2017 World Series of Poker

Event #5: THE COLOSSUS III - $565 No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 4
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2017 World Series of Poker

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500,000 / 1,000,000

Event #5: THE COLOSSUS III - $565 No-Limit Hold'em

Dia 4 Iniciado

Mark Babekov Leads Final 10 of Event #5: THE COLOSSUS III - $565 No-Limit Hold'em; Affleck and Vrabel Search For First Bracelets

Matt Affleck
Matt Affleck

After five days, many rebuys, and six Day 1 starts, only one table remains in Event #5: THE COLOSSUS III - $565 No-Limit Hold’em. These players have outlasted a field of 18,054 total entries which created a prize pool of over $9,000,000. Whoever walks away today as the winner will be a millionaire after capturing the $1,000,000 first-place prize.

Leading the way is Mark Babekov (19,025,000). His finish in this event will be a significant one, no matter where he places. Babekov’s largest score so far was during 2010 WSOP, where he placed fourth in a $1,500 pot-limit hold’em event for $62,232. If he can survive just one elimination, he will make his biggest lifetime cash.

Also looking for their first gold bracelets are Matt Affleck and Luke Vrabel. Vrabel has 26 WSOP cashes dating all the way back to 2007 and this will be his second final table. Meanwhile Affleck 28 cashes and over $1 million in WSOP earnings, but has yet to grasp that elusive bracelet. Affleck comes into the day with the shortest stack (3,500,000) while Vrabel is just above him (4,000,000). Affleck and Vrabel are surely a danger at any table, but both have some work to do with just seven and eight big blinds respectively.

Final Table

SeatPlayerCountryChip Count
1Erkut YilmazUnited States16,000,000
2Thomas PomponioUnited States10,125,000
3Mark BabekovUnited States19,025,000
4Ralph MasseyUnited States5,300,000
5Taylor BlackUnited States13,300,000
6John HannaUnited States7,550,000
7Luke VrabelUnited States4,000,000
8Kent CoppockUnited States11,500,000
9Matt AffleckUnited States3,500,000

Play is set to resume at 2 p.m. PDT and PokerNews will be here with updates on all the action. Be sure to stay tuned.

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Nível: 37

Blinds: 250,000/500,000

Ante: 50,000

Hands #1-5: All-Ins Without Responses, Babekov Is Late

Nível 37 : 250,000/500,000, 50,000 ante

Mark Babekov, who's leading the final table, hasn't arrived in the room yet. The tournament started without him and the floor staff stacked up his chips in piles.

Hand #1: Action folded to John Hanna who min-raised from the small blind and took down the pot.

Hand #2: Erkut Yilmaz opened to 1,050,000 from the second position and Thomas Pomponio, directly to Yilmaz' left, moved all in for about 10 million. Nobody including Yilmaz was interested in calling.

Hand #3: After folds all around the table, the action stopped at Kent Coppock who moved all in from the small blind, covering Matt Affleck in the big blind. Affleck let his hand go.

Hand #4: Ralph Massey raised to what looked to be 4,000,000, putting nearly all his chips in the middle. Everyone else folded and Massey raked in the pot.

Hand #5: Affleck shoved from the button and both blinds folded.

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Luke Vrabel Eliminated in 9th Place ($79,827)

Nível 37 : 250,000/500,000, 50,000 ante
Luke Vrabel
Luke Vrabel

Hand #6: With Mark Babekov still missing, Luke Vrabel shoved all in for 2,950,000 on Babekov's dead big blind. Action folded around to Erkut Yilmaz who called the shove from the button. Next to act, Thomas Pomponio moved all in as well from the small blind for 8,620,000. Action was back on Yilmaz who asked for a count, tanked for about a minute-and-a-half, then called.

Yilmaz: {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}
Pomponio: {A-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}
Vrabel: {A-Spades}{2-Diamonds}

Vrabel jumped up from his chair and started screaming for a deuce. The flop came {Q-Spades}{8-Spades}{9-Diamonds} giving Vrabel only extra backdoor outs. He picked up his flush draw on the {7-Spades} turn, but he didn't complete it. The river came the {5-Diamonds} and he hit the rail in ninth place, collecting $79,827 for his efforts.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Erkut Yilmaz us
Erkut Yilmaz
16,400,000 400,000
Thomas Pomponio us
Thomas Pomponio
12,000,000 1,875,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Luke Vrabel us
Luke Vrabel

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Hands #7-10: Continuation Bets Work for Hanna and Pomponio

Nível 37 : 250,000/500,000, 50,000 ante

Hand #7: John Hanna raised to 1,200,000 from early position and Ralph Massey defended his big blind. The flop came {2-Hearts}{K-Clubs}{A-Clubs} and Massey checked to Hanna, who scooped the pot with a 1,200,000 c-bet.

Hand #8: Thomas Pomponio opened the pot with a raise from the cutoff, making it 1,100,000 to go. Taylor Black accepted the price and called from the big blind. The two saw the {5-Clubs}{2-Spades}{5-Hearts} on the flop and another continuation bet got the job done as Black folded after Pomponio had bet 1.2 million.

Hand #9: Cards went into muck until Thomas Black's turn. Black was in the small blind and his 1,350,000 raise was enough to make him the winner.

Hand #10: John Hanna completed from the small blind but Kent Coppock wasn't willing to let his opponent look at a flop that cheap. Coppock announced he was all in and a snap-fold followed. Coppock then showed {Q-Clubs}{10-Clubs}.

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Matt Affleck Eliminated in 8th Place ($103,090)

Nível 37 : 250,000/500,000, 50,000 ante
Matt Affleck elimination
Matt Affleck elimination

Hand #11:

Kent Coppock was in the small blind and he moved all in to put Matt Affleck at risk. Matt Affleck called instantly, and the cards were turned over:

Matt Affleck: {K-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}
Kent Coppock: {A-Clubs}{9-Spades}

Affleck was slightly behind but both of his cards were live. The {7-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{8-Spades} board didn't help him at all, however, and the most accomplished player of this final table left in eighth place. Affleck received $103,090 for his efforts.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Kent Coppock us
Kent Coppock
15,000,000 3,500,000

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Hands #12-19: Thomas Pomponio on the Rise

Nível 37 : 250,000/500,000, 50,000 ante

Hand #12: Mark Babekov finally arrived to take his seat, and Erkut Yilmaz got a walk in the big blind.

Hand #13: Yilmaz completed from the small blind and Pomponio checks. The flop came {A-Hearts}{K-Spades}{3-Diamonds} and both players checked to see the {10-Spades} on the turn. Yilmaz led with a bet of 500,000 and Pomponio called.

On the {10-Hearts} river both players checked. Pomponio showed {K-Clubs}{6-Clubs} and it was good to take down the pot.

Hand #14: Taylor Black opened with a raise to 1 million. Action folded around to Pomponio and he three-bet to 2,525,000.

Babekov looked at his cards. "I don't like this," he said. Then he threw in the chips to call. Black called as well.

The flop came {8-Spades}{6-Spades}{2-Diamonds} and all three players checked. On the {4-Spades} turn, Pomponio bet 3,400,000 and both players folded, awarding him the pot.

Hand #15: Kent Coppock raised and both blinds folded, awarding him the pot.

Hand #16: Ralph Massey moved all in and everyone folded.

Hand #17: Babekov raised to 2,000,000 and everyone folded.

Hand #18: Babekov raised to 2,000,000 and everyone folded again.

Hand #19: Coppock limped from the small blind and Yilmaz checked his option. On the {7-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{5-Spades} flop, Coppock checked to Yilmaz. Yilmaz bet 650,000 and Coppock folded.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Thomas Pomponio us
Thomas Pomponio
21,500,000 9,500,000
WSOP 1X Winner

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