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WSOPC #18: $1,700 MAIN EVENT, $10M GTD

Artem "Amsterq" Prostak Eliminated in 6th Place ($291,931)

zedmaster84 • Nível 29: 800,000-1,600,000, 200,000 ante
Artem "Amsterq" Prostak Eliminated in 6th Place

Down to the final 6,882,032, Artem "Amsterq" Prostak moved all-in and used the "one time" emoji. "turkey1" was the only one left to act and eventually called out of the big blind.

Artem "Amsterq" Prostak: {a-Hearts}{8-Hearts}
"turkey1": {9-Hearts}{5-Clubs}

The {6-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{5-Spades} flop gave "turkey1" trips fives and the {2-Clubs} turn left Prostak drawing dead, which made the {j-Hearts} river a formality. For his efforts, Prostak takes home $291,931.

Contagem de fichas
likeboy CN 80,213,494 -400,000
Paulius Plausinaitis LT 79,193,074 3,200,000
Joseph Cheong us 77,103,168 -400,000
turkey1 TR 60,488,222 7,682,032
Joni Jouhkimainen fi 21,304,764 -1,200,000
Artem "Amsterq" Prostak by Eliminado