Event #42: $5,000 Six-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha

Ashton Griffin Bubbles

[user80015] • Nível 14: 1,200-2,400, 0 ante
Ashton Griffin

Leonardo Martins opened to 5,000 in the cutoff and both Ashton Griffin and Kyle Julius making the call to see a flop of {7-Clubs}{A-Spades}{Q-Clubs}.

Julius and Martins checked to Griffin who bet pot of 16,200 before Julius moved all in and Martins quickly folded. With approximately 10,000 behind, Griffin made the call to be at risk.

Griffin: {A-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}
Julius: {K-Hearts}{J-Spades}{7-Hearts}{7-Spades}

With Julius in dominating shape with his set, the turn and river landed the {5-Clubs} and {2-Clubs} to see Griffin eliminated, and since Iddo Feinberg was eliminated just a few moments early, there would be no need for hand-for-hand play as Griffin became the tournament's bubble boy in 49th place.

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Ashton Griffin
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