£5,300 EPT Main Event

Coutinho Doubles Through Vuilleumier

will_shill • Nível 24: Blinds 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante
Sergio Coutinho

In a limped pot blind on blind, Alexandre Vuilleumier bet 35,000 on a {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} flop and Sergio Coutinho raised to 100,000.

Vuilleumier called and the turn was the {j-Spades}. It checked to Coutinho who moved all in for 295,000. Vuilleumier called.

"Oh wow," the Swiss player said as his opponent turned over {j-Hearts}{7-Clubs} with Vuilleumier showing {j-Diamonds}{4-Spades}

The river was the {k-Spades} and Coutinho doubled up.

A short while later, Coutinho raised to 65,000 on the button and Jack Sinclair defended his big blind.

The flop {4-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{2-Spades} checked through and Sinclair bet 70,000 on the {6-Hearts} turn. Coutinho called, but folded to a shove from Sinclair on the {7-Spades} river.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Jack Sinclair gb
Jack Sinclair
gb 2,400,000 170,000
Alexandre Vuilleumier ch
Alexandre Vuilleumier
ch 2,200,000 -400,000
Sergio Coutinho pt
Sergio Coutinho
pt 730,000 380,000

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