$10,000,000 Guarantee Main Event

Merson Climbing

• Nível 7: 250-500, 50 ante
Greg Merson

The flop read {J-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{K-Clubs} when Matt Salsberg, Greg Merson, and a third player engaged in a hand. Salsberg checked and Merson fired out a bet of 1,800. The player on the button folded and Salsberg stuck around.

The {Q-Diamonds} touched down on the turn and Salsberg knuckled the table again. Merson continued his aggression with a bet of 3,400. Salsberg peered at his cards one last time before dropping them into the muck. The 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event champion picked up the pot and now has roughly 90,000 in chips.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Greg Merson us
Greg Merson
us 90,000 29,000
Matt Salsberg ca
Matt Salsberg
ca 17,500 -18,500

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