2013 World Series of Poker

Event #7: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 3
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2013 World Series of Poker

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80,000 / 160,000

Event #7: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Dia 3 Iniciado

Lots of Legends Among Final 10 of Event #7 $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Baldwin eyeing a second gold bracelet
Baldwin eyeing a second gold bracelet

The 2013 World Series of Poker is only a week in, but the final table of Event #7 $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em is making a strong early case for becoming the toughest final table of them all. Granted, we're technically not at the final table yet as 10 players of a 1,837-player field remain, but once we lose one more it'll be official. As long as that elimination isn't chip leader Amit Makhija, Matt Waxman, Brent Hanks, Jason Koon or Eric Baldwin, then the final table will be contain five superstars with a combined $4,027,878.88 in career WSOP winnings!

As mentioned, Makhija does hold the chip lead with 1.101 million. Jess Dioquino comes in second with 921,000, the Waxman sits in third with 829,000. The short stack of the final table is Scott Yelton with 167,000 in chips, but in poker anything can happen, so a double up and a few pots here or there will put Yelton right back into the swing of things.

Clearly, all eyes will be on Baldwin and Hanks. Both of these players are looking for their second piece of WSOP hardware. Hanks is riding a bit of a heater coming into the 2013 WSOP, having won the California State Championships Main Event in May.

Needless to say, everyone at the final table is excited to be there, but the level of competition is hard to ignore:

Brent HanksFinal table of event #7! Stacked table, have around avg chips. Lookin to add to the jewelry collection. #yeahp

Eric BaldwinMade the final table of WSOP event 7. Have 348k of the 5.5M in play. 10 players remain. Time for a new #WristBelt

Matthew WaxmanMade the $1k event #7 FT. I'm 3/10 with 829,000. Lots of legends there with me. Should be quite the challenge, but I'm up for it! #WSOP

The winner of today's event will take home the seventh gold bracelet awarded this summer and the accompanying $305,952 first-place prize? Will someone have their dreams come true by winning their first WSOP gold bracelet, or will either Brent Hanks or Eric Baldwin be able to capture their second piece of gold? Join us at 1:00 p.m. PST as we bring you all the action on the way to the next winner.

Baldwin's Dad Pays a Surprise Visit

The players are in their seats here at the secondary feature table. The rail is already starting to fill as the players receive the rundown on the live stream process.

One of the men on the rail is Steve Baldwin, the father of Eric Baldwin. He flew in from Wisconsin this morning to surprise his son and support him in his attempt to capture a second WSOP bracelet.

Cards will be in the air shortly

Nível: 22

Blinds: 8,000/16,000

Ante: 2,000

Button in the Nine; First Hand to Dreyfuss

Nível 22 : 8,000/16,000, 2,000 ante

The dealer just dealt for the button, and it will begin on Amit Makhija in the nine seat. Despite having the biggest chip stack and best position to start, he didn't win the first hand. That honor went to Robert Dreyfuss who opened for 42,000 under the gun and took it down.

With that, Day 3 action is underway.

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A Tale of the Pros vs. Amateurs

Nível 22 : 8,000/16,000, 2,000 ante

The unofficial final table of ten is comprised of some big names. As previously mentioned they have over $4 million in combined WSOP winnings. That made us curious to learn about the five amateurs at the table, who it turns out have a combined $2,968 in winnings.

Today will mark the first cash for four of the five amateurs (Jess Dioquino cashed for $2,968 for a 221st-place finish in the 2008 39th Annual World Series of Poker Event #49 $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em.

SeatPlayerWSOP BraceletsWSOP CashesWSOP Earnings
1Matt Waxman018$530,755
2Robert Dreyfuss00$0
3Scott Yelton00$0
4Jess Dioquino01$2,968
5Eric Baldwin120$1,287,177
6Tuu Ho00$0
7Jason Koon015$320,337
8Brent Hanks113$970,697
9Amit Makhija015$683,446
10Jacob Jung00$0

Scott Yelton Eliminated in 10th Place ($17,491)

Nível 22 : 8,000/16,000, 2,000 ante
Scott Yelton -10th Place
Scott Yelton -10th Place

On one of the first hands of the unofficial final table, Jess Dioquino opened for 36,000 under the gun and cleared the field all the way to Scott Yelton, who moved all in for about 128,000 from the big blind. Dioquino made a quick called with the {6-Spades}{6-Clubs} and was racing against the {J-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} of Yelton.

The {2-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} flop was fairly interesting as it gave Dioquino a set but also delivered Yelton a flush draw. Unfortunately for the latter, neither the {A-Clubs} turn nor {3-Clubs} river helped him and became the tenth-place finish, just missing out on the official final table.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Jess Dioquino us
Jess Dioquino
1,030,000 109,000
Scott Yelton us
Scott Yelton

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Jung Shoves on First Hand of Official Final Table

Nível 22 : 8,000/16,000, 2,000 ante

Hands #1: Brent Hanks opened for 32,000 from middle position and Jacob Jung called in late position. The rest of the field got out of the way and it was heads-up action to the {8-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{9-Spades} flop. Hanks was first to act and fired out 40,000, but he ended up folding when Jung moved all in for 190,000.

Baldwin Active Early

Nível 22 : 8,000/16,000, 2,000 ante

Hand #2: A raise and take it put an end to the hand.

Hand #3: Matt Waxman opened for 32,000 from the cutoff and Eric Baldwin called from the big blind. Both players checked the {8-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} flop, and then Baldwin led out for 40,000 on the {8-Spades} turn. Waxman made the call and then both players returned to checking on the {5-Hearts} river. Baldwin tabled the {A-Hearts}{J-Clubs} for ace-jack high, but it was no good as Waxman had a pair of queens with the {Q-Hearts}{10-Hearts}.

Hand #4: Another raise an take it won the pot.

Hand #5: Jason Koon opened for 35,000 under the gun and the rest of the players folded.

Hand #6: Amit Makhija opened for 35,000 in early position only to have Eric Baldwin three-bet all in for 260,000 from the button. The blinds both folded and then Makhija did the same. Pot to Baldwin.

Hand #7: Action folded to Eric Baldwin and he won his second consecutive pot by raising to 32,000.

Queen-High Straight for Ho

Nível 22 : 8,000/16,000, 2,000 ante

Hand #8: Action folded to Brent Hanks in the small blind and he raised to 45,000, which Amit Makhija called from the big. The latter then called a bet of 53,000 from the former on the {10-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{3-Spades} flop before both players checked the {Q-Diamonds} turn and {7-Hearts} river. Hands tabled the {A-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} for ace high, and Makhija showed the same with the {A-Hearts}{9-Hearts}. Chop it up.

Hand #9: Tuu Ho raised to 32,000 from late position and Jason Koon called from the cutoff. Jacob Jung came along from the big blind and it was three-way action to the {9-Spades}{2-Clubs}{j-Clubs} flop, which all three players checked. When the dealer burned and turned the {8-Spades}, Jung checked, Ho bet 60,000 and Koon called. Jung got out of the way and then Koon called a bet of 80,000 on the {Q-Hearts} river. Ho tabled the {A-Hearts}{10-Spades} for a straight and it was good as Koon mucked his hand.

Hand #10: Robert Dreyfuss raised to 33,000 under the gun and swiped the blinds and antes.

Hand #11: Raise and take for Matthew Waxman.

Jogador Fichas Oscilação
Tuu Ho us
Tuu Ho
590,000 99,000
Jason Koon us
Jason Koon
518,000 -174,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Jacob Jung us
Jacob Jung
328,000 88,000