2021 World Series of Poker

Event #75: $1,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 1
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2021 World Series of Poker

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250,000 / 500,000
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Asi Moshe Bags Third in Chips after Day 1 of Event #75: $1,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em

Nível 17 : 4,000/8,000, 8,000 ante
Asi Moshe
Asi Moshe

The action was fast and furious on Day 1 of Event #75 $1,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em. A total of 1,191 players joined the field for this event to generate a $1,589,985 prize pool, with just one shot to run up a stack. By day’s end, there were only 118 players remaining and it was Renmei Liu (887,000) who bagged the lead.

Other players to bag include Bin Liu (610,000), Asi Moshe (604,000), Joe Serock (436,000), Nadya Magnus (414,000), Patrick Tardif (239,000), Gabriel Andrade (180,000), Sherry Hammers (139,000) and Angelina Rich (124,000).

Event #75 Day 1 Top 10 Chip Counts

RANKPLAYERCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Rennei LiuCanada889,00089
2Bin LiuUnited States610,00061
3Asi MosheIsrael604,00060
4David PhamUnited States572,00057
5Stefan ReiserAustria537,00054
6Armin RezaeiAustria529,00053
7Kartik VedIndia523,00052
8Nicholas HubersUnited States510,00051
9Naor SlobodskoyIsrael505,00051
10Artan DedushaUnited Kingdom504,00050

The blind structure caught up to the field fairly quickly in the early levels of the day and many of the top names from the poker world fell in the aftermath. Some of those to miss the money included Phil Laak, Barry Greenstein, Craig Varnell, Allen Kessler, and Tony Dunst.

Although there were no rebuys, players were allowed to buy-in by the end of the dinner break. Some of the late entries to fall included Ryan Leng, Stephen Song, Josh Arieh, Mustapha Kanit, Barry Shulman, and Landon Tice.

A total of 179 players made the money for a guaranteed $2,408 but everyone is vying for the top prize of $270,877 and the gold World Series Of Poker bracelet.

Once the bubble burst players continued to drop at a rapid pace in the final level of the night. Players to make the money but not find a bag included Randy Bullen, Cate Hall, Bin Weng, and Esther Taylor.

Players who bagged will return at noon on Tuesday, Nov 16 to the Amazon room purple section to play ten more levels. The blind structure will be increased to 60-minute levels for Day 2.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be there for all the action in this tournament and each bracelet event, for our continuing coverage of the WSOP at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

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Rich Gets Paid

Nível 14 : 2,000/4,000, 4,000 ante
Angelina Rich
Angelina Rich

Angelina Rich bet 8,000 on the turn {4-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{3-Spades}{j-Clubs} and was called.

The river was the {5-Hearts} and Rich sized up to 20,000 and was called again.

Rich tabled {k-Clubs}{j-Hearts} for a pair of jacks and her opponent tapped the table and tossed in his cards.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Angelina Rich au
Angelina Rich
160,000 7,000

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Magnus Chipping Up

Nível 12 : 1,000/2,500, 2,500 ante
Nadya Magnus
Nadya Magnus

Nadya Magnus raised to 5,000 from the button and both the cutoff and big blind called.

The flop was {5-Hearts}{10-Spades}{6-Spades} and the action checked to the cutoff who bet 8,500. Both Magnus and the big blind called.

The big blind led for 17,500 on the turn {k-Clubs} and only Magnus called to see the river {9-Clubs}. Both players checked and Magnus showed {k-Spades}{q-Spades} for a pair of kings and the big blind mucked his {8-}{6-}.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Nadya Magnus us
Nadya Magnus
168,500 65,500

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Hasson Calls the Bluff

Nível 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Ori Hasson
Ori Hasson

Ori Hasson bet 9,000 on the turn {5-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} and one player called.

The river was the {a-Diamonds} and Hasson bet 8,000 only to be met with a raise to 16,000. Hasson flicked in a call.

"Good call," said his opponent, as he tabled {9-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} nine-high.

Hasson turned over a pair of tens {q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} and took down the pot.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Ori Hasson il
Ori Hasson
180,000 32,000
WSOP 1X Winner

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Registration Update and Prize Pool

Nível 11 : 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Bracelet WSOP 2021
Bracelet WSOP 2021

Registration has ended and the prize pool has been announced.

A total of 1,191 players entered, generating a prize pool of $1,589,985.

There will be 179 players paid for a minimum payout of $2,408, and first place will take home $270,877 along with a WSOP gold bracelet.

The board shows 432 players remaining.

Dunst Doubles With Aces

Nível 8 : 500/1,000, 1,000 ante
Tony Dunst
Tony Dunst

Tony Dunst raised to 2,000 and was met with a three-bet to 15,000. Dunst shoved for 17,800 total and was called.

Tony Dunst: {a-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}
Opponenet: {a-Hearts}{10-Hearts}

Dunst was in good shape against ace-ten and he held to double on the {9-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{10-Spades}{8-Clubs} runout.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Tony Dunst us
Tony Dunst
40,100 40,100
WSOP 2X Winner

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Steinbach Takes One

Nível 6 : 300/600, 600 ante
Kris Steinbach
Kris Steinbach

Kris Steinbach raised to 1,300 from early position and only the big blind called.

The flop was {6-Spades}{q-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} and Steinbach took it down with a continuation bet of 800.

Steinbach has more than doubled his starting in the first few hours.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Kris Steinbach ca
Kris Steinbach
63,000 25,100

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