2023 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

$25,000 8-Handed
Dias: 2

Carlos Chadha Eliminated in 4th Place ($286,950)

Nível 27 : Blinds 100,000-150,000, 150,000 ante
Carlos Chadha
Carlos Chadha

Isaac Haxton open-shoved from the cutoff and Carlos Chadha called off on the button as the clear short stack.

Carlos Chadha: {8-Spades}{8-Diamonds}
Isaac Haxton: {9-Hearts}{9-Clubs}

"Ah! I thought I was in good shape," Chadha lamented after seeing he was pipped.

"You were a big favorite to be," replied Haxton.

The board proceeded to run out {q-Clubs}{k-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} and Chadha was eliminated in fourth place.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Isaac Haxton us
Isaac Haxton
Carlos Chadha us
Carlos Chadha

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