante: 5,000

Battle of the Blinds

Nível 19 : 2,000/4,000, 4,000 ante

The flop was {2-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{k-Diamonds} and Charles Furey bet 7,000 from the small blind. Ivan Zhechev made the call from the big blind.

The turn was the {7-Spades} Furey checked and Zhechev bet 10,000. Furey checked raised to 25,000 and Zhechev made the call.

The river was the {k-Spades} and Furey bet 38,000 and Zhechev made the call.

Furey: {5-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}
Zhechev: {7-Hearts}{4-Spades}

The pair of sevens for Zhechev took down the pot and he now sits with 325,000 in chips.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Ivan Zhechev bg
Ivan Zhechev
325,000 104,000
Charles Furey us
Charles Furey
190,000 -34,000

Tags: Charles FureyIvan Zhechev

Song Busts Severin

Nível 19 : 2,000/4,000, 4,000 ante
Severin Schleser
Severin Schleser

Stephen Song opened to 9,000 under the gun. Ido Ashkenazi, on the cutoff, called. Severin Schleser three-bet from the button to 28,000 and this time, only Song called.

Players saw a flop of {5-Spades}{4-Spades}{2-Diamonds} and Schleser's bet of 28,000 was check-called by Song.

The turn was the {j-Clubs}. Song checked once more. Schleser moved all in for about 64,000 and Song snap-called.

Severin Schleser: {a-Spades}{q-Spades}
Stephen Song: {a-Clubs}{a-Diamonds}

Schleser missed his spade draw as the {q-Diamonds} filled up the river and Song stayed ahead to win the pot, sending Schleser to the rail as the first elimination of his table.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Stephen Song us
Stephen Song
405,000 35,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Severin Schleser at
Severin Schleser

Tags: Ido AshkenaziSeverin SchleserStephen Song

Kalas Takes it on the Turn

Nível 19 : 2,000/4,000, 4,000 ante

Alan Thompson raised to 9,000 from mid-position. Kane Kalas, in the hijack, made the call.

The flop fell {a-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}. Thompson bet 11,000 and Kalas called.

The turn was the {2-Hearts}. Thompson opted to check this time, but Kalas fired a bet of 42,000, and that was enough to claim the pot.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Alan Thompson us
Alan Thompson
350,000 10,000
Kane Kalas us
Kane Kalas
250,000 20,000

Tags: Alan ThompsonKane Kalas

Zyrin Doubles Up to Stay Alive

Nível 19 : 2,000/4,000, 4,000 ante

David Worden in early position raised to 12,000 and Anatolii Zyrin moved all in for 84,000 in middle position. It folded around to Worden and he made the call.

Worden: {a-Hearts}{7-Hearts}
Zyrin: {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts}

The board ran out {3-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{5-Spades} giving Worden a pair of aces and keeping him alive in this one.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Anatolii Zyrin ru
Anatolii Zyrin
168,000 -77,000
WSOP 2X Winner
David Worden us
David Worden
55,000 -168,000

Tags: Anatolii ZyrinDavid Worden