Event #40: $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Alberto Gomez Defeats Max Altergott; Chris Whitcomb Defeats Helio Liberman; Connor Drinan Defeats Jonathan Jaffe

• Nível 34: 3,000-6,000, 0 ante
Connor Drinan advanced to the third round.

Jonathan Jaffe call off his short stack after Connor Drinan pushed on the button.

"That's not good," Jaffe said, seeing Drinan's {k-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} and flipping {q-Hearts}{10-Clubs}.

The board ran out {4-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{2-Clubs}{k-Clubs}, and Jaffe wished Drinan luck.

At another table, Chris Whitcomb's {j-}{j-} held all in against Helio Liberman's {8-}{8-} to seal the match.

At the third active table, Alberto Gomez finished off a very short Max Altergott.

The third round is now over.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Alberto Gomez es
Alberto Gomez
es 240,000 133,000
Connor Drinan us
Connor Drinan
us 240,000 100,000
Chris Whitcomb
Chris Whitcomb
240,000 115,000
Helio Liberman
Helio Liberman
Jonathan Jaffe us
Jonathan Jaffe
us Eliminado
Max Altergott de
Max Altergott
de Eliminado

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