2022 World Series of Poker

Event #43: $500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 1
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2022 World Series of Poker

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1,000,000 / 2,000,000
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Lorenzo Negri Leads Field in Event #43: $500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em

Nível 22 : 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante
Mitch Pettitt
Mitch Pettitt

Day 1 of Event #43: $500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em at the 2022 WSOP at Bally's and Paris Las Vegas has come to a close after 22 levels of play spanning 14 hours. From a starting field of 4,786 that generated a prize pool of $2,010,120, only 202 players were able to find a bag for Day 2. Those who return on June 21 are guaranteed at least $1,552 after the money bubble burst during Level 17, but all eyes will surely be on the $241,729 first prize and coveted WSOP gold bracelet that awaits the eventual winner.

Leading the survivors is Lorenzo Negri sitting on a stack of 1,860,000. Negri has $25,261 in career lifetime earnings, a total that he could blow out of the water if he carries his current momentum into Day 2. There are several players hot on his heels, however, including Robert Pettitt (1,590,000), Peter Schneider (1,570,000) and Alan Gendelman (1,550,000).

Event #43: $500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em Day 1 Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Lorenzo NegriItaly1,860,00062
2Robert PettitUnited States1,590,00053
3Peter SchneiderUnited States1,570,00052
4Alan GendelmanUnited States1,550,00052
5Carol FilipskiUnited States1,505,00050
6Jared WardUnited States1,465,00049
7Michael SuggsUnited States1,420,00047
8Mason HinkleUnited States1,325,00044
9Matthew BiaforeUnited States1,290,00043
10Connor DaynardCanada1,285,00043

Others to make it through the day include Women in Poker Hall of Fame member Maria Ho (565,000) and British poker pro Chris Moorman (880,000).

Notables to enter the fray but not emerge on the other side included David "Chino" Rheem, author Maria Konnikova, three time bracelet winner Chance Kornuth and all-time leading bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth.

Day 2 will resume at 12 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, June 21 with blinds of 15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 big blind ante. The structure will be the same as Day 1 with 30-minute levels, and play will continue until a winner is crowned.

Be sure to tune into PokerNews as its live reporting team continues to provide coverage of this and every other event at the 2022 WSOP at Bally's and Paris Las Vegas.

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Hebert Gone

Nível 22 : 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante
Joseph Hebert
Joseph Hebert

2020 WSOP US Domestic Main Event champion Joseph Hebert shoved his last 50,000 into the middle from middle position. Grant Ellis re-jammed from the cutoff and the remaining players got out of the way.

Joseph Hebert: {k-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}
Grant Ellis: {7-Hearts}{7-Clubs}

It was a flip for Hebert's tournament life but the {k-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} flop left him drawing very thin. The {9-Hearts} turn closed the lid on a possible comeback and after the meaningless {5-Hearts} river was dealt, Hebert headed to the payout desk, coming up short very near the end of Day 1.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Grant Ellis ca
Grant Ellis
275,000 45,000
Joseph Hebert us
Joseph Hebert

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Rheem's Stack Comes Crumbling Down

Nível 21 : 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante
Chino Rheem
Chino Rheem

Chino Rheem's once-massive stack of more than 1,000,000 had been reduced to 425,000 when he moved all in and was up against Evan Avery.

Chino Rheem: {5-Spades}{3-Clubs}
Evan Avery: {a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}

Avery hit two pair on the {7-Spades}{a-Hearts}{7-Hearts} flop and Rheem couldn't hit the miracle runner-runner as the board ran out {8-Spades}{2-Spades}. The one-time chip leader quickly collected his payout slip and ran off to register for the H.O.R.S.E. event.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Evan Avery us
Evan Avery
Chino Rheem us
Chino Rheem

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Golden Nugget to Host $1,100 Buy-In, $1,000,000 GTD PokerNews Cup This Weekend!

Nível 20 : 10,000/15,000, 15,000 ante
PokerNews Cup Golden Nugget
PokerNews Cup Golden Nugget

This summer, Golden Nugget Las Vegas will play host to the 14th Annual Grand Poker Series, which features 81 events and offers over $3 million in guaranteed prize money from May 31-July 3. One of those events is the $1,100 buy-in, $1,000,000 Guaranteed PokerNews Cup that will run from June 24-28.

The tournament will feature three starting flights beginning with Day 1a at 11 a.m. PT on Friday, June 24. Days 1b and 1c will take place at the same time on Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26 respectively. The surviving players from each flight will return at Noon on Monday, June 27 to play down to the final table, which will play out at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28.

PokerNews will be on-site throughout the duration to offer live updates, videos, social media content, and more.

Find out all about this can't-miss event!

Stevermer Outflips Opponent

Nível 19 : 6,000/12,000, 12,000 ante
Dennis Stevermer
Dennis Stevermer

Action folded to Dennis Stevermer on the button who raised enough to force either of the blinds all in. The small blind called off while the big blind folded.

Small Blind Player: {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}
Dennis Stevermer: {a-Spades}{j-Diamonds}

It was race but one that Stevermer pulled ahead in after the {j-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{5-Diamonds} flop. The {2-Diamonds} turn left his opponent drawing to just two outs but the river bricked out with the {9-Diamonds} to keep Stevermer chipping up while sending the small blind player out of the tournament.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Dennis Stevermer us
Dennis Stevermer

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Herget Just Misses Out

Nível 17 : 4,000/8,000, 8,000 ante
Steve Yea
Steve Yea

Mike Herget moved all in from the small blind and was called by Steve Yea with the bigger stack out of the big blind. As the two players waited with their hole cards face down for the floor to give the go-ahead to the dealer to deal the hand, Yea said to Herget, "I have trash."

To which Herget responded, "You don't have trash."

At this point the dealer reminded both players that they are not supposed to discuss the contents of their hands. After a few minutes, a floorman came over and both players turned over their hands.

Mike Herget: {9-Spades}{9-Hearts}
Steve Yea: {10-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}

It was a flip for Herget's tournament life with a spot in the money on the line. The {6-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{k-Diamonds} flop kept Herget ahead but Yea binked the {j-Spades} on the turn to pull ahead. The {k-Hearts} river changed nothing, sending Herget home painfully close to the money.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Steve Yea kr
Steve Yea
320,000 320,000
Mike Herget
Mike Herget

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Shak Gets the Maximum With Rockets

Nível 16 : 3,000/6,000, 6,000 ante
Dan Shak
Dan Shak

Dan Shak opened to 16,000 from the cutoff and action folded to the small blind, who three-bet enough to effectively put Shak all in. Shak responded by pushing the remainder of his chips into the middle and the small blind made the call with the larger stack to put Shak at risk.

Dan Shak: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}
Small Blind Player: {j-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}

Though Shak was at risk, he was way ahead of his opponent. The {4-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{k-Hearts} flop changed nothing and the {2-Clubs} wrapped up the hand as Shak starting counting out his stack while the meaningless {j-Hearts} river was dealt. The rest of the table seemed to think Shak had been handed an absolute gift, with one player remarking that Shak "hasn't raised since Lincoln died". Certainly a double this close to the money bubble is a gift no matter how it comes.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Dan Shak us
Dan Shak
183,000 183,000

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Levy Finds a Queen

Nível 13 : 1,500/3,000, 3,000 ante
David Levy
David Levy

Action folded to David Levy on the button who moved all in. The player in the small blind re-jammed his larger stack and the big bind got out of the way to put Levy at risk.

David Levy: {q-Diamonds}{8-Spades}
Small Blind Player: {10-Hearts}{10-Spades}

Levy was behind and would need help to survive. That help was quick to come, arriving on the {a-Spades}{q-Clubs}{5-Diamonds} flop. The {a-Clubs} turn and {4-Clubs} river changed nothing, ensuring that Levy gets to keep his seat for the time being.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
David Levy il
David Levy
95,000 95,000

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Lococo Delivers Knockout Blow

Nível 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Alejandro "Papo MC" Lococo
Alejandro "Papo MC" Lococo

Action folded to a player on the button who moved all in for around 20,000. Alejandro "Papo MC" Lococo made the call out of the big blind to put his opponent at risk.

Button Player: {a-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}
Alejandro Lococo: {a-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}

Lococo had the button player dominated and that did not change on the {q-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{q-Spades} flop. The {3-Hearts} turn double paired the board, meaning Lococo's kicker no longer played and the two looked on course for a chop pot. It was not to be, however, as the {k-Hearts} fell on the river, giving Lococo the better two pair and sending his opponent packing.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Alejandro "Papo MC" Lococo
Alejandro "Papo MC" Lococo

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Hinkle Puts a Beat On England

Nível 7 : 400/800, 800 ante
Kyna England
Kyna England

Keith Hinkle opened to 2,400 from middle position and MSPT Season 12 Player of the Year Kyna England three-bet to 7,700 from late position. Action folded back around to Hinkle, who went into the tank. "Why seventy-seven?" he queried, pondering his options. Eventually with a "Well I need chips", Hinkle moved the remainder of his stack into the middle to put himself at risk.

Keith Hinkle: {a-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}
Kyna England: {j-Diamonds}{j-Spades}

Hinkle was well behind but did have an overcard. The {2-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{7-Spades} flop brought little help though the {4-Clubs} turn did give Hinkle a gutshot. "I want a three just for the hell of it", said Hinkle prior to the river. That river was in fact the {3-Spades}, giving Hinkle a wheel to survive and in doing so putting a large dent in a bemused England's stack.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Kyna England us
Kyna England
32,000 32,000
Keith Hinkle us
Keith Hinkle
30,000 5,000

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